Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 87

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We had dinner with our new friend, Neah.

Neah, who lived in a village near Samaria, seemed to know their speciality cake and is hitting me with her small wings while Hooting loudly towards the large amount of cakes.

However, while she was frightened by the overwhelming cake and being frozen, she pleaded me to stop Eva from trying to add more cake.

…I’m starting to doubt that whether Neah is even helping me.


Then, night arrived. At a time when everyone should be asleep, I was relying on a small candle illuminating the notebook about the previous hero.


“…..This is impossible, I can’t read at all.”


I don’t understand a single word coming from this notebook.

In order to find the similarities between the Wicked Dragon and the curse of Eva, I tried reading the notebook, but to no progress.

Even Neah said, “Ain’t all this irrelevant?”


“Fufu~, Fuhihi…”

“First of all, why the hell are you occupying my bed?”


I thought she would sleep in the form of an owl, but——-This girl with black hair is sleeping in her original form.

Just because I took my eyes off of her for a while, now I can’t even stop her.

Right now she’s covering her face with her futon with a sly face.


“Well, it was really helpful that you came.”


Let’s recap what happened today.

Instead of sitting down and sleep, I sat relaxing in the chair and reread the notebook.


“According to what Neah deciphered, there were many casualties before the previous hero defeated the Wicked Dragon.” 


Also, some Samaria citizens were buried in rubble after the end of the battle.

But it doesn’t have anything to do with the curse, so it doesn’t matter.


“…..Maybe Neah was right, it doesn’t matter.”


Maybe it’s better off not relating the Wicked Dragon with the curse.

Let’s ask Neah tomorrow to explain my situation about Eva to Ark-san and Amako. Later, I can ask Eri-san about various things.

Since I need to depend on Neah about magic, she plays an important role.


“I wonder if Amako would get angry.”


Maybe she already is.

She’s rather scary when she’s angry…… It’s true that people who rarely get angry really are the scariest when they do.

Let’s see whether she’ll be shocked when she hears my story from Neah.

Will Ark-san just laugh it off?

Either way, I have to apologize for making them worry when we meet again.




I’m worrying too much.

I placed the notebook on the desk and covered my eyes with my hand.


“Time to sleep….”


My eyelids are getting heavy, and I have to work hard tomorrow morning.

Lazily, I got up from the chair and pick up my uniform on the chair.

At the very least, I can sleep laying on the wall—–Thinking so, while moving to the wall, I stopped and looked outside the window.


“Hm?…. That is.”


I can see someone from outside the window where the moonlight is shining.

At such a time? Don’t tell me, a ghost? My heartbeat rises up, but after looking closely, it was someone I knew.




Why? I thought she should’ve been asleep?

Somehow, she was filled with a sad expression as she sat in front of the pond in the barrier and gazed at the surface of the water.

…….To be honest, I was kinda scared.

It’s impossible of her to break her only rule of sleeping early and getting up early. Not saying anything to Eri-san and sneaking out at such a time, this can be considered something strange is happening.

Especially if this is deviating to being manipulated by a ghost.

Since there’s such a concept as a soul in this world, the existence of a ghost cannot be denied.


“S-Should I go…? Wa- Wait a minute. Neah… Yeah, I have Neah.” 


Away from the window, I moved to the bed where Neah is asleep.

Two is better than one. If there’s a strong relation between souls, it might be demons. This is a job for vampires!!

……I can no longer calm down.


“Neah, oi, wake up. Get up now.”

“…..Fuhi, Hii…..”


I shook her shoulders and tried waking her up, but she didn’t seem to get up at all, probably because she was sleeping soundly.

Rather, she wrapped herself in the futon that I hung up this morning and moved to the end of the bed.

This bas—-

In the case of movies, it’s a situation where the ghost would attack you first.

Ghost can’t be beaten because you can’t hit them.


“….Can’t help. Guess I should go alone…”


I can’t wake her up at this state.

Time to make a decision.

Maybe Eva can’t sleep as well, and she’s just taking a walk outside. I don’t have to be so scared.

Recalling her actions thus far, it might be a possibility.

She is Eva Urd Samaria after all.

I thought about it again and again, I put on my uniform and opened the door.


“Ah right, I kept the sword attached to my uniform.”


When I was wearing the uniform, I noticed the small sword that was still attached to the uniform. However, if I were to return back to my room, my determination will likely be shaken, so let’s just continue moving.

Then again, why on earth is Eva outside at this time?

Did something happen…. Even if I remove the occult, I think it might be a curse, so I’m worried.


Outside was brighter than expected, thanks to the full moon above my head.

