Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 101 – Start of the trial

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Two weeks after arriving on the island.

The reason why I waited for two weeks was because the “Trial of the Great Goddess” seems to be a regular event that is being held once every three months.

Honestly, I heard about this from Laura, but since it’s from her mouth, I didn’t trust her.


『Let’s gamble since we’re here anyways! I’m confident about the chicken race!』


 Was what she said, but I didn’t expect her to really gamble.


『Go go go! CockLancer! That’s right! Go forth!』


Laura who is enthusiastic while gripping a chicken ticket that is not a fictitious betting ticket, was, of course, unexpected.


『It’s no good after all.』


『The only thing that’s no good is you Keima!

 If  we lose then we’ll take a rest, but if we win then don’t be disappointed.

 That’s how we catch the flow of chickens……』

『Don’t put it that way!』



 She said something so stupid that I had to pinch her cheek.

 While eating the delicacies unique to this island, I didn’t give Laura a single penny.

 There are various delicious ice apples, ice pineapples which are crispy and delicious even when eaten roasted.

 The shimofuri aji fry is quite delicious.

 Although there’s not a lot of skills, there’s still some win.

 For example,


 Life Regeneration LV3

 ◆Skill explanation・Life Regeneration

 The sliced body parts will regenerate if you continue to live.


 After eating this Axolotl-like food, I got this.

 The Axolotl on earth has a high regenerating feature as well.

 In addition to arms and legs, even if you have a part of your heart or brain being sliced, it will regenerate if you are still alive.



 And a shit skill would look like this.


 Chill LV2

 ◆Skill explanation・Chill

 You’ll feel cool and comfortable.

 Perfect for summer.


 Staying in your shell LV1

 ◆Skill explanation・Staying in your shell

 You will always stay in your shell. You don’t want to go outside. There is no point going out.

 It’s scary……The outside world is scary……


 How the hell is this even a skill?

 Especially the last sentence, this is just being a hikkikomori.

 Well, fortunately this is an active skill.


 And after such things happened.

 The day of the『Trial of the Goddess』has arrived.

 Challengers gather at an amusement park facility on the edge of the island.

 The number of people are roughly around 100 thousands.


「Welcome back Danna-sama. Are you interested in challenging the『Trial of the Great Goddess』?」


「Then, please pay the participation fee of 100 thousand Balsie.」


 I gave a box prepared beforehand with gold coins to the Bunny Girl.




 Femille was vomiting blood.

 Lolona shouts.




「I’m alright……

 It’s a rare sight of me to see so much money disappearing all at once that my stomach hurts……」


 Her poor syndrome is kicking it at max.


「Do we need to check your stomach for any issues?!」


 Lolona retorts.


「Lemme heal you for now.」

「Thank you very much……Hauu.」


「This is more dangerous than I’ve expected……To be injured before even taking the test……!」

「We must be careful……!」



 Laura, Lindis and Marine were all nervous.

 I think it’s because of Femille’s personality, rather than the trial….……Well whatever.

 We proceeded.

 Though there are 6 of us, there’s no problem as 1 registration can have up to 10 per team.


 Waiting for the trial to start, music rang, and a beautiful sound was played using harps.

 Golden sparkles shine on stage that you might think even an idol would appear.


『It’s Fortuna-sama……!』


『Such beauty……!』


 She is truly a beauty.

 Fluid black hair with jade-like green eyes. Her skimpy and vulnerable clothes, yet surprisingly it fits a goddess.


〈Well done my children.

 I――The Great Goddess Fortuna shall praise the fact that you have come to take the trial.

 If you survive this trial, I shall do whatever you want that is within my power.〉


 The challengers who gathered together were shouting and screaming in excitement.




 Lindis, the leading character right now is crouching and holding her head.


「What’s wrong Lindis?」


「That girl……。

 Just her aura alone is making me……!

 It’s as if my instincts are telling me not to go against her……!

 It is my first time seeing a Goddess, and it’s much amazing than I expected……!」


「Wait a second!

 Lindis-chan has met a Goddess though, it’s not like it’s your first time?!

 But what’s with this reaction?!」




 Laura was extremely offended.


「I am a Goddess. Laura, the Goddess of Knowledge.

 In a sense, I’m kind of a big shot!」



 Lindis was impressed, and she was trembling as Laura announced who she was.


「I’m glad that Laura would cheer me up wiht such a silly lie……!」


「But I can tell at first glance……。Laura is obviously not a goddess……!

 You’re the same ordinary person as me, but you’re a good friend of mine……!」



 Laura felt her heart crack.

 I thought that I should chase after her, but I left her because the male and female bunny began distributing red and yellow chips. The number of chips is 10 each.

 Fortuna explains.


〈The red chip is an admission ticket to the『Trial of Power』.

