Level 1 Guy: Chapter 363 – Being the strongest at Level 1 and able to enter

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 After going back to the mansion from Aurum’s room, I went to the garden.



“Low level’s here.” (Eve)


 Emily was at the garden, and Eve came a little earlier than me.

 Emily was showing a troubled look, and Eve as usual has a carrot on her mouth with a nonchalant expression.


 And going to where they’re standing, there’s a dungeon entrance in front of us.


 If I didn’t know much, I would think someone has built a kamakura beside the mansion.

 But this is undoubtedly a dungeon.


 Such an important thing that is a part of the world is now here right in front of our garden.


“Erythronium dungeon……” (Ryouta)

“Ehh!?” (Emily)


 Emily was surprised.

 Last night when I was discussing with Cell late at night, I told everybody about the “death of Erythronium”.


“Is that what you said for real nanodesu?” (Emily)

“It’s what Aurum said. Since they’re both spirits, I’m sure it’s right.” (Ryouta)

“I see……” (Emily)

“So, what’s it like inside?” (Ryouta)

“That is……” (Emily)

“We can’t enter.” (Eve)

“Say what?” (Ryouta)


 Being surprised, Emily and Eve looked at each other to see who should answer.


“At first, I didn’t know the dungeon suddenly exist. So I tried entering to see how it looks desu, but I can’t enter at all because there seems to be an invisible wall blocking me desu.” (Emily)


 Saying that, Emily tried walking into the entrance.

 It seems that she couldn’t proceed further from the entrance, it was like a pantomime, touching an invisible wall.


“Bunny was useless too.” (Eve)


Next to Emily, Eve said that and chops.

It’s terribly slow——- but that’s, almost full power chop.


Explosions and shock waves erupted, but it was blocked by an invisible wall like Emily.


“Even with your all out attack, you can’t enter?” (Ryouta)

“You’re being rejected.”


We turn around to the voice from behind.


There are three people, Nihonium, Mike, and Sakuya.

These are the three members of the Nihonium group who have come to often act together.


Nihonium that appears with two people in a position and behavior like a polar wife.


“What do you mean by being rejected?” (Ryouta)

“The dungeon, I strongly feel the spirit’s will. It is rejecting you out of fear.” (Nihonium)

“…” (Ryouta)


I felt like I could understand what she was trying to say, so I didn’t say anything further.

I know it because it is Nihonium, and she left the dungeon and came here during the daytime.


She once gave the Dungeon Master the ability to lose drops because of her “will and rejection”.

I guess she can understand such feelings.


I was convinced.


The truth that Erythronium was killed just before.


It is nice to be reborn, but it becomes frightening when the adventurers are not appreciating the dungeon.


“Then again.” (Nihonium)

“Yeah?” (Ryouta)

“It is impossible to completely reject humans. If you meet some conditions, you can at least enter.” (Nihonium)

“Is that so?” (Ryouta)


Nihonium nodded clearly.


“You can enter only once a year. And it’s the most difficult conditions you can think of.” (Nihonium)

“Got it.” (Ryouta)


Isn’t it possible for a spirit to completely refuse human entry?

Humans and Dungeon Spirits.


I didn’t know much about the relationship between the two in this world, so I was a little interested.


I approach the entrance of the dungeon.

It would be fine if I could not enter, but I heard the reason that the dungeon was needed when I learned the irrationality that Erythronium was killed, but I heard a voice.


At the very least, I want to know the admission conditions.


Thinking as such, I went through the invisible wall that Emily and Eve could not pass.


I was surprised that there was nothing I thought was there.


I slammed my hands as I was able to hear the sound of “sucking” and stumbled down and fell down.

Stepping forward and staying still.


“Eh?!” (Emily)


I heard Emily’s voice.

When I turned around, I saw her surprised outside the dungeon.

And I’m in the dungeon.


“I’m in…” (Ryouta)

“How did you do that desu?” (Emily)

“I just normally… You try Emily.” (Ryouta)

“It’s the same desu… I can’t enter desu.” (Emily)

“It’s exactly the same as before.” (Ryouta)


After all, Emily could not enter, because the wall was blocked, Emily’s power could not advance even one step forward.

I went out of the dungeon, and got out normally.


I entered again…..normally.

I went in and out.

I went in and out of the boundary of the dungeon entrance like a repetitive side jump.

I can come and go without any problems.


“Low level, cheeky” (Eve)

“Ouch!” (Ryouta)


Eve became a little sulky when I went out and she chopped my head.

She’s angry because she can’t enter it――.


“Eh?” (Ryouta)

“What happened desu?” (Emily)

“Eve, what did you say just now?” (Ryouta)

“Requesting an apology and a supply of carrots from low level.” (Eve)

“At least repeat what you just said!” (Ryouta)


I retorted.

But it was still good.


The words Eve said——-low level.

The familiar words I have heard hundreds of thousands of times since I met her.


Low level = Level 1.


Killed…frightened…rejected…low level.


“A level-limited dungeon perhaps?” (Ryouta)


I figured out the entry restrictions for Erythronium.

It came out nice enough that I thought it was the only way I could say it.

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