I got out of the house and slowly walked to the place where Eva was.

With some tension and fear, I move to a position where I can see the back of the pond—-And I found Eva in the same position as before.

It doesn’t feel like she’s being controlled or unconscious based on her reflection at the surface of the pond, instead—–





——She was crying.

She was crying while looking at her reflection.




She was stunned when she saw my face, and that turned into a surprised expression. When she noticed the tears on her cheeks, she quickly wiped her tears.

This is not a small matter if she’s crying alone in such a place. Worried about her, I walk up to her and slowly crouch.




She spoke with an apologetic manner, with a thin voice and no context.

Why does she need to apologize? She didn’t do anything wrong.


“I, I knew that Usato-san was coming.”



She knew?

That I would be watching?


“Your room was lighted, right?”


….I see, so she knew I was awake.

Looking behind where my room is, the small flickering light from the candles are certainly swaying outside.

So her apology was knowing that I’ll come outside…


“So, why cry at such a time?”

“….That is….”


She leaned down and sat down slowly on the ground, holding her knees.

Similarly, I sat down as while so that it was easier to talk, and asked her once more.


“Did, something sad happened?”

“Why would I be? …. I have my father, Eri, Usato-san, and even Neah-san… The people of the palace are so kind to me. So, I’m actually very fortunate.”

“Then, why?”

“That is….”


When she glanced at me, she opened her mouth after being determined.


“I had a dream. And it was a very scary dream…”

“A dream….If it’s a scary dream, then I understand that you feel like crying.”


It’s a story you often hear about when dreaming. I even had a dream about Rose, where I was asleep doing push-ups in bed.

Especially those spooky and horrible dreams where you can’t remember what happened in the dream.

The fear that you don’t know what you fear is very scary.


“There are a lot of people angry around me.”

“Angry…..Can you see their faces?”

“No, all of their faces are blurred, and they’re all angry at me who is in the middle…. And that dream continued forever.”

“That is a scary dream indeed. But, who would be angry at you? You didn’t do anything wrong.”


Eva’s a good girl, just as Lucas-sama said.

She doesn’t have characteristics of being resentful and in the first place, I can’t say anything bad about her.

According to my words, Eva shook her lips.

I was slightly concerned, but soon she started talking.


“When I want to forget about such a dream, I would usually spend my time here near my mother. If I’m here, I don’t feel like I’m alone…”

“So that’s why you’re here…”


Even if there’s no one, the grave is important to her.

She really does care about her mother.


“But today’s dream was different. Though it’s scary, but there were people there who protected me. Many too.”

“Oh, so there are people protecting you. That’s good.”


The dream is an unconscious area, so does it mean that something has changed her? In any case, I think it’s good to have someone to protect her.


“That’s right. What I was surprised was that one of them had the same face as me, but a little taller? I couldn’t see the other people’s faces, but they stood up and protected me.”

“Same face….as you?” 

“It’s true because I confirmed it here. I don’t think I will make a mistake in my face after seeing it for years!”


For some reason, she confidently pointed at the surface of the water and smiled as she pointed.

I see so that’s why she stared at the surface of the pond?


“Well, nightmares don’t happen so many times in a row. The next time you go to bed, you’ll surely have fun dreams….But don’t quote my word.”

“Fufufu, that would be nice if it were true…..”


Eva giggles.

Since she started laughing, is she alright now? I guess I can tag along with her until she starts becoming sleepy.

Thinking about what we can chat about to kill time, I realised that Eva has stopped smiling.


“…..Usato-san, you’re leaving here soon, right?”

“Well, that’s right. There’s something I have to do.”


After a few days, I have to travel to the next country.

By that time, even if I wanted to help Eva, I would’ve given up after time runs out.

I want to save her, but there’s an even more important task of handing a letter, and a mission to cure Amako’s mother.

I can’t break my promise because of that.

Eva showed a sad expression to my reply and hugged her knees tightly.


“….I might not be able to meet Usato-san the next time.”


“….I’ll be gone soon.”


By gone…..Does she mean the curse?

It wasn’t unexpected. But there’s no doubt that she’s not aware of her curse.

Rather, it’s normal.


“Perhaps Usato-san has already heard about it. I’m cursed, just like my mother. We will eventually disappear without a trace.”



I can’t imagine how much intention was put in those words.

I could barely give words of comfort for her.


“There, might be a way to help?”

“It’s impossible….. I understand the feeling of eventually disappearing more than anyone else. And—-”


She lets go of her hand that was holding her knees and removes her white long gloves fitted in her right hand.

During the daytime, the white hand I saw when she let Neah stand—–And nothing was out of the ordinary until she raises her right hand over the moonlight, where I could finally see something strange happening.