 The yellow chip is an admission ticket to the『Trial of Wisdom』

 Within this『Theme Park』there are many『attractions』that you can go through to increase your number of chips to over a hundred.

 If you can increase it within 3 hours, you shall gain the right to challenge the『tower』.〉


「If I don’t have any yellow but I have a hundred reds, does that still count?」


〈It does not matter.

 In the first place, this trial is meant to find human resources.

 The reason why you can form a team with up to 10 people is so you can meet more people.

 Although you need money to make your wish come true by paying a participation fee.〉


 I see now.


〈Also, this is a precaution of the facilities……

 All of the facility’s difficulties are safe. But, there may be pain which might feel like death.

 Thus when you challenge, make sure you check which difficulty it corresponds to.〉


「Even though the point is finding human resources, there’s a feeling of death……?」


〈By approaching a near death experience, one’s power shall awaken.

 If you feel the need to live, do not participate in this game.〉


 Damn right.

 After listening, we went outside.



「Though you did run away and cry without chasing after you, but do you feel sad that we didn’t chase after you?

But why have you returned? What happened?」

「If you know about it, then why didn’t come and find me!!」


「We’re sorry for leaving you behind~~~~~」


 Laura was crying while hugging Lindis, while she was patting her head.

 Leaving that aside.

 I told the rule to Laura.


「It feels like being on a tropical island mixed with cold weather which would result in death!

 Shouldn’t we take the safe route?!」


「I want to do that as well, but……」


 I glance around.


『The buildings that are likely to be the safe attractions are Cocoon A and Purge B.

 It’s high likely that Merlion Delta is safe as well, since I’ve been here before!』


『Tony, Johnny, let’s go to the sky! Michael and Samsung, y’all will go to the east!』


 They were flying and running all around.


「I don’t know what they’re talking about, but they’re amazing!」


「Since people have gathered at this attraction, some have experienced this――。

 And it seems that they’ve made predictions in advance and investigated what kind of facility there is.」


「That’s so unfair! Such cowardice!」

「That’s part of wisdom.」

「That makes sense, but still……」

「It’s not that it might be, but it is.

 Look at the line.」

「There’s about 100 people.……」

「Hence why she said it’s painful but you can’t die――」


 I gave it a shot.


「I’ll heal you.」


「So you want me to experience pain?!??!」

「I thought I’m counting on you, Laura?」

「What are you making me do?!?!」

「Don’t worry, no matter how painful it is, I can heal you!」



 Laura screams and Lolona says.


「I found the pain attraction!」

「That’s fast.」

「While Keima-dono was explaining from the beginning, I have predicted that Keima-dono would challenge the pain attraction.」


 Lolona said vigorously.

 I understand she wanted to be complimented.

 I patted her head.




She seems happy.

Let’s go there then.

The entrance wrote『Magician’s Card (Pain)』.


「Magician’s card……。

 Sounds like we have to play some sort of game.」


 Well that’s fine.

 Let’s enter for the time being.

 I opened the door and entered.

 A long and narrow corridor with an eerie decoration that  reminds me of a Demon King’s castle. There’s a light brown door in the back of the corridor.

 And a scream was heard.





『No problem』


 A man with a shinigami outfit appeared in front of us.


『The Magician’s card is a place of gambling your fingers. The first person who tried has lost.』


 Oh no.


『It is still possible to turn back right now……?』


「L-L-L-Let’s head back! If it takes my finger, it’ll surely hurt right?!」

「Since it’s just fingers, I can just make them grow back with my skill.」

「But the main problem is still feeling the pain right?!?!」

「But if we don’t take this challenge, Lindis can’t go back.」

「It’s alright!

 Lindis-chan has somewhat liked this world!

 She might want to stay here forever!!」



 I can’t believe her timing was impeccable.

 Giving up and asking her to stay here forever.


「But my finger?! If it’s cut, wouldn’t it hurt?!」

「But I still want to go home……I’m sure everyone is worrying……。

 If it comes to betting a finger, I can always offer mine……」


 While the both of them were talking――。




 Marine opened the door.




 I’ve done it! While looking at me triumphantly.

Like Lolona earlier, she just wants me to praise her.


「Nicely done.」


 If Marine didn’t open, I would’ve done it.

 I patted her head and entered.


Even if we lose, there’s no problem since I can experiment with my new skill.

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

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    [『Go go go! CockLancer! That’s right! Go forth!』]

    I have a CockLancer as well…

    [Marine opened the door.
     I’ve done it! While looking at me triumphantly.]

    Looks like she’s eager to lose her fingers as well.

    [It is my first time seeing a Goddess, and it’s much amazing than I expected……!]
    * much amazing —> much more amazing

    [「I’m glad that Laura would cheer me up wiht such a silly lie……!」]
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    [Though you did run away and cry without chasing after you, but do you feel sad that we didn’t chase after you?]
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    [「That’s part of wisdom.」]
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