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Lucas-sama who was carrying Eva asked Eiri-san to take care of the house as we joined Fegnis-san, who was waiting outside the barrier, and the four knights.


“Usato, where should I go now?”

“The curse is near the throne. So let’s move closer. Fegnis-san, can I ask you to lead the way? Actually… my memories of getting to the throne are still a little foggy…”

“……I understand”


After asking Fegnis-san who came up to me and Lucas-sama, he gave instructions to the knights behind him, and started to walk towards the palace.

From the garden where the barrier exists, we enter the palace and walk along the passage illuminated by the lights of magical items.


“Usato, it’s hard to ask now but… What does a curse look like? I heard from Eiri, but it’s too abstract to understand.”

“How do I phrase it……”


Lucas-sama asked, which reminded me of last night after looking at Eva from the side.

The appearance of those skeletons… In short, the skeleton with only an upper body, with a collar fitted around its neck and a chain extending from it.


“A merciful soul connected by a chain….?”

“A chain, or is it a curse cast by the magician?”

“Maybe so. They want the living flesh of Eva’s…the royal family of Samaria. Their selfish reasons and grudges for being self-deprived are so strong and at the same time they have been kept in these soils for hundreds of years. I too also want to free Eva from the curse that binds her to this land. It can be said that Eva is in this state now because the two wishes have become muddy.”


When I said it, Eva had a sad expression.


“That’s rather sad, isn’t it?”



I said the same thing to Neah, but in the case of this child, the poor people are at risk of life, so the meaning does differ.

Despite that, it is probably the kindness of this child that makes me merciful.


“One more last thing. This is what I found out when I was fighting them, they wanted a hero. If they could catch a hero, then they would free her soul and themselves.”

“Is it really the case?”

“I don’t know, but because of that, I’m mistaken as a hero, and I’m more likely to be tied up by them, which has a high possibility of making Eva disappear as well.”



Lucas distorted his expression as he didn’t want to imagine while holding onto Eva.


“Hmm, wait a minute, you’re not a hero even with those extraordinary powers. Why did the curse react?”

“That is……”


Is it okay to say when “he’s” there.

Neah told me not to make things worse until she goes there to destroy the curse…wait no, this is the other way around. I have to say it here.

I decided to show Lucas the small sword attached to my belt.


“The reason is this.”

“Usato, why do you have this?”



Lucas-sama has an amazed look.

After seeing his reaction, I call out to Fegnis-san’s back who is walking in front.


“Fegnis-san, you said before right? That this sword doesn’t look like it’s from this world.”

“…Yes, I did.”

“Hahaha, oi oi Fegnis. Did you seriously give it back to him? No matter how much of an important guest Usato is, he is not from this country. Moreover, it is unheard of to return weapons inside the palace?”


Lucas-sama laughs and talks to Fegnis-san, but he still does not turn around.

I turn to Lucas-sama again.


“Lucas-sama, let me confirm once more. Did you authorize the sword to be given back?”

“No, I don’t think so…?”

“So, can this be returned without permission?”

“Even though I trust you, you’re near Eva. So obviously I won’t give it back without permission.”


In other words, it was Fegnis-san’s permission.

……I should be vigilant. The knights around me can’t be trusted either.


“Lucus-sama, please stop.”

“What happened?”



I stopped Lucas-sama with my hands.

Fegnis-sama who stopped just like us gazed at me.


“Usato, aren’t we going to destroy the curse now? What on earth…”

“The situation has changed. Please hold Eva firmly as it may be a disaster.”


While being vigilant, I slowly move away from Fegnis-san and the knights.

The knights seem to be upset, but it’s hard to tell if it’s from my actions or if it’s from another.


“Don’t approach us either. If you do, I’ll hit you with no questions.”


I threaten only with words.

The knights still have no hostility. Only Fegnis-san, who is still turning his back, is doubting my actions.


“Usato-san, are you all right…?”


Eva behind is talking to me anxiously.

I reply as gently as possible without looking back.


