Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 92 – Going across the chocolate ocean

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「And so, they wish to gain the permission to enter the sugar forest.」

「But, there’s B Rank monsters spawning in the forest……

However, if Lolona Highlord-sama, the『Iron-blooded Black Berserker』is with you, then I guess it’s alright.」



 Though the village chief meant nothing bad, Lolona is suffering.

 Then again, we got the approval.

 We went south.

 What spread through the horizon――


 A swamp.


 A swamp with a gooey texture that drips like chocolate spreads over a fairly wide area.

 A white forest can be seen behind the icky swamp. That must be the sugar forest——I wonder what a ‘sugar forest’ is.

 However, this chocolate coloured swamp looks kinda appealing. The sweet and unique scent of chocolate overflows my nostrils.

 Laura excitedly shouts.


「What’s with this swamp, it looks delicious!!」

「It’s called the Chocomo’s ocean.

 You might be right to call it a swamp based on its appearance, but because it gives off a bad impression and thus everyone else changed it to the ocean.

 It’s the village’s specialty. You can even get some chocolate grass.」


「I didn’t know grass has chocolate!!」


 I didn’t know either.

 The term Chocomo can also mean chocolate mon blanc.

 Moving closer to the swamp, it does look like normal chocolate to me.


「Looks good……」


 Laura said crouching beside me. Strangely, I agree with her.

 I stretched out my hands. The texture does feel like chocolate too.

 I licked the tiny chocolate that was on my fingertip.

 Even the taste is alike.


「Me too Keima, me as well!!」


 She opens her mouth, and I let her taste the leftover chocolate on my finger.


「Mmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~ Delicious!!!!!!」


 A brimming smile.


「What are the both of you dooooiing!」

「Aren’t we not supposed to eat it?」

「The Chocomo is poisonous!」


 Are you serious.

 1 second.

 2 seconds.

 3 seconds passed.

 Terere, Tetete~

 I levelled.


 Level     2451→2455(↑4)

 HP      30570/30570(↑20)

 MP      26056/26056(↑16)

 Strength      30410(↑10)

 Endurance      30210(↑10)

 Speed      26170(↑5)

 Magic Powers      25965(↑5)


 ◆Acquired skill

 Lazy Poison Level 2


 ◆Skill Explanation・Lazy Poison

 A poison that makes your opponent not feel like doing anything. At first glance, it looks peaceful but if monsters or perverts comes close to it, even they won’t be able to escape.

 When it gets worse, you might find it difficult to eat and breathe.


「Looks serious.」

「Why do you make it sound like it’s no big deal?!」

「A little poison ain’t gon’ hurt nobody.」

「The Chocomo’s poison is a fairly strong category on its own……」

「I don’t know such a setting.」

「Are you really, human……?」



 I’m fine and all, but I wonder how’s Laura faring.

 When I look to the side, she was lying sideways. Did she really get poisoned……


「Fueeeen……I don’t feel like moving……What is this, my motivation is leaving my body……I want to lay in bed every day and be served food for my entire life……Fueeen……I don’t feel like doing anything……Fueeen……」


 Sounds the same as always.


 I thought she would be affected by the Lazy Poison, but she looks fine to me.

 Meaning, it’s like she has this status effect 24 hours of the time……


「For now, heal.」



 She jumps up.


「It’s like I’m feeling better!

 I want to stay in bed all day and be served meals my whole life!

 I have this strong feeling of wanting it now!!」


 I thought nothing’s change, but it seemed like it has worsened.


「Do you still have some poison left in your system? No, maybe you do.」


 I grabbed her head with both hands and shook it back and forth rapidly.



「There’s no sound……Does that mean, there’s nothing inside?」

「There is!

 I have too much knowledge in my head that they can’t make a sound!」


 Didn’t know it was that kinda setting.

 Well, whatever.

 I asked Milky.


「If there’s poison in it, then does that mean we can’t eat it?」

「You can~」


 Milky points at a desk slightly further away from us.

