Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 99 – Laura’s matchbox sales

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One sunny afternoon


While I was cleaning my sword and knife, Laura asked.


「Hey Laura, lend me 50k Balsie!!」


「Lend me 50k Balsie!!」

「Do you have any intent to return that sum to me……?」



 Wow, that was fast.

 I threw the knife.

 It barely scraped Laura’s cheeks, and stuck into the wal behind her.



「Tsk, missed.……」

「You want to kill me?!?!」

「What are you saying. You know I’ll never do that to you. Kuku.」

「It’s even more scarier when you’re being kind to me!!!!!」

「Anyways, what do you need 50k for?」

「It’s a secret!!!」



 I hit her face with a pillow.


「You actually hit me?! And without any hesitation?!」

「I held back, plus it doesn’t hurt right?」

「It’s true that it made a ‘poof’ sound, but the act of hitting an actual Goddess is the issue right here!!」

「So, what do you need the 50k for?」

「L-……Like I say, it’s a secret!!」




「Fine. I won’t ask why you need 50k, but I’ll be fine if you borrow around 300k from me.」

「300 thousand……That’s fine and all, but Keima will be the one who will regret you know?」


 What does she mean by that?

I’m curious……But since it’s her.


「I don’t mind if it’s 300k.」

「Then give me! 300 thousand Balsie!」

「However, there’s just one condition.」

「A condition?」


 I dragged Laura to the guild. Then looking at the bulletin board, I searched for a G Rank request that even Laura should be able to do.


「This looks fine.」


 I handed the request to her.


「It’s to sell matchboxes. Based on commission. For every matchbox you sell, you earn 50 Balsie.

 If you can sell 100 of these, I’ll give you the 300 thousand Balsie.」


「That is if you can sell them.」

「Let me show you the true strength of a goddess!!」


 I looked at Laura with a pitiful look as she screamed triumphantly.

   I mean, don’t you think it’s weird?

 1 box is worth 50 Balsie, so 100 is 5000 Balsie.

 But I said I’ll give her 300k Balsie.

 And I can’t retort back.


 It’s not like she can’t calculate.

 But even if it’s her, I don’t think she could sell that much in a day.

 The only thing going on for her is her looks.

 With that in mind, she obtained the request from the guild staff.

 I took Laura to the middle of the town where people are selling various things.


「Anyways, good luck out there. I’ll wait at the foodcourt that’s beside the guild house.」



 She nods energetically.

 While acting like I’m walking towards the foodcourt――I turned around and went back to the location.

 Using Optical Camouflage LV 2 to erase my presence, I watched over Laura from a distance.

 Since she has such a ‘smart’ brain, I’m worried for her.


 I bought a yakitori from a vendor and ate them.

 Terere, te te te.

 I leveled up.

   Laura is shouting about selling matchboxes.


「We have matchbox! Please buy them! These matches will break free the prison in your heart, like flames of the invisible warrior, which will blaze your body!」


 I thought.


 As if that would sellーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!!


 No one bought it.

 In fact, the people were avoiding her. 




 Laura couldn’t fathom.

 Thus, she increased her appeal.


「The match not only burns your mind and body!!

 But it’ll burn down your sofa and your house!!」


 The people around her couldn’t even look her in the eye.




 She’s hopeless.

 Can’t be helped.

 I cancelled the camouflage.

 I caught a person walking away from the square and asked him to buy a match from Laura.

 Saying things like she looked like such a poor child, and she’ll be in trouble because she couldn’t sell them…..Obviously they are lies.


After waiting for the match to start selling, I went to the food court next to the guild.

Then for a while.


「Keima! The match was sold! All sold out!!」

「Really now.」


I received the empty basket and the sales money, and handed it to the guild.

I handed the 5 thousand Balsie + the 300k Balsie that I promised.



「So what do you want to buy after all?」

「What does Keima want?」



「Keima usually does bad things to me, but overall he is kind to everyone, right?

So, do you want food, futon or futon!

That’s why I thought I could do something for you! 」


「So you tried to borrow money from me?」

「I thought that the more money I had, the better things I could buy!」


She’s not wrong.



「Well then, let’s go eat something good?」



 The dumb Goddess nodded with a big smile.

 I silently patted her head.

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

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    This chapter felt shorter than usual. It’s kind of like a side story rather than a main story chapter.

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      To be fair, this is more of a slice of life than an adventure… just that some individual stories are taking place within multiple chapters…

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She’s dumb… but a good waifu…

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