“Yeah, don’t worry. Lucas-sama and you will be protected no matter what happens.”


In fact, if it’s a misunderstanding of Neah, then everything’s fine.

However, if Fegnis-san was doing what Neah was saying, I would never be able to leave this person behind.

That’s why we can now determine whether he is an ally or an enemy.


“The suspicions I have now may just be a mistake. I hope it is… But I’m doubtful of you from Lucas-sama’s earlier statement.”


Why did you return the sword without permission?

It was abnormal when I thought about it. No matter how much I could be recognized as a reliable person, it wouldn’t be normal to hand swords in the palace.

Especially if I was near the princess Eva.


“Why did you return this sword to me?”


“Maybe you knew that the curse was related to the wicked dragon and the hero.


“…Knowing that, and assuming you’ve returned it to me…are you okay for Eva to be in danger?”



He was silent in all of my questions.

Lucas-sama and Eva, who have been lowered behind, seem to have finally grasped the situation, and are breathing while muttering what they’re listening to.


“Did you give it to me on your own, or was it really out of kindness? I have to make it clear here now—–I can’t trust you.”


I closed my eyes and said so.

Then Fegnis-san held his eyes with his hands.


“May I ask you one question before that?”

“……What is it?”

“Is it “real”?”



This confirms it. Those are not words to prove one’s innocence, but wanting to know the true nature of this sword and thus have the reason and value to ask it.

I thrust the sword in my hand forward and open my mouth.


“This is a sword used by a genuine hero.”

“…! …..Ku, kukuku.”


Fegnis-san’s shoulder with his back trembled greatly.


“Ku, Hahahahaha! I see, I see now! So, I was not wrong after all!”


Unlike the calm and polite appearance that I was used to, I was shaken to see him laughing with a joyful voice.


“At first, it was only a speculation. But the sword is the genuine deal! I never thought that I could find it in this way for hundreds of years without knowing its whereabouts…!”

“Usato… Am I dreaming?”


Lucas-sama is shocked to see Fegnis-san who has changed suddenly.

Even though I was only looking at it, it seemed that there was a solid relationship of trust between Lucas-sama and Fegnis-san. The scene in which Fegnis-san, who trusts, makes a laughter that lacks his calmness, must seem strange to Lucas.


“No, Lucas-sama. This is not a dream.”


Fegnis-san now has a negative side that even Lucas did not know.

Now that his figure has been revealed——,


“Fegnis deliberately directed me to activate curse….He is our enemy.”


 Grabbing my fist and gazing at him, he was still laughing.

He shook with joy and did not seem to care about our upset.


“It’s amazing…! The wishes of our family finally came true! It also means that a person who has the same hometown as the hero will be selected! And it’s in my generation! Such a stroke of luck!”

“Your family…”


He’s not the king who tried to bind the hero to the country…

Then there is only one answer.


“Are you a descendant of the magician who tried to use magic on the hero?”

“Yes, that’s the correct answer. As expected, you are a man who should be a hero. You have such great eyes.”


A magician who was executed after the activation of magic.

In Lucas-sama’s story, he mentioned that only the king at the time had been fascinated by the heroes, but there was no ordinary reason for the magician to activate the magic with sacrifices.

Another person was fascinated by the power of the hero.


“Wait… no way… you…”

“I didn’t fool anyone. I didn’t just learn magic because I was a descendant… if I had to say it, my father used to tell me how wonderful a hero was when I was a child.”


Fegnis who said so surprised Lucas-sama back here.

His face had wide open eyes and a smile with bare teeth, which was unimaginable from his usual calmness.


“We, the clan, respect the heroes, and because of that, we want Samaria’s hope. For that hope, we kept the curse. And you have appeared.”


Fegnis pointed at me. ‥


“Usato, you are the one needed for this kingdom. You have the sword of a hero and you behave against the curse. You are a man with the rights of having the name of a hero.”

“…I am not a hero.”

“But you have the qualities. It’s certainly your sword that the curse responded to, but it was your power that overwhelmed the curse and pulled even that away from the princess.”


