Level 1 Guy: Chapter 356 – Calcium

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Calcium, basement 5th floor.


Even today, I was working with Eve to improve it.

The summary of what happened was that the Cow Model was placed to summon the Minotaur, and Eve would stop the movements of the Minotaur to adjust the drop on each floor.


This time after defeating the Minotaurs—- What appeared as monsters weren’t angels, but their hair, cloth, and wings were darkened, the name Fallen Angles is more befitting.


The Fallen Angel’s sword has a black aura.

I avoided it and shoot with a Growth Bullet.


The Fallen Angel was killed in one blow.


“Money.” (Eve)

“It’s a thousand Piro Bill.” (Ryouta)


Yes, it dropped a 1k Piro.

I asked Eve to adjust the drops and the Fallen Angel who changed and improved the dropped is money itself.


“A failure.” (Eve)

“….Yeah, it is.” (Ryouta)

“It’s rare that you have the same opinion as Bunny.” (Eve)

“The item isn’t what I want.” (Ryouta)


I bitterly smiled.

As usual, she would say it’s a failure.

It’s a rule for Eve to say it’s a failure if it’s not carrots.


But for me, it’s because the drop is money.


In a sense, the change is a success.

However, it’s not good that the drop is just money.


I don’t think it’s good for cash to drop when Cell’s family is managing the current flow of money in Phosphorus.


But, well.


“Since the drop is money, maybe we can adjust it under the same characteristic.” (Ryouta)

“What should Bunny do?” (Eve)

“For the time being, if the only drop for the 5th floor is cash, then we have to change. But let’s wait till then.” (Ryouta)

“Nn.” (Eve)


Eve nodded with a convinced face and took out a bento out of nowhere.

It’s a bento made by Emily and mainly made of carrots.

It’s Eve’s “rabbit lunch”.


Ever since Emily was told to ‘believe in the potential of carrots’ like a revelation, Eve has only eaten Emily’s dishes.


Eve who was chugging the delicious bento.

I took out a new cow model and prepare to change the cash drop to something else.


Waiting for it to appear—–Something different happened.

Me and Eve’s body suddenly shone.


“What’s this.” (Eve)

“Is this….a spirit summoning?” (Ryouta)

“Really?!” (Eve)


Eve was even more surprised than me, as her eyes shine brightly, eating her bento as fast as possible.

I nodded. I know this feeling.


It’s the same feeling when I was being summoned by that Tsundere spirit when I was in Tennessine.


Meaning——The next thing I thought.


Being wrapped in overflowing light, my vision became pure white.

After the light has subsided—-




There was a ‘fluffy’ woman in front of me.


A petite and lean body.

I can see her chest from the top of her clothes, and it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen since coming to this world.


She’s a woman full of motherhood, a different meaning from Emily.


“Are you, Calcium?” (Ryouta)

“Yeap, I’m Calcium. Nice to meetcha~” (Calcium)


She speaks softly.

Her characteristic is also clearly different from any spirits I’ve met up until now.


“Do you, drink milk?” (Calcium)


Saying that, Calcium made milk appeared out of nowhere.

The amount was a pool filled with milk.


There was no partition, but milk is kept in the three-dimensional shape pool that appeared in the room of the spirit.


“I don’t think I can drink that much.” (Ryouta)

“Well, would you want to take a bath instead? I heard that humans like bathing in milk baths 300 years ago~” (Calcium)

“I think that’s only a minority.” (Ryouta)


I never entered a milk bath before.

In the first place, it’ll harden when left, and when it dries, it’ll release a bad odour.


So it’s impossible to think of taking a milk bath.


“Hmmm, I’m troubled then~” (Calcium)


Calcium places her index finger on her cheek and slightly tilt her neck.

Her thin eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly, showing slight wrinkles between her thin eyes like a thread, showing she really was troubled.


“Tell us what’s troubling you.” (Eve)


With a strong feeling, Eve approached Calcium.

It was an instant.

Eve’s purpose when you think about it is clearly trying to ask Calcium to tell her what’s her trouble.


“I want to thank you~” (Calcium)

“Thank?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, right now Calcium has conquered all genres.” (Calcium)

“Conquered….? Ah, meaning changing the types of drops for all dungeon.” (Ryouta)


The drop status, 5 types.






Special Item.


The five types of drops were placed on the first to fifth floors of Calcium, one type of each.


I haven’t told anyone, but it’s for Elza.

Both Celeste and Ena highly appreciates Elza.


I understand why. Maybe Elza’s shop—–her ability as a merchant is highly evaluated.

She should be respected.


For example, Ichiro.

If you’re a genius in that class, which is the highest stage in the world, you would immediately be sent to majors, rather than staying in Japan.


If your talents and abilities are overwhelming, so having a more challenging environment will definitely increase your skill.


Because of that, I prepared ‘all kinds of drops’ in Calcium to put a load on Elza.


And for Calcium—-


“This is my first time too~ That every single drop is in one dungeon.” (Calcium)


As if she was proud of it, she puffs her chest and hits in.


“Is that so?” (Ryouta)

“Yeap, all I have is Calcium. It’s something I can brag about. So I want to thank you.” (Calcium)

“So that’s it.” (Ryouta)


I nodded.

I don’t what it is, but I kinda understand the story.


“Then, can you give your name to Eve?” (Ryouta)

“Bunny shall become Calcium!” (Eve)

“Are you sure that’s alright with you~?” (Calcium)

“Yeah.” (Eve)


Eve nodded and snorts.


“I understand~” (Calcium)


Calcium agreed with our offer.


Finally, Eve has a spirit in her name.

She can finally be called Eve Calcium.

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