Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 97 – Promoting Milk Jelly

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 The town square.

 A refreshing place where clowns are performing near a fountain and painters drawing portraits.

 I rang a bell.


「Come’re and have a look won’t you? You want to taste the best sweets in the world? Well, look no further than trying out these Milk Jellies!」

「Please try some! It’s free! Taste testing is free of charge!

 How free you ask? It’s like drinking rain water, and that’s a great price!」


「Even the great and mighty warrior――The goddess of wisdom such as I can guarantee the taste!

 The white sweetness has fallen into this devastated world has a taste like a fallen angel who is immersed in the memories of heaven while being burned by the hellfires of its sins!」


 Laura was the same as always, but Femille’s words were a little weird.

 It was my fault for having Laura be the caller from the get go, but it was also my mistake for letting Femille do it too.

 Well whatever.

 Even Laura, who is always disappointing, is because she is one. But I can’t blame anyone but myself if Femille becomes like that.

 While thinking about it, an adventurer comes.


「Seems like you’re giving out some strange food.」

「Please have a try.」


 I handed a taste spoon to him.


「It doesn’t look much……How bout the taste.」


 The adventurer takes a bite and chews.


「This is…………So good! The moment it enters the mouth, this sweetness that melts when you roll your tongue around! If I close my mouth and just breathe in some air, the air is sweet! This is my first time tasting something like this……!」


 The adventurer shouted out loud his feelings.

 The other adventurers and parents with their children stopped and looked.


「We have a new product, these are Milk Jellies!」

(Come and have some.)



 Saying that, Marine held a dish with Milk Jelly on it with both hands and presented it to the adventurers.

 The adventurers naturally took the bait.


「This is……You’re right. This refreshing, sweet scent and pleasant feeling…………is awesome!」


 A queue forms after these two.


「Alright, here you go.」


 I gave each adventurer a jelly.


「I have an important announcement to make, so please wait for a moment after everyone finishes eating.」


 Saying that, and having a tasting party for thirty minutes.

 After a considerable number of people gathered, I left the shop to Milky and Lindis, and said.


「The Milk Jelly that y’all have tasted this time were recommended by Lilina Highroad-san, one of the five leaders of the Golden Plains!」


(The golden plains……?)

(Did he just say Lilina Highroad, a person said to be the most conspicuous executive in history……)

(If that Lilina Highroad recommends it, I’m sure the product is……)

(((Are you for real?!?!?!)))


 One of the adventurers pointed at Lolona and said.


(He’s telling the truth. Look at the person standing beside him, that’s Lolona Highroad, one of the five leaders of the Golden Plains.)

(Lolona Highroad?! That Iron-Blooded Black Berserker?!)

(It’s the Iron-Blooded Black Berserker IRL!)

(One who is dressed in『black』, and used to say『Black is good……It makes my darkness muddy……』……)




 Lolona was about to die from the adventurer’s whispers.

 She was covering her face with both hands and crouched.

 Well, this is working as intended.

 I won’t stop them you know, since you’re giving such good publicity……


「And the jellyfish that makes up this Milk Jelly can be taken from a private property—–But, that private property is owned by me. So, it’s difficult if I put it for free!」

「That’s where this『Hunting Permit』comes into play! With this, you can catch the jellyfish even on the private property! Now the main question is…..How much would that be?」

「50 thousand.」

「Oh my!」


 Listening to my answer, Laura looks back and shouts.


「For this special occasion, we will be selling it for 50 thousand Balsies!」

「50 thousand?!」

「What’s with that price!」

「Aren’t you asking for too much?!」


 The adventurers became rowdy.


「Keima, isn’t this just ripping people off?!」


 Even Laura was siding with the adventurers.

 Then in between all this mess, one adventurer stepped forward. It was the guy who first tasted the Milk Jelly.


「Everyone listen, that is a reasonable price!」


 He paid with gold coins and received the hunting permit.


「Not only is it a product recommended by the five leaders of the golden plains, Lilina Highroad. We even have permission to hunt the materials. If we have this, we would have a connection with the Golden plains by doing tedious work of collecting weak jellyfish. If you think of it as an investment, 50 thousand is really cheap.」


(He has a point……)



「By the way, the hunting permit will increase in price to 70 thousand, even 80 thousand depending on sales!

 Only for this limited time of the day, we will be selling it for 50 thousand Balsies!」


 This narrows the deadlines and rushes them to decide.

 It’s a common technique used by scammers, which was often used in Japan.


 However, it’s also true that if Milk Jelly becomes a hit product, the original can be taken.

 Even adventurers who put out high money and bought a permit also try hunting to get the original.

 Lilina gets a stable supply of jellyfish as well.

 Everyone benefits!!!


「It’ll be a loss if I don’t buy it now!」

「I want to buy one as well!」

「Me too!」

「Me three!」


 That was just the start.