Did you see the curse fight?

I hope that he wasn’t aware of my conversations with Neah?


“And the curse admittedly recognized you as a hero… If you were an ordinary person who would be easily trapped, I would have waited until the next hero appeared, but you have a fighting spirit. I showed you the way and you fought! To save the princess! What else can you say without calling it virtue!? I was convinced! That you are an absolutely necessary person for this kingdom!”


I ​​felt an unpleasant sweat listening to him as his voice gradually increased.

A maniac. He seeks only his own purpose without considering the damage of others.

So this is his true nature. Seriously, I can’t deny that Neah said I’m easily fooled. It would be nice if it was just a bad guy.

However, this person does not think he is evil. That’s even worse.




Lucas-sama, who was upset, asked Fegnis, with his shaking voice.

Listening to the words, Fegnis calms his screaming voice as he smiled and said.


“O king. I have done nothing wrong. He is necessary for Samaria. I have decided that for this country that I should curse him.”

“That’s not something for you to judge!”


Lucas-sama screamed and shouted at Fegnis.

He was shocked that Fegnis, who he trusted, betrayed him.

I can’t blame him for not staying calm.


“Did you know about the curse?”

“Yes, because it is our family’s duty to protect the curse.”



Lucas-sama showed a little hesitation and then continued to ask questions.


“Did you save Eliza? You knew the curse that even the royal family didn’t know… did you know how to get rid of that curse?”


Fegnis did not dispute that word, but just made a sad expression.


“I was deeply sad about Eliza.”


……What is that?

It’s as if the death of Eva’s mother was necessary.

I wonder if Lucas thought the same way as I did, shaking his hands holding Eva and shaking his voice.


“…Is that it? For someone being the closest to me…! You watched as her life disappeared! You knew everything and just saw it! Don’t fuck around with me Fegnis! Was Eliza death because of a fanatic who was blinded by a hero!!”

“The curse is not evil. They just want to be released. If Usato is bound to this country, the trapped souls will be released. And they will forgive the Samaria royalty, and the curse will disappear. It all fits in a circle.”

“I don’t care about that shit! What about my daughter?”

“Unfortunately I can’t do it”


The words of Eva holding Lucas-sama’s clothes quiver.

……This person is absolutely incompatible with me.

Now, with a slight smile in front of me, I have an urge to erase it from my eyes.




…………Don’t let my emotions run.

I don’t need to fight.

Firmly grasping the fist and desperately suppressing my emotions—,


“Don’t be afraid to break the curse, King. The princess should be a necessary sacrifice for the future of Samaria.”



――――However, those words made me unable to suppress my emotions.

What did this person say just now?

Did he just say that the sacrifices are necessary?

More than anything, are you trying to abandon her with such convenient words?


“If only you made me feel more pain, I’ll be much happier—“


I silently hit the stone wall that was within reach.

A big noise and a cracked window. With that alone, Fegnis closed his mouth and put his hand on the sword on his waist.


“Why are you happy?”



I was surprised by how low my voice was that even Fegnis and the knights around him were shocked.

I think because he’s the captain, they knew about it as well.

He probably tried to persuade them to cooperate, but it’s good.

Saying absurd shit like it’s a necessary sacrifice right?

Guess I have hit this rotten piece of shit once to give him a lesson.




I’m sure that I’m expressing an angry look.

I knew even when no one would point out.


“Usato, wait”


Snapping completely, I grabbed my fist and looked at Fegnis’s eyes without any questions, and when I tried to run, I was stopped by the voice from behind.

Lucas-sama looked extremely calm.


“Thank you for getting angry for Eva. But I have to answer this.”

“…I’m sorry, I couldn’t stay calm.”

“Haha, it’s good. To be honest, I was angry, but I was calm thanks to you who got more angry than me….. I am really glad that you’re on my side.”


Lucas-sama’s words kept him cool, and I moved to the side so that he could see Fegnis-san’s figure firmly.

Lucas-sama slowly walked one step ahead of me while holding Eva, and spoke in a strong tone.


