Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 96 – Ways to sell Milk Jelly

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 The harvest is over.

 We have harvested nearly 100 flowers filled inside the cart.

 Around 15 jellies can be made per milk flower.

 In other words, the number of jellies for this expedition is 1500.


「Then, let’s ride Silver Dragon back home! I’ll give you special permission to ride!」


 Lindis exclaimed.

 We got on the back of the sea serpent.

 It was my first time, but it was surprisingly fluffy and soft.

 I give a good rub on the back.

 It has the meat quality of an eel, as I deduced.


「Feels like I can eat this.」



 Silver Dragon quivered.


「What are you thinking!!」

「I just said it looks edible……」

「I-I-I-I’ll drop you off right this instance!!

 It’s true that Silver Dragon looks delicious, but I will not allow anyone to eat my friend!」


「So you do agree that it looks delicious!」

「I thought that lying wasn’t goodー……」



 Silver Dragon protested as Lindis said.


「It’s so soft and fluffy!

 The back is very soft, and the mane is fluffy like a cloud…………Kuuuuuu…………」



 Laura and Marine were falling asleep.

 She really has the same sleeping speed as Marine, and they’re obviously coming to my side to lean over.

 Can’t be helped.

 We went back to town by riding Silver Dragon.


「Now that I think about it, would it be okay to go there with this giant serpent?」

「It’ll be fine Keima-dono. We’re the Golden Plains where we have a dragon field. Although Serpents are rare, but it’s not like we can’t land.」

「Is it.」

「I’ll use a Wyvern when I want to carry my luggage in a hurry.」


 According to Lolona’s instruction, we landed Silver Dragon on the dragon field.

 Since it was called a dragon field, several Wyverns were there.

 We returned to the inn to prepare for this.

 In particular, I have some ideas with the milk flowers.


「What are you doing Keima?」

「Well, various things.」

「Whatever, I’m hungry! I want to eat!」

「You’re right……Should I make something.」

「Yay! Keima love!」


 A week passes.

 I went to Lolona’s sister’s place.


「It’s been a while, how have you been?」

「Thanks to you, I’m fine.」

「That’s good to hear.」


 Lilina nodded lightly and looked at Lolona.


「I-I-I-I-I’m fine too, big sis!」


 Lolona’s attitude towards her sister sounds more like talking to a senpai than a family.


「You sound fine above all.

 And judging by you and your friends being here…………You’re here for business?」


 Truly a good deduction.

 We showed the milk jelly to Lilina.


「This is……Hmm. It has a nice sweetness and an exquisite thickness.

 If you roll it around your tongue, the rich scent tickles the nasal cavity, and moreover, it tastes great.」

「I want to commercialize this.」



「Is it bad? Why? I think it’s delicious! It’s a revolutionary snack that even the emperor will eat!

 You don’t want to fight an emperor right?」


 Another mysterious yet convincing story from Laura.

 Her head is fundamentally wrong.

 I handed a golden apple to Laura.


「Can I eat it?! Yay!」


 A simpleton as ever, as she starts eating.


「A new food product――It is a good product, but there are three essentials when introducing new products. Do you know what they are?」


 Before I could answer, Lindis shouted.


「It must taste delicious! People don’t eat bad food!」

「How about the other two?」


「The price! Even if the food is good, if there’s a price tag, I won’t eat it!

 I would rather eat roadside weed than paying a high quality 200 Balsie bread!」


 Femille, who has lived by with rain water and weed, really does have a fatal implication.


「The price is an important factor, but it’s not one of the essential……

 And first off, 200 Balsie for a bread is honestly on the cheaper side……」

「What are you saying! 200 Balsie is a months worth of my expenses……」

「200 Balsie is 2 cups of my coffee though?!」

「How do you live every month with money for 2 cups of coffee……?」


 Femille kneel down on the ground.

 Normally she has common sense, but when money is involved, she becomes a little bit like Laura.

 Can’t be helped.

 I raised my hand a little.


「Is it the safety and simple ingredients?

 Even if the taste is good, but if it’s dangerous then it won’t sell.

 And no matter how good the quality is, if you can’t get the ingredients then it can’t become a product.」


「As expected. It is unfortunate that you’re an adventurer.」


「For the safety of the food, I can guarantee it’s safety with my special ability.

 I have the ability to know whether a food is poisonous or not if I just eat it.」


「Isn’t that too primitive!!!」


 Lilina suddenly shouts.

 Lilina probably thought I just tested for poison by using my own body.

 Which is true, but a normal person would die, not someone with poison resistance like me.


「We……Well, if you have already planned out so much, then I can trust you. Which leads to the last part, the ingredients.

 If you’re talking about Milk Flower, I do know about it as well.

 However, because it can only be harvested deep in the Sugar Forest, not many can be gathered outside of the forest.

 I tried cultivating on normal soil, but it didn’t work.

 How are you going to work around that?」


「With this.」


 I took out a bottle.

 The bottle has the Milk Flower containing white milk


「This is……?」

「This cultivating method is called hydroponics. It doesn’t smell like soil because we don’t use soil.

 This flower was harvested a week ago.」



 Lilina picked up the flower and dropped it inside her black tea, stirring it and drinking.


「With a natural flower taste, it gives the tea a more deeper sweetness.」

「It’s like placing good quality sugar inside.」

「But this was a week ago. How did the flower not rot at this point?」

「I applied purification magic.」


 General hydroponics can’t be used as fertilizers, and if used will make the water rot. And MIlk is out of the question.

 But this is a fantasy world. Purification magic is such convenient magic.

 So we can just use it.


「I see, so you used purification magic……But is it possible to grow the flowers without soil……」

「I heard that the soil is being blessed by the earth spirit. So it’s okay to pull them away from the soil.……」

「Keima-dono knows a lot about plants……」


 Lilina and Femille were impressed, while Lolona was dyed in red.


「We just have to make a bottle shaped like a long boat, then you can insert a bunch of blowers on top.」

「Those miniscule works are our expertise.

 So how are you going to advertise it?」

「For example……」


 We talked about it for some time.


 For example, Shigeo Maruyama, who was assisting PlayStation developer Ken Kuragaraki, was also a person at Sony Music.

He handed out the PlayStation to hundreds of acquaintances, and asked them to play.

 Musicians who found it interesting to play said in their talk corner during a music program, “I’m playing a game like this.”

 I omitted the word PlayStation and told Lilina only the main points.


「Giving influencers as a present is a form of publicity.」

「I see……」

「And it’s better to let them think that it’s a good product rather than having them forcefully say it.」

「Are there any other strategies?」

「Another example would be……」


 Psychology has something called the “Mere-exposure effect.”

 The effect is that people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them

 This phenomenon is easy to understand in mangas and anime.


 For example, if I praise one of my acquaintances, it ends with “Oh, I see”.

However, when three or four people complimented, they became familiar as “a work whose names are often heard”.


 If you have a chance to see it often, you’ll usually respond with “Let’s take a look”.


「If you just mix in your conversation about the product, more people would be exposed to it, and a wider audience would hear your product.」

「It’s obvious when you point it out.

 Truly a tremendous analytical ability. It’s like talking to a human psychologist expert.」


 Well duh.

 Because it is from an expert psychologist.

 Knowledge is power!


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