Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 93 – The sweet but sad war of the sugar forest

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 It feels like a pure and white forest…….!」


 Her depiction isn’t wrong.

 However, the stupidest thing has yet to come from her mouth.


「What’s more, it feels cooling!

 Of course, someone as smart as me would know what it is, it’s called『Snow』right! I think!」


 I stood in front of the Sugar Forest and touched the white stuff.

 That soft and fluffy feel, it really does look and feel like snow.

 However, it feels somewhat warmer than the so-called snow. The cold is as cold as coca-cola being placed inside a refrigerator.


(Munch munch.)

(Munch munch.)


 Laura and Marine were munching on the snow beside me.





 Immediately they got brain freeze, as the both of them squeezed their eyes together like this (><) while hitting their head.


「These are indeed snow.

 They fall from the sky on cold days every few days.」


 This is indeed a different world.

 The snow that falls from the sky is sweet.

 And instead of snow being『cold』, it’s 『cooling』.


「Fufufu……Keima-san. Those things that fall down from the sky is as sweet as rainwater.

 Is this common?」


 Don’t ask me



 It’s so cold, but it’s so sweet and delicious~~~~~

 I wanna build a sweet house~~~~~」


 Laura was crawling on all fours, licking on the sweet snow.

 Let me re-emphasize, a Goddess is licking snow on all four.

 Common sense says that it’s the worst, but it’s Laura so I was convinced.


「Here we go……」

「Why are you picking up the snow?」

「The monsters here are strong. Thus, if you smear snow over your body, you can get rid of your odour.」


「I see~」


 I grab some snow and quickly stuff it behind Laura’s back.


「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ! !」

「It’s necessary so bear with it.」


 I took more snow and smear it on her face.




 Laura’s face looked like someone just threw white pie onto her face.

 I grabbed more snow and dropped it on her hair.

 Like a worker in a saloon applying shampoo to your hair, I gently scrubbed her scalp and hair.

 Sometimes with a bit more strength, sometimes gentle, using my fingers to massage her neck and scalp.


「Fueeeen…… Hyaa ♥

 It’s cold and cooling, and Keima’s fingers are strangely……♥



 Laura who has her head being massaged is in ecstasy.




 Marine pulled the hem of my shirt.



「You wanna try?」



 Stopping the massage, I massaged Marine now.




 Marine felt good.

 Femille and Lolona queued up in a line to get their feel as well.


「For some reason I’m feeling envious……!」


 I massaged Milky as well.


「Th-……This is something that I can get used to……!」


 Seems like my customers are all satisfied.


「B-B-B-By the way, i-i-i-i-i-isn’t i-i-i-it c-c-c-cold?!」


 Laura was hugging herself, shaking like mad.


「Hot Cherries are a good way to warm your body.」

「I see.」

「K-K-K-Keima, A—aa-a–aaah!」


 Milky hands me the cherry to feed Laura.


「The moment it touches the tongue, it has a smooth texture and when you chew it, it’s sweet………..Delish~~~~~!」


 I tried one as well.

 It is good. It tastes like canned cherry.

 Terere, Tetete~

 I levelled.

 Though my status didn’t change much――


 ◆Acquired skill.

 Warmth LV2 20/150


 ◆Skill explanation・Warmth

 It makes your opponent feel warm.

 If a cool girl eats it, they’ll say『When I’m with you, I feel warm.』

 You’ve done it.


 The effect is extremely simple to understand, but the explanation is weird.

 Is it that convenient?


(Sniff sniff.)


 Marine pulls my shit again.

 Then, she opens her little mouth and waits.

 Seems like Marine is imitating Laura too much.

 I feed her the cherry.




 She shows a blissful face.

 A young kids smile is always soothing.


 We move onward.

 White sugar bear and boars can be seen from a distance——


(We’ll be okay if we don’t get close to them or stimulate them with our odours.)


 If we move accordingly, we won’t be noticed.

 We avoid the area where the monsters were and entered an area where we can finally talk.


