Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 98 – Consideration and wisdom tower

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-Review of last chapter-

Soaking a jellyfish in milk overnight results in a very delicious jelly.

When they were thinking about mass production, they met a girl who was a pirate.

That girl———- known as Lindis, is a lost child from a different world.

There are various ways to return to the original world, but it is easiest to capture the “Tower of Power” and “Tower of Wisdom” run by the Great Goddess and ask for a reward.

The challenge to the tower requires money, so Keima decides to earn some dough.

-And that’s where we left off-


1 month after the sales operation of milk jelly.

The milk jelly sold well, and we sat and waited for profit to come up.


“It’s my turn! I draw!

I then place a warrior with a broadsword at 4-4 and move to 4-5! “

“I see! In that case… I shall use Mithril Spear for the Dragon Knight!

I’m going to attack the warrior who moved to 4-5 with a jump attack! “



Laura and Lindis are playing a board game.

It’s like playing a combined version of shogi and a card game 

Judging based on what they’re saying, it is a game where you can add special abilities to a shogi piece with a specific card.

The point is that you can organize the cards and the pieces you use.


“If you have enough money, you will challenge the Tower of Wisdom for Lindis!

So we shall do some training in brain sports!”


Was the words of Laura.

I think that the policy itself is not wrong, so I agreed to it.



“Wait a minute, Lindis!

The Dragon Knight! Please wait for a second! Don’t jump on me! Let’s work it out!

If I lose right now, I’ll have 5 wins and 6 losses!

If I lose this match, I’ll lose the rights to the goddess’s ticket! “


“This move is also my last!

My Dragon Knight, who had been brainwashed, could finally return to me with a magic card “I’m back!”  and end it off!

I won’t fall back! Neeeeeeveeeeeeer! “


“I’ll give you my precious sweet pudding if you don’t attack!”



Lindis was bought off.

She was eating sweet pudding with an ecstatic expression.


“When you move a warrior, a dragon knight who has regained his sanity starts to jump…..

However, if you do not move the warrior, the wizard will burn you…

“I don’t mind. Move the warriors to 4-5.”


I move the warrior without her permission.


“What are you doing!”


I strangled Lola and told Lindis.


“I’m moving my warrior to 4-5. There’s no complaint right?”

“Fuhahahaha! It’s a good value to eat pudding!

The Dragon Knight’s jumps and lands a direct attack on the warrior! “

“Fuuueeeeen! Frioneil! Frioneeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiil!”

“Why are you giving it a name!”


Warrior Frioneil was killed by the Dragon Knight.


“Then it’s my turn.

I moved my Cavalry from 3-3 to 3-8. The mage in 3-8 dies.”


“You can’t do that! There isn’t a Dragon Knight in front of 3-8… Ahhhhh!

Because I moved my Dragon Knight, nooooooo! !! !! “


Lindis lamented.


“Wait just a second! Please wait for just a second!”

I want to buy the right to wait with this pudding that I have finished eating! “

“What kind of trade value do you have with a finished pudding…”

“I didn’t know I had such a great hand… I had overlooked even though I’m a goddess…”


Laura is surprised, but there is nothing amazing.

It’s the usual Laura.


“Keiima, have you played this game before?—– the God of Cert?!”


She really is just a stupid child.


“It’s cowardly to bring God…!”


Lindis was also a stupid child.

If you say that you win about 50% against Laura in a game of brain sports, you’re just guessing at this point.


“But what does the Tower of Wisdom do?

Does this game have anything to do with that?”

“I don’t know!

Everyone who succeeded or failed in the challenge will have their memories erased! “

“Such preparation.”

“That’s why I’m doing Cert and training my head!

I wouldn’t mind not doing this at all, but a smart hawk would always keep their claws cleaned!! “


 No comment.


(Click clack………)


The young girl Marine is working hard on the bracelet of wisdom, and Femille and Lolona are reading books.


“But for real, what do we need to do?”

“Contemporary magic means that Macbeth’s system uses the magical power of the atmosphere as it is and the human body within…”


Lolona is reading a law book, but Femille is reading a magic book drawn by a magician with a dangerous sounding name.

Femille was murmuring while she read.


“If I can’t play an active part in a tower that uses my head, my value and presence…”


Femille has a low self-esteem.

She thinks that if one’s presence is thin, the ability is low.

Although if someone has a strong presence, I think it’s a lot better than the fact that she’s far superior than our Laura, but it seems that that is not the case.

It’s good to be ambitious, so I won’t deny it.


“But what is “wisdom”?

Some people say I’m smart, but some people say I’m stupid.

I don’t really understand because the definition is too different for each person.”


“Keima-dono would be a good example.”

“I think Keima-san is good… He was very prepared for this jellyfish sale…”


Lolona and Femille says that.



“I think Kema is smart! I’m sure it’s true, so it’s a fact!”


I became anxious.

The heart of peace of mind created by Lolona and Femille was destroyed by a drill tempest.

When the three hearts come together, one roller pulls her legs with a million powers.

The place that compliments me is obedient and honest.


I think that it’s safe to prepare for every direction even if you don’t know what’s coming.

Still, what will be tested at the Tower of Wisdom?

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