 After the four adventurers bought, the others made a line and bought them as well.

 Moreover, the four have already explained the meaning and effect of the permit to adventurers who stop after seeing the fuss and the procession.

 Queue after queue was formed, and the permit was selling smoothly.




 A room in an inn.

 We shouted.




 Laura, with a child’s taste, said as she drank the orange juice.


「We sold out! And very economically!」


 It’s probably because of the increased hype, her words were out of order.


「Being able to make a profit even before selling Milk Jelly……Keima-san is amazing……」

「Even sister seems to be selling to aristocrats in the same way that Keima-san has taught me, and worked too good that it was almost scary.」


「I don’t think I would be able to give a commercial value without even selling the Milk Jelly.」


 Bad scams and businesses.

 There’s only one difference.

『Is that the product sold is actually good quality.』


「If the Milk Jelly is bad, even my sister wouldn’t even allow her name to be mentioned.」


「But we were lucky! The first person who ate the jelly bought the permit, and later explained to the person who saw the line in detail! And I as a goddess helped as well!」


 Laura had a very nice face when she was eating the Milk Jelly. Her cheeks were stuffed with white jelly.

 At that time, There was a knocking sound from the door.

 I opened the door.

 There, an adventurer was there.

 It was the guy who ate the Milk Jelly first in today’s promotional sale.


「You came at the right time.」


 I handed a bag containing gold coins.


「No no, if it’s just that…………oh, wait just a minute.

 Isn’t there more than we promised?」

「Your work was better than I imagined. Think of it as a bonus service.」

「Well well……!」

「It would be much appreciated if you receive it.」

「If there’s another job for me, please do not hesitate to call me!」


 The guy walked away.


「Who was that just now……?」


「That’s Sakura I hired in advance.」


「So you hired a trumpet?」

「You’re not wrong with that perspective.」


「That’s just cheating?! Why did you do that?! Didn’t you believe in me?! If I was there, I would’ve been able to draw the crowds without having to cheat like that!」


「If I put you there, everyone would just laugh.」

「Who do you think I am?!」

「The Goddess of Laughter.」


「Well, if you say that you brought us luck……I guess let’s test .」


 I picked up a gold coin. Flick――using my thumb to flick upwards, I held it with my right hand, and showed both my hands to her.


「Which hand did I use to catch the coin? If you get it 5 times in a row, then I’ll accept that you brought us luck.」

「That’s no problem, I shall become the next bright general!」


 Laura became proud as she puffed her chest and said some incomprehensible words.

 And what the hell’s a bright general.

 Ain’t a God going into a general a demotion?

 I don’t really care.


「However, I should mention this first――」



「If you fail, your meal will become an all-in-one meal.」



「If you don’t have that kind of fun, then there’s no point with us being drunk.」

「Is it fun?! Is it fun to watch me suffer?!」

「The best.」

「Keima you Sadist!!」

「But it’s fine right? Since you’ll be getting them all correct.」

「Well, you’re right. Since it’ll definitely be me getting it all right, and smashing Keima into pieces! So wait for your dogeza!」


 Laura was a little worried.

 Looking at my right hand, which contains the gold coins, and the left hand, which does not.


 She points to my left hand.


「Based on my god’s intuition, I can say that this has the gold coin!」


 I silently opened my right hand.



「And you fail right from the start, that’s amazing in it’s own right……」


 Since she was so confident, I thought she would get about 3 rights……


「Wait Keima! Wait wait wait wait! Give me one more chance!」


 The stupid Laura clung to me and cried.

 And the conclusion――




 I silently opened my right.




 I silently opened my left.




 Even after so many tries that doesn’t even count as one more time.

 I thought she could at least win once……

 This Laura, is truly a useless Goddess.


「Please Keima! One more! One more please! Just give me one more chance to restore my dignity as a goddess!」


 Laura begs me by kneeling on the ground and screams with no dignity.

 I became troubled, and decided to cheat a little.

 Is it possible to put a gold coin in one of my hands, and put them on both hands?




 Lolona seemed to notice, but she kept quiet.






 Laura is beyond joyous.


「Look at that Keima! Look at me! I do carry luck!

 If something happens, you can rely on me okay?!」


 I’m speechless.

 But since it’s Laura, I’m sure she’ll forget after this.



 I got it right. Ehehe~~~~」


 But with that happy and cute face.

 I’ll forgive her just this once.

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Mio · 23rd June 2020 at 2:01 PM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

Laura’s the goddess of misfortune. There’s absolutely no way for her to win in a fair game. Even if there was a 1% chance of her losing, she’d still lose.

Purple · 24th June 2020 at 12:27 AM

Isn’t that kind of impossible? Getting everything right has the same probability as getting everything wrong. Laura has proven through this that if they have a fifty-fifty chance, they should first ask her and then choose the choice she didn’t choose.

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