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During the day, a few hours passed after Neah went to Amako.

The sun has already set, and the light of the torches shines in the palace seen from the window of the house in the barrier.

Eva who was still asleep was lying in the bed in front of me, and I was sitting in a chair next to the bed and watching whether the magic applied to her could be solved.


“…I wonder if Neah is working on it…..”


I think she’ll do fine, but I’m also anxious because there is a point where she blunders at the point where it is important.


“Well, I have to trust in such a time.”


I’m working according to her plan.


First, I need to take a rest as Neah first instructed.

Next, watch if the magic of resistance applied to Eva disappears due to some accident.

Then, if the magical light of that resistance fades, carry her out of the barrier and wait for Neah to come back.

Neah who gave these three instructions showed me her uneasy thought “Even you can remember this much for your brain for muscles”, so I thanked her by flicking her head with my healing magic.


“…It’s getting weaker.”


The light of resistant magic that protects Eva sleeping on the bed is weaker than it was when I saw earlier.


“It’s about time”


Let’s carry her out as planned.

However, since I have to destroy the curse, it is the butler, Eiri-san, who carries her instead.

I thought that we should’ve asked Lucas-sama for help from other knights, but Neah refused, so I, Neah, and Eiri-san decided to destroy the curse.

Eiri-san has already offered to cooperate, so I’ll call him later.


「――――Usato-san, excuse me.」


The door knocked.

Hmm? Eiri-san?


“I guess it’s about time. I was thinking of calling him too… So what happened? Eiri-san”


Eiri-san who opened the door had a bitter look.

I wondered why, but I found out after when Eiri-san opened the door and shifted to the side.


“Hey, I have come.”


“… What? Lucas-sama?”


Lucas-sama appeared from behind Eiri-san.

Eh? Why? I don’t remember telling him about the operation in order to proceed quietly as Neah told me…


“Why are you here?!”

“I asked Eiri to tell me. I wonder if I’m going to break the curse tonight.”


When I see Eiri in a hurry, he also looks worried. As far as I can tell, it seems that he did not expect that Lucas-sama himself would come here.


Eiri-san closed the door when he bowed to me apologizing.


“Lu, Lucas-sama…”

“I didn’t tell anyone, I’m a father before I was a king. There’s no way I could be away when saving the life of my precious daughter.”

“But what would this country do if something happens to Lucas-sama?!”

“No matter what happens to me, a good minister will managet for me. It’s the people who have supported me for decades. No matter what happens to me, I trust them.”

“It’s not that simple!”


I didn’t know what to say to Lucas-sama, who smiled cheerfully, and held my head down.

This is not gonna end well…


“But Usato, trying to wander through the palace without permission isn’t good you know? If we were skeptical, you might have been caught by a knight at worst?”

“…I wish I could solve the situation without making any noise.”


I wasn’t without the idea of ​​getting caught. However, the curse is good at strong mental attacks, so you won’t know what happens if you gather people poorly.

Especially if there’s a knight who might have a sword. There is a risk that they might no be able to endure the spirit’s mental attack and becomes confused, attacking each other.


“…Lucas-sama, who will be your escort?”

“Of course. I’m bringing Fegnis and the four knights out of the barrier.”

“Is that so.”


Fegnis-san as well? I wish it wasn’t exactly what Neah said.

However, if they’re already here, there is no choice.


“… Try to stay as far away to the main curse as possible. Only me and Neah will approach it, so let the knights protect Eva.”

“Are you going to be alright?”

“The curse makes a powerful mental attack. Probably only I can deal with it.”


To be exact, it’s only Neah that deals with magic resistance.

Right now I am granting magic to Eva, but it has the disadvantage that it can only be applied to one target, so when destroying the curse, I have to break the magic of Eva and put on the magic of resistance… ..


“Let’s move with Eva for now”

“… Is it okay to move Eva?”

“If the magic disappears, the curse will come from anywhere anyway. So it’s safer to have it close to me, who will preferentially aim.”


Once again, her presence will surely disappear if the curse is triggered using Eva as a medium.

For the time being, I’m thinking about a method when only Eva is targeted by the curse instead of me, but I do not want to do it if possible.

Praying intently to prevent this, I put on the coat that I hang on the chair and prepare for it.


“—Father, Usato-san?”



I heard a small voice.

When I turned around with Lucas-sama at the same time, Eva thinly opened her eyes in the bed.


“Eva, are you okay?”

“Um… I’m fine. What on earth happened?”


She looked up at Lucas-sama’s face as she approached and slowly raised her body.

Doesn’t she remember? Is her memory cloudy?


“And, why is father here? Isn’t he busy with work?”

“…Hahaha, I’ve already finished my work.”

