Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 102 – The Magician’s Card

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「Well well, take care on your way out. Prosthetic fingers are sold at a very cheap price alright?」



 After Marine opened the door, many adventurers exited.

 They were grasping their missing fingers while showing excruciating pain on their faces.





「It doesn’t seem to have grown back……Then how about the pain and blood loss?」

「Who in the world……are you……?」

「It’s just Keima-san doing whimsical things.」


 I placed my hands on the guy’s head.


(――Skill transfer!)


 I transferred the newly learned『Life Regeneration』skill to him.

 Well, I just have to eat another one to regain the skill.


「You are quite a healer to be able to heal wounds in an instant……but just to let you know, I have no money left to give okay?

 Even though I’m participating in this trial, I’m just someone who’s hired by Jack’s husband.」


「Don’t worry. I just like helping ladybird who’s drowning in a puddle.」

「But I don’t think that current heal was a low tier skill……」

「Not to me at least.」

「I’m sorry……!」


 He thanked me and left.

 A magician stood behind this door――a wrinkled old witch with long nose bent around ――making an eerie smile.


「Young lad—–I see that you’re a healer.」

「I only learn healing magic as a hobby.」

「Don’t spout silly things to me.

 That heal that you used just now was as powerful as a Holy Priest’s heal.

 What’s more, to use it without chanting, I don’t think it’s at a level of just a ‘hobby’.」


 My level up just by eating skill is being overestimated.


「I am familiar with everything――」


 The first half of his sentence sounds like what a manga character would say.

 Well it’s alright.

 We sat opposite the magician.

 There, a rectangular table was in front of us, and on that table, a mold was etched out that seemed to fit a hand――。


 And there’s freshly cut fingers.


「You seriously have bad taste.」



 The magician took those fingers and grasped them.

 Really, really horrible taste you have there old lady.


「Lemme listen to the rules.」

「So you’re for real, Keima?!

 Are you actually an M as well?! Do you belong to one of those M and S group?!」

「But does the word Sadistic have an M in it?」

「But a game where you have your fingers being chopped isn’t an S game though?!

 Let’s stop? Okay, Keima? Keimaa please!!」


 Laura grabs my hand to prevent me from putting it on that dangerous looking mold.



「If you keep pushing onto me, I can feel your huge breast.」


 Even from the range, it really feels so squishy.


「K-k-k-keima you idiot! I’m just worried about you!」

「If you really do, then let me massage your breast.」


「If I lose my fingers, then I wouldn’t be able to feel your supple breast anymore.」


 I pulled her arm and moved to the edge of the room.


「Are you dumb?! Do you only think of perverted things?!

 Stupid――Fuee, Aahnn……(Heart)」


 Laura was complaining, but she was gasping as I gently massaged her.

 It’s been awhile since I rubbed them, but it’s still the best.

 Alright let’s head back.


「So let me listen to the rules.」



 The magician was silent throughout the whole skit, then started explaining.


「There’s 6 cards here in total.」


 The magician showed me the cards. The cards have a mysterious spine cover imprinted on it.


「Out of 6 of these cards, 5 of which are blank, and only one has a picture of the magician.」

「I shall lay them face down, and mix them around.」


 The magician starts arranging the cards in a line by shuffling the cards with her hand.


「And what you have to do, is choose a card, the card with the『Magician’s Card』on it.」

「……Is that all?」

「Simple, isn’t it?」


 It is.

 But it’s odd.

 This is too suspicious.

 The word discomfort envelops my entire body.


「How many cards can I flip over?」

「It is up to you. If you have high hopes, you can even flip up to five cards.」

「So it’s okay to flip 5 of them?! Isn’t that just too generous!」

「Oi, think about what you just said a little more.

 This is a game where you bet your fingers, if you lose all 5, what do you think will happen?」

「That was a great guess.

 For each card you flip over, you need to bet one of your fingers――Kuhihihihi.」

「That’s just devil’s generosity!」


 Laura began to cry with her usual mysterious vocabulary.


「But I have one good news.

 No matter how many times you lose, you will win once you win a bet.

 Let’s say if you lost the first few bets, but at the very last you won, I will give you the same coins that you used to win the first bet.」


 Femille mumbled.


「The magician really has bad taste.……」

「Bad taste? What are you mumbling about, little bunny girl?」

「If you bet your pinky for the first bet and you lose. Then you bet on your middle and index finger and lost as well.

 This system only benefits to those who enjoys watching people crawling to the depths of hell in search of salvation.」

「It is regrettable that you have caught on……It truly is sad. Kuhihihihi.」


 Femille’s a star now.

 The magician feels no sadness.


「Well, don’t mind her Femille.

 I feel like it’s better to be one by one, it’s thrilling.」

「Did Keima-san just say that?! If you lose, then all your fingers will be chopped off?!」

「Let me tell you a wonderful word that was derived from my country.」

「A wonderful word……?」


「If you win, you won’t lose!」


「If you win……?」

「Then you won’t lose!」

「It’s an unquestionable theory, but I don’t think it’s useful……」



 I laughed to trick her.


「Well either way, we have to challenge it.

 I’ll bet my pinky first, and I’ll choose the one on the most right.」


 As I said, I reached out to the far right――and stopped.


「Are you not going to flip it over?」

「I wonder if it’s those kinds of games where you stop and watch the situation as promised.」

「Kuhihihihi You really are a careful lad, aren’t you.」


 The magician looks back at me with a humble smile.

 I gradually slide my right hand.


「I’m a very timid person.

 I might look strong at first glance, but I’m actually scared.」


(I said something weird.)


 Thinking that, but I didn’t say anything.


「Let’s choose the leftmost card.」


 I touched the card.





 The two frightened creatures behind me were trembling with tension.

 I quietly flipped the card.


「…………Aah, a miss.」

「That’s unfortunate!

 However, the probability of winning the first one is one in sixth!

 It’s normal to miss!」

「Well, you make a point.」


 My pinky was cut..

 Lindis screams.


「Wait a minute!」

「What’s wrong, adorable young lady over there?」

「I want you to show me the remaining cards!」



「I know these kinds of games, I’ve seen one too many times and have been tricked!」



 Then, let’s flip it all and once.」


 The magician removes the cards one by one.


「First, the right most.」




「Then, second from my right.」








(I knew it, I knew it……!)




「That’s too bad.」


 The magician flipped over the fourth piece.



「As you can see young lady. The card I flipped over as clearly the one.」

「Are you kidding me……」


 Lindis collapsed on the floor.


「Well then, let me shuffle once more.」


 The magician began shuffling the cards and placing them on the table face down.






 While mixing the card, the magician smiles secretly.


(That young lady’s speculation was right.

 I am indeed cheating.

 All the cards lying down are all blank.)


(However, I can erase or imprint the pattern on that card.)


(The person who chooses will always be blank. But whenever I choose, it’ll be a hit.

 Even if you have heaven’s luck, you will never win.)


(Your fingers――shall I have them all?)

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

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    I guess either Keima will copy the magician’s technique and imprint the 『Magician’s Card』on a blank card, or make the magician flip the card.

    「Don’t worry. I just like helping ladybird who’s drowning in a puddle.」

    I don’t get the meaning of this sentence…

    「If you win, you won’t lose!」

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t get hit!

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