Level 1 Guy: Chapter 358 – Two birds with one stone

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Morning, in the streets of Hasemi, the site which <Gold Tree> will be opened.


The carpenters and workers were already there waiting, as I brought Eve with me.


“Then, I’ll leave it to you.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny is a loyal woman.” (Eve)


Saying that she used her ability.

The ability that she’d obtained from Calcium, the skill to duplicate oneself 14 times with 2 heads.


Eve’s main body and the 14 were sitting in front of the store which is undergoing renovation, and everyone ate carrots all at once.

The stomach has 14 times the capacity to eat (strictly speaking, the other 14 has smaller capacity), and Eve ate the carrots with a happy face.


“O-Oi, look at that.”

“All of them have the same face…..?”

“1, 2, 3………….14, wait what?!”


The passerby who were looking at the carpenters working were surprised to see Eve in sequence.


“Isn’t that a Minotaur’s skill?” 

“Yeah, there’s even 14 of them.”

“Yeah! I’ve heard of it somewhere before, it’s an ability you get when you’ve obtained the dungeon spirit’s name.” 

“Which means….She’s a spirit name holder?!”


It’s going as planned, as I stood beside looking at the scene.


“So someone has Calcium’s name….?”

“Wait, isn’t that Ryouta family’s Carrot Junky?”

“Eh? Do they have any relation with that store?”

“First Aurum and now Calcium…. So they’ve expanded that far.”


This is really working as I had intended, and now the rumours will spread.


I asked Eve to stay there for a while.


This is also to build a customer base.

Similar to Aurum’s golden statue, the new store, Gold Tree, needs to appeal to the customers as well.


And that’s Eve’s job—-


“Bunny will do her best for the dungeon.” (Eve)


She was so reluctant at first, but when I said that building a credit is the most important, she offered.

By the way, because I was also here, she was very enthusiastic about me providing her as many carrots as she wants.


After erasing one of her clones, which resets her abdominal condition, she began using her clone skill again to eat more carrots.


The rumours spread, and more people witnessed Eve’s ability.


They watched Eve as though she’s an animal.




Thinking that it went as expected, I quietly left the place.



Mansion in Shikuro in the evening.


Elza was working on setting up the shop’s opening, and Eve came back via the Transportation Room.


“Bunny’s back.” (Eve)

“Thank you for your help. Did it work out fine?” (Elza)

“No problem. Bunny is a loyal woman. There were some weird people attacking Bunny, but Bunny splits open their heads like watermelon.” (Eve)

“Eh? Someone dare attacked Eve?!” (Elza)


Elza was surprised.

Speaking of which, Elza was also surprised when she first met Eve.


The famous Killing Rabbit, Carrot Junkie.


The first time she heard that name, she was jaw dropped.


“Why did they attack you?” (Elza)

“Don’t know. Bunny is not interested in anyone who doesn’t drop any carrots.” (Eve)

“Maybe it’s Randle’s people.” (Elza)

“Eh?” (Eve)


This time she looked at me again.

And she was even more surprised.


“Randle…..Those stores in Hasemi?” (Elza)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“Those people….” (Elza)

“They came to assassinate her.” (Ryouta)

“…..Oh.” (Elza)


Though surprised, she understood quickly.

I suppose that level of interference is common in the store.


Well, everyone does go to stores to buy and sell stuff.


So to speak, the store owners hold the most interests in this world.


“It’s normal for Randle to resent. I’m sure he thought of us as obstacles, so they wanted to attack Eve.” (Ryouta)

“To Eve-chan?” (Elza)

“If Eve uses her Calcium abilities there, folks will be attached to “Gold Tree”, so they wanted to attack their contenders.” (Ryouta)

“I see! So two birds with one stone.” (Elza)


I nodded.


I hope that with this, he’ll give up or change his mind….Or maybe it’s impossible.

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