“….This is….”

“Do you understand now?”


Her hand is transparent…!?

When she places her hand to the ground, there was no shadow casting on her right hand.

Her existence disappearing—-I came to understand the severity of these words that I had vaguely recognised.

It’s not just an ordinary curse, it’s as horrible as Neah described.


“Currently, it is only until my right hand. But at the end of it all, my entire body will look like this—-In the end, I will disappear as if I had not existed….This is the kind of curse I’ve been bestowed upon.”


I can finally see the curse eroding Eva.

It was much crueller than I had imagined.

With such a phenomenon happening to her, she acted as if nothing had happened in front of me….

She must’ve been scared.

She would’ve been crying.

But she continued to smile.

Being speechless, I moved and looked at her.

Her smile was sad, as she stood up hiding her right arm, and turned her head down to bow deeply.


“I’m sorry.”

“….Again, why are you apologising?”


There is no need for you to apologise.

She raised her head slightly and explains.


“I’m really a bad child. Even if I knew it would happen, I was really trying to hold back. I wish I can have a pleasant daily life…..And I tried getting sympathy out of you….. I wanted you to accept my kindness….”


“It’s normal that I should be punished for trying to put my feelings before everyone else.”


Indeed, I was sympathising.

I wanted to help.

I wanted to do something.

However, isn’t that natural for everyone to think that way?


“You’re wrong.”

“I’m not.”

“You did nothing wrong. It’s natural to be kind to someone. No one should be alone when they’re sad or when they’re suffering.”

“If so, can you stay here with me? Can you stay here until the moment I disappear? Can I accept that kindness from you?”


Her eyes overlooking me, her body shaking ever so slightly.

Honestly, my answer is fixed. There’s too much work to be done to meet her wishes.

While sitting, I turned my body to Eva and put my hand on her knee, then lowered my head.


“….I’m sorry, that’s impossible. I have to continue my travels.”

“….Please raise your head.”


I raised my head.

I steeled myself to prepare the reaction that was about to come, but what I saw was Eva bowing deeper than before.


“Thank you very much. You have answered honestly….. And I shall give up.”



She raised her head and smiled at me. However, it was the smile of a doll, emotionless.

The alarm rings in the bottom of my heart.

Was my previous answer so important….?!


“I know that I shouldn’t keep you here. But when I heard your words, I finally understand.”

“…..Wait, Eva.”

“It’s alright. I’m sorry for putting you through this.”


Just as I was about to say something, she turns around and tried to go back indoors.

I can’t let her go.

Should I reveal that I’m working to help her?

However, under the present circumstances where there are no clues to the solution, I might give her unnecessary hope.

No, I’m just giving excuses, I have to stop her now!

I stood up in a hurry and reached out to her.





I extended my hand and grabbed her right hand.

The moment I tried to say something, she looked back with a teary face, and the sword on my waist suddenly began to tremble.


“What the?!”




A familiar and terrifying roar echoes in my head, causing a headache.

The roar was much larger than in memory.

Although only for a moment, my headache soon subsided, but I realized the hand that I was holding was strangely cold.

When I raised my face, she held her head with her left hand like I did.


“Eva, are you——-”





When I tried using healing magic on her right hand, her head dropped and she loses strength.

I immediately caught hold of her and lifted her up.


“What on earth….is going on?!”



“Neither you nor the King will be forgiven.”


It wasn’t her voice.

I was convinced when I heard the spooky voices coming out of her mouth.


“So you’re the real curse.”

“Yes, hero. Why did we have to die? Why were we abandoned? Oh stupid King, who was drowning in power, why have you forsaken us? We would’ve still been alive.”

“…..Is it not listening?”

“That is why we shall never forget. The anger, fear, despair, hatred. We will curse you for eternity!”


The person manipulating Eva said, as her body floats up in the air, and slowly descended to the ground.

However, at that moment—-


“But, the centuries of suffering have finally come to an end. With the presence of a hero and the king here, we are finally free.”



——Something half-transparent jumped out from her body and flew to the ground.



Author’s Note:

And again, Usato-kun is once again mistaken for a hero.

This time, unlike the time with the Wicked Dragon, it is due to the hero’s sword.


And finally, it’s time for battle.

It had some horror element to it…..But it’s still summer, so it’s just right.

By the way, when he received the confession from Eva, I wanted to lead to an imprisonment route.


The next chapter will have more time with Neah.


I’m sorry for delaying the update.

I was busy in many ways because I was sick and had a lot of stuff to do.

However, now that I have plenty of time to spare, I would like to return to my regular update pace.

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