Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 100 – The Great Goddess’ Island

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A month has passed.

Lilina came to the inn.


「This is the dividend for this month’s milk jelly sales. There is 900,000 Balsie. Please check.」

「Thank you」


I put the inside of the bag in a basin and confirmed the 90 gold coins.



「What’s wrong?! Femille-san!」

「I’m fine…….

 It’s just that when I looked at so much money at once, I’m feeling a bit dizzy…」

「I don’t think you’re fine if you get dizzy over so many gold coins…」


Lolona supported the fallen Femille, and Lindis retorted.


(Hee, hoo, haaaahh…)


The young girl Marin is counting excitedly.


(Sweets can be bought and bought…)


「It’s really money! From now on, I can sleep all day with these money flowing in!

Exactly my ideal life! ♪ It’s Warriors of Paradise! 」

「Are you so sure about that?」

「What do you mean?」

「I’m talking about what happens after this. There are some things that are bought because of its rarity.」


This is often the case at newly opened coffee shops.

At first, people come to you because of your rarity. However, because it’s a correction for rareness, repeaters won’t come unless the store itself is attractive.


「Yes, there is a possibility. But on the contrary, there is a possibility that the scale will increase?」

「I hope that happens.」

「It’s going to be fine! Keima has me right?」


Therefore I am worried.


「But if you have enough money, you can buy a new house.」


「Did you not make money for your house?」


 I forgot.

Yes, I think the first purpose was like that.


「Not right now!

For Lindis-chan, we plan to challenge “The Tower of Power and Tower of Wisdom”! 」

「What’s that?」


Laura explained the situation.


「Is that so…」

「Isn’t Keima so kind?!?」


Laura bragged at me with a big smile.

Since she tends to do stuff like this, I do not dislike this kind of thing once in a while.


And with that——–


We were on a Wyvern’s back.

We’re heading to the destination island, borrowing military funds from Lilina.


“This is much faster than the salamander!” was what we’re aiming for when we needed to head to a certain isolated island.

It is a lesser dragon, and is operated by a professional person.


「Silver Dragon is much faster!」


Lindis rides on her sea serpent and pushes forward.

Actually, it was too fast to see.

But she soon returned.


「What happened?」

「I don’t know the way…」


It was a stupid child.


「By the way, what kind of island is it? Laura?」

「Look forward to it!」

「That’s not what I asked.」


However, as far as I heard the story, it is an island where the Great Goddess resides.

Which means it would be a mysterious island where the pious believers of the goddess gather.


I was wondering.


「The island of gambling governed by the Great Goddess Fortuna who controls good luck—–Welcome to Fortune Island!」


The mentioned island is a red light district.

As soon as we get off the Wyvern, a beastly person with a greedy appearance welcomes us.

There were some girls with bunny suits, and a handsome macho old man (tiger beast) who didn’t wear anything on his upper body.


「Why are you…?」

「People want boobs, but at the same time some wanted male boobs as well.」


I do not deny the taste, but please do not expand the subject “some people”.

Lolona murmured.


「But this body is really attractive…」


An understanding person?!!

I didn’t think there was one nearby!!


「No, of course, Keima-dono is the best!

Keima-dono is the ideal, supreme and the best!! 」


I’m glad to hear that.


「Come on, let’s go, Keima!」


Laura pulled on my arm.


「Are you angry?」


「Instead of being angry… I’m kind of irritated.

I don’t care if you’re around Lolona-chan or Femi-chan, but you don’t have to completely see someone else’s.」


She was jealous of the people.


When I went down the hill where the Wyvern went down, I could see the cityscape of Fortune Island.

The seven-colored fish flew around the golden fountain, causing drunken noise from daytime.

In the center of the fountain, there is also a statue of a goddess made of gold.


「Is that the goddess here?」

「Yes! The Great Goddess Fortuna!」

「But why does a Great Goddess create an island of gambling…」

「That’s… it’s quicker to see than explain!」


Laura pulled my arm and guided me into the casino.

There are people who enjoy playing roulette, playing cards and dice games in the lively casino.


「Please, Fortuna, please give me card 3. Card 3…! ]

「Red appeared eight times in a row. It should be black soon… Thank you, Fortuna…! ]


Thank you, Fortuna! Thank you Uh! !! !! ]


「Get it now?

No one can thank God more than when they won in gambling! 」


It was the best theory and the worst idea.


「No, but what happens if I lose? Won’t I be angry at the goddess?」


「Please please!

Donketsu Teio! I’m betting on my last funds on you! Donketsu Teio! !! ]


 Beyond the line of sight of a man, chickens are racing in a racetrack-like space.

The chicken, Donketsu Teio, fell off on the way and became a donketsu.


「Wow! ]

「That man… wasn’t his devotion?」

「If I had a belief in Fortuna, I wouldn’t have lost.」

「If you don’t believe in Fortuna…」


「Basically that’s that!」

「I don’t think so.」

「And for those who lose a lot, Fortuna-like believers will increase!

So even those who lose will eventually thank Fortuna! 」


「Dunk the positive slaves in the cradle into the graveyard?

That’s super exciting.」


It’s more of an evil spirit than a goddess.


「Also… over here!」


Laura guided me to another facility.


「It’s decided———————! Muscle Kongman of Muscle Rally!

Challenger down, can’t stand up!

One! Two! Three!」


「She gives adventurers who has gone bankrupt because they dreamed of spending a lot of money, to get a job again!」


Isn’t this even more evil?


「Making various people dream,

However, she will not abandon those who have their dreams broken. The ideal form of a goddess! 」


The praise of this guy is proof of an evil god.

However, it is done well.

The power of Laura and other goddesses is the spirit of believers.

If the believing heart becomes the power of God, there is no more efficient way to collect it.


「What would you do?!

Since you’ve come to the casino, do you want to do it? 」

「We can’t spend it. It’s the money to challenge the tower.」

「It’s fine!」

「Why do you think so」

「I will increase because I win!」


I can only worry.


「And Keima, you should know right?

A victory method for gambling! 」

「I know a way to never lose.」



「First of all—–Determine the upper limit of how much you can use」

This time……it’s around 30,000 Balsie?」


「Next, think about what you want to buy with 30,000 balsie.」

「Sweets and delicious food… There are many things!」

「Buy it and be happy」

「After that?!」

「That’s all.」


「You don’t gamble?!」

「Didn’t I say? It’s an absolutely unbeatable method.」

「I haven’t lost, but… I feel like I’ve been fooled!」


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