“Oh, is that so? Then today we can be together.”


Eva said with a smile.

However, when she picked up the hair that shook in her own sight, she gave a surprised voice.


“My hair is deep blue!?”


Speaking of which, she didn’t know that her hair had changed color.

I can’t just upset her by talking about the curse, so let’s assume I changed the color according to the magic I used.

Listening to the story, she leaned her head around and groped her blue hair, and suddenly looked up at something.


“–Ah, if father is here, we must prepare for hospitality right now!”


She lifted up after removing the futon and slowly put her feet on the floor.



“Eva, don’t overdo it… Eva?”


I noticed that her movement stopped unnaturally from the bed, I looked at her while she was holding herself a little.

Her line of sight is pointed downwards, and if I look beyond her line of sight—,


“There is no shadow…?”



 It has already started……!?

The shadow created by the moonlight formed the dress she was wearing——only half her body remains.

Eva who looked up at me with a dress that seemed to float unnaturally began to quiver while hugging her body.


“Usa……wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-, what have I done…”

“What’s wrong, Eva? Are you okay?”

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”


Eva crawled away from Lucas-sama who tried to put her hand on her shoulder. When she moved to the window, she looked at me and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

From this, it seems that she was conscious when she was being manipulated by the curse.

…… It’s a given that she would know after being hijacked by a stranger, and she would have heard the voice of the grudges of the Samaria people.


“Usato, what should I do…”

“Lucas-sama, leave it to me.”


I didn’t know what to do, so I tried reassuring Lucas-sama who was upset and stepped forward.

I’m not confident, but I have no choice but to calm her down.


“Usato-san, you can’t get close to me. There’s a curse…”


She approached her bed and held her head in her hands.

I think that the curse was triggered because I touched her at that time.

Despite that, it’s because of a bad curse, but she seems to think that if someone touches her, that person will be affected.

She looked up when she knew I wouldn’t come any further.


“I…I don’t want you to disappear. I don’t think you should just disappear like that…so please, believe me.”

“…Okay, I’ll believe in you.”


Did those skeletons say that she would be together with me if she erased me?

I know I’m desperate to free her from the curse, but I can’t forgive them.

I restrained my resentment and spoke calmly to her.


“You were only taken over by the curse at that time.”


“Now I’m using magic to keep you away from the curse, so you don’t have to worry about being manipulated. So you can rest assured.”


I hold out my right palm in front of Eva, who is hiding her hand.

Looking at my hands and eyes, she stretches out her hands, trembling slowly.

While holding my hand in a confusing manner, she could put her cool hand on my palm.




It was because I touched her hand when the curse was activated, but nothing happens when I touch her now that the curse is driven away by the magic of resistance.

…………It’s only a matter of time now.


“See, no problems right?”



Despite a slight relief, she held my hand.

It was good, it seemed to calm her, but this is really embarrassing. Now that I’ve done such a shameless action, I too have to calm myself down.





While I was so embarrassed that I was in agony, I noticed that Lucas-sama, who was next to me, looked down at me.

I changed my line of sight from Lucas-sama to Eva and my face turned pale.


“Um, this is that.”


Although it was necessary, this level of insanity to hold the hand of a princess in one country.

He was joking about asking me to marry his daughter, but in such a situation it wouldn’t be strange to say “why are you touching my daughter so affectionately?”


“So you really want my daughter?”


“So you are going to bring that up!?”


So that’s what it is?!

Eva who looked up at me with surprise, and Lucas-sama who smiled at me as if I was cornered, continued.


“No, I can understand your true feelings at times like this. I was also impressed by your courage. I’ll leave my daughter to you then, Usato.”

“Please keep your jokes to some level …”


To be impressed by me… I think it was a mess.

I couldn’t find any of this stubborn father’s elements. ‥


“Well, let’s do that after saving my daughter.”

“…Eh? So it’s not a joke?”


Something ridiculous is waiting for me after saving Eva.


“That father…what is it that we’re saving…?”

“Usato is going to break your curse from now on.”


“Anyway, let’s move on to explaining the details.”


Lusas-sama, who crouched in front of Eva who had a stunned expression, put his hands on her back and knees and lifted her up.

When asked if I should hold her halfway, Lucas—,


“Leave this role to me….. Maybe… Never mind, let’s get going.”

“…Okay, then follow me.”


I understood what Lucas-sama wanted to say.

Failure to destroy the curse means that I will be bound to this palace with my soul and she will disappear.


“I won’t let that happen till the very end.”


I have no intention of failing.

I will break the curse of Samaria with all my might — I was more careful and came out of the door.

Author’s Note:

The solution will be written in the next chapter.


This chapter was over 10,000 characters, so I split it into two.

The next chapter will be updated tomorrow.

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