Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 95 – Milk Flower collection

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For the sake of dem sweet milk, Keima defeated the air pirate.

Apparently the air pirate is from another world.

Keima decided to work together to help return the crying girl back to her original world.



「Well, if Keima wants to do it, then why not! Even this invisible warrior will take off her skin to show her gratification!」

「You will take them off?」

「Of course!」



 I took the top of Laura’s clothes off.


「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ! !」


 Laura’s face turned bright red as she hurriedly hid her big breast with her arms.


「What the heck are you doing! Stupid! Stupid Keima!」

「Since you said that you’ll take off your skin, I was just upholding to your promise.」

「Even though people have preached it, nobody has actually done it before right?!

 What era are you living in? Cray-ma!」


「I feel like I’m being protected by an incredibly crazy human being……!」


 Leaving that aside.


「Is there really a way to bring back a human from another world?」

「It might be difficult for a warrior, but if it’s me and Keima, then we can do it!」

「What should I do?」


「By clearing the “Tower of Strength” and “Tower of Wisdom” managed by the great Goddess, we can connect the gate to another world!」

「That’s amazing.」

「Keima would have no problem with the “Tower of Strength”, and I will be in charge of the “Tower of Wisdom” The perfect plan!」

「You……the Tower of Wisdom?」

「Of course! I’m the right person for the right place!」


 We’re fucked.


「I’m sorry in advance Lindis. It’s unlikely that I can return you back to your own world.」


「It’s fine! Keima will be able to break through the Tower of Strength!

 Do not be afraid!」


 She grabs my hands and encourages me.

 She really has no idea how stupid her idea is.

 This Dangerously idiotic goddess doesn’t know how dumb she is.

 There is still a small chance, can’t be helped. I shall capture both the tower of strength and wisdom.

 Even if I couldn’t, I can just let Lolona and Femille replace her.


「What will the Great Goddess test us?」

「You must show your feelings, sincerity and abilities to the Great Goddess! Meaning――――」





 That was straight forward.


「You must feel like giving money! And you must have the ability to earn it!

 By showing those two, you will be able to take the test!」


 It’s simple, but why.

 I understand the purpose, but why money?

 In the first place, why is there a tower to test your feelings and ability?


「Money in this world is also a magic item with magic power!

 The gate can’t be opened unless you pile up some money to a certain extent!」

「Say that first!!」


 Now I’m beginning to understand.

 Milk called out.


「Look at the clouds!」


 It was beginning to snow. I lick the snow on the palm of my hand.

 It tastes like milk.


「So this condensed flavour is being absorbed by the flower, giving it its rich flavour.」

「That’s right! It’s delicious! I’ll harvest the flowers!」


 Milky starts picking the flowers.


「Should I help?」

「Thank you Lolona-san! I have some tips for picking them.


(Pitter patter.)


 Lolona lightly nodded and followed Milky.

 Marine seems to be interested so she follows behind Lolona.


「The collection itself is easy. First, take the upper part like so.」

「I see.」


「When you pluck them,  pick a larger flower than this sample.」




 They both tilt their heads.


「Larger flowers have more nutrients.

 Therefore, by picking it, the nutrients will spread to other flowers.

 Then the rest will simply be sweet and delicious as well.」


「So hitting two birds with one arrow.」



 The cute girl shows a harmonious appearance.


「Can’t the flowers be cultivated?」

「We tried, but the taste was bad.

 If you try growing them other than the snow and soil here, the taste of ordinary soil will appear.」

「So you need both the soil and milk?」

「Yeap! So you can only find them in this forest!」


「If you can’t grow without the soil and water, try thinking of ways to grow them without soil and water.」

「What are you even saying Keima? Are you an idiot? A huge idiot is here! It can’t be helped that you’re inferior to the goddess of wisdom, but I thought you were much smarter than this……..Kusu kusu kusu kusu~~~~~~~~~~~~~」


 I pinched the cheek of the goddess.

 I don’t want to be told by this thing how intelligent she is.

 Femille in return answered.


「Even if you use the milk water, but without the soil, it’s still impossible……」

「That might not always be the case.」

「If Keima-san says there’s a way, then maybe there is….. If you know a way, please tell me!」

「Who’s a good girl, Femille-chan is! I will take care of Femille-chan’s feelings, so watch over me! 」

「Why are you looking at everything from above?」



 In order to do what I’m thinking, a huge capital is necessary.

Regarding funds, if I convince Lolona’s older sister, I might be able to do it.

However, Lina is a merchant.

Even if I ask for money, she won’t give it for free.

I must appeal to the value of milk flowers and jellyfish.


What kind of sales strategy should I plan?

It’s time for me to shine my skills.

I shall show you the power of a Japanese citizen who have lived through every advertisement.

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

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    Maybe Keima will use healing magic to accelerate the growth of the flowers?

    But usually the roots have to grow out to anchor itself into the soil as well as require water for growth…

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Possibly hydroponics growing plants in water, also thanks for the chapters

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