“Fegnis. I wasn’t king for the Samaria people, I was king for Eliza… I was king because she told me she loved this country. I did my best as a king, and now that she has disappeared…I couldn’t be a king.”


Lucas-sama’s line of sight is turned to Eva in his arms.


“But this kid was born. I knew that my destiny was awaiting me, but I was glad that she was born. So I think I’ll do my best again for this kid. Hope she can laugh like Eliza. Hope she can be happy in this country.”


“Now this is the reason why I’m still king. Not for Samaria.”


Is that the reason why Lucas-sama became king?

It may be a little rude to think that he looks like this person, but Lucas-sama’s figure from my point of view seemed to overlap with that of the King of Lingle, which he said was the ideal king. ..


“Fegnis, you are now my enemy. It pains me to say this for you who have been my right arm for many years, but from today you are a rebel.”

“Do you feel like changing your mind?”

“Don’t let me say it again. Usato, let’s do it. I, the King, shall allow it. When we get rid of this disturbing guy, I’ll go and destroy the curse.”


Lucas-sama had a disappointing look on his face, as he slowly went back.

No, I have no intention of letting Lucas-sama fight, so it’s okay. ‥


“Even though… breaking the curse is impossible. Even if Usato-sama has mastered magic, the magic here is special.”

“I don’t know unless I try it.”


When I say that with my arms crossed, Fegnis looks at me with the eyes of a merciful person.


“Sure, you can do most of the things alone. You have the power and will to do it, but it doesn’t help anymore — you’re the only one.”


Fegnis raised his hand up, and the knights around him silently pulled out their swords.

After all, they were the knights who had followed Fegnis.

Well, I knew somehow when I was listening to the story of Fegnis.


“No matter how powerful you may be, there are limits to what you can do by yourself.”

“Ha, ha ha ha…”


 Oh, I see. Does this person think I’m alone against the curse?

No wonder he was acting all high and mighty since just now.

After all, he has likely concluded that I could not destroy the curse, so from now on, he was convinced that I would focus on Lucas-sama and Eva and showed me a chance.


“Ha ha ha ha…”

“U, Usato-san?”

“Usato, have you become too angry that you went crazy?”

“No, I didn’t, but seriously, what a blunder he has made…”


I waved my hands lightly to Lucas-sama and Eva who were confused and worried for me.

Certainly, I can’t do anything alone. When I’m about to lose, I’ll need someone else’s help.

The same goes for the curse this time.

I was alone with the curse with Eva at that time.

But not this time, because I have friends.


“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong you say? After your boring story is over, isn’t it time to exercise force? But what a big cult you have there, congrats on defending a vicious curse all this time. It’s all because of Samaria that you wanted to make your wish come true, isn’t this something you can’t laugh at?”



What bullshit hero.

What mission.

What because of Samaria.

For that reason, you are trying to sacrifice the most important thing.


“Fegnis, you may have made three mistakes.”

“What is it?”

“First, there is no such thing as a necessary sacrifice.”


The sacrifice that someone grieves is not called necessary.

I am absolutely sorry for the peace that comes at the cost of sacrifice.


“And second, I’m not a hero.”


We have a real hero, why do I have to be a hero?

The rescue squad suits me best.


“…And the third?”


When I tried to answer Fegnis words, a black owl jumped on my shoulder without any sound from the darkness behind.

I smiled at the owl who groaned, and I saw Fegnis again and remarked proudly.


“I’m not alone”


At the moment, a red light different from the moonlight was illuminated from the side windows of me and Fegnis.

In front of the eyes of Fegnis and the knights who opened their eyes astonishingly——a huge bell installed in the tower of Samaria is tinged with red heat.

Looking at their frightened look, I showed a gruesome smile——


“Now, I’ve destroyed your important “hope.Can you still show a generous face?”


—-I said.


Author’s Note:

So it was Fegnis who’s sick in the head.


By the way, if Usato had seriously rushed in as it is, Fegnis and his friends would have been plunged into the wall like living fossils.

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