 We approached.

 On the desk were a number of rectangular-shaped boxes with a shallow bottom.


「If you leave it under the sun to dry inside the『Chocomo Board』, then you can kill all the poison.」

「Like drying seaweed.」


 If you dry seaweed inside a box, it’ll take that shape once it’s dried.


「You have to slowly put some into the box and dry it, then eventually you’ll get edible chocomo.」


「Can’t you just dry it normally with fire?」

「If it’s not sunlight, then the poison won’t be killed……」

「Now it sounds like Shiitake mushrooms to me.」


 Shiitake mushroom produces Vitamin D when being dried with sunlight.

 However, it is not the case if you use a dryer.

 It’s rather important to use the ultraviolet rays from the sunlight.

 My memory is a little fuzzy, so I might be wrong.


「So you basically eat this chocolate like a choco bar?!」



 Afterwards, Laura pulls my shirt.


「Hey Keima! I’m sure you can do something about it?!」


 I thought about it.


「By using my fist?」


「Why would I ask for a fist at this kind of timing?!」

「Because you feel like being beaten for no reason……」

「It’s money! Money to buy a choco bar!

 If you have money, you can buy some!」

「Alright, alright.」


 I paid money to Milky.

 She picks up the box with chocomo, turns it around and smacks the back.

 Bang bang bang.

 Chocomo is falling down.

 I placed it close to Laura’s mouth.


「Ehehe~~~ I love you Keima~~」


 Laura holds my hand tightly and opens her mouth.


 I can hear some crunch.


 I tried some as well.

 It melts slowly in my mouth as I chew.


 Laura shouts in joy.


「So good~~~~~!

 When I chew it, it melts nicely~~~Though it sticks to your mouth, but it sticks it in a smooth manner~~~~! I’m in bliss~~~~~!」


 That doesn’t sound happy when something is stuck in your mouth.

 But this is Laura we’re talking, I won’t say anything.




 We went across the Chocomo swamp with a boat made of cookie-like material.


「Can this boat be eaten? The colour reminds me of cookie.」

「Yes you can! And they’re delicious.」

「Is that so…… Fuee……」

「Don’t even think about it. We’re riding this boat okay.」

「Even I won’t do something so rude!!」

「Wipe your saliva before saying that to me again.」


 Monsters also appeared.


 ヽ(゚д゚)ノ ウボォー


 In exact, five of them appeared like the emoji above.


「It’s choco meba! They’re incredibly strong!」


 Looking at their figures, 『They look like Ameba’s covered in chocolate』

 Or a『Chocolate Slime』.






 The group of chocomeba made an unpleasant sound as it approaches.




 One of the body extend its arm like a whip.




 Lolona quickly draws her sword.

 The whip-like arm flew in the air and lands in the middle of the boat.




 Slashing another 6 times, the chocomeba has been sliced into pieces.


「As expected of Lolona-chan! Truly befitting of the Iron-blooded of Black Berserker!」

「Stop calling me by that name!!!!!!!」


 Though Laura wanted to praise her, but Lolona was dyed red in embarrassment.

 Still, Lolona is top-notch. She’s vigilant against the chocomeba.



 The sliced arm that landed in the boat started flying towards Lolona!




 The chocomeba isn’t a single living organism. With countless ameba, it forms into a shape.

 Therefore, just because you cut its arm apart, doesn’t mean you’re safe.


「Waaaahhhh! Keima-dono! Keima-dono――」


 Lolona who was taken by surprised tried calling for my help――




 She fell into the swamp.

 Oh boy.




 Using Ice Magic, I froze the chocomeba.

 Then, I pulled Lolona back up.


「Haguuu……I don’t want to do anything……I want to stay home all day and live a life where Keima-dono spoils me every day……Hug me……Keima-dono~~ Hug me now~~……」


 After saving her, she said those things.

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    [「As expected of Lolona-chan! Truly befitting of the Iron-blooded of Black Berserker!」]
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