「Hey Keima, there’s something strange there!」

「That is……Mushroom?」


 It’s a mushroom with white chocolate coating on top.

 Looks good.



 There was also a bamboo shoot.


 Approximately 10 meters away from the mushrooms, there was a white bamboo forest-like area where bamboo shoots are growing.

 Since when mushrooms and bamboo shoots grew so close together……?

 For some reason, my senses are tingling……


「Hey Keima! Let’s go there!」



 Femille stops her.



「Those are『Mushrooms』! But they’re not your normal mushrooms! Those are sweet mushrooms!」

「I can tell just by looking at it!」


「And those are『Bamboo shoots』! They’re also not your average bamboo shoots, but sweet bamboo shoots!」

「And I can also tell it by looking at it too!」


「They might look appetizing when eat separately, but if you eat them together……」

「If you do……?」


「You’ll die!!!」



「If you eat it individually, then there’s no problem. But if you eat both at the same time, apparently your stomach would explode!!」

「Where’s the rationale behind it?!」

「That is the world’s choice!」


「Femille is right.

 You are not allowed to eat the two together.」


「What’s the reason behind it?」

「That is, the choice of the world……la yohda stasella……」

「What the heck are you saying Keima! And what kind of spell is that?! I don’t understand a single thing!」


「If words spread out between mushroom and bamboo shoots, it might be the next war.

 It was written in the bible, before christ.

 Known as, la yohda stasella……」


「That’s the end of the word?

 Aren’t those just incomprehensible spells?!」


 She desperately shouts.


「B-But, all we know is that you can only eat one or the other.

So, which one is better then?」


「Definitely the Bamboo shoot.」

「The bamboo shoot.」

「Of course it’s the bamboo shoot.」


「All three at once?!」



「Of course.」

「It’s common sense.」


「Fueen……I’m understanding it less……」


「Just eat the bamboo shoots for the time being.」

「Yeap. You should eat the bamboo shoots, then we can destroy the mushrooms.」

「If you eat the bamboo shoots and kill the mushrooms, the world will be blessed with bamboo shoots!」


「It’s strange for Femille to be funny!

 And I know that Keima is always weird, but you’re even weirder!!」


 She ran away crying.

 And she ran to Lolona.


「Lolo-chan! Are you still sane?! Or, normal?!」

「I can’t believe, there comes a time when I have to turn my sword to Keima-dono……」


「You’re not sane eitherーーーーーー!」

「Are you in the mushroom faction then……?」


「There are only a few mushroom factions in the world…

 Because they have less power than the bamboo shoots……

 Though both are equal, but the bamboo shoots are overwhelmingly more attractive and popular, which countered the mushroom who are anti-social……」


「Knowing so much, but why……」


「That’s why I can’t think of anyone else! The mushrooms are me! They are my past!

 I was so lonely, I just wanted some friends!」


「How much do you think of mushrooms?!」

「Is there no choice but to fight……」

「It is painful……I like Lolona-san as a companion, but to think that you have to cross paths with Keima-san……」


「Fueeeeeeeeeeeen! Wait just a second!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is obviously strange! What is happening right noooooooowwwwwww!!!」


 Laura’s scream echoes in the white forest.

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Mio · 9th June 2020 at 7:43 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Mio · 9th June 2020 at 8:10 AM

    Laura is the only one that can’t keep up with the flow of things…

    [「That is, the choice of the world……la yohda stasella……」]

    Naisu! Steins;Gate reference!

    [Marine pulls my shit again.]
    * shirt, I hope?

    [「That’s the end of the word?
     Aren’t those just incomprehensible spells?!」]
    * word —> world

Ashikaider · 22nd July 2020 at 10:41 PM

I am amazed that the author actually went there. (For those who didn’t get the joke, there’s two snack lines in Japan, both of which are essentially chocolate covered cookies. One looks like mushrooms and the other bamboo shoots. There’s apparently a rivalry between fans of the two types that borders on outright hostility over which is the best of the two.)

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