Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 91 – Lolona’s dark history ~ Iron-blooded black berserker~

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Summary of last time.

They want to buy a mansion, but they could not live because of the jellyfish(floating in the air).

However, if they can eat the jellyfish, they can buy a new house for the price of selling jellyfish.

When mixed with various ingredients, when mixed with a flower called “milk flower”, it tasted like high-quality apricot tofu.

—-But the milk flower isn’t able to be taken because of the bad guy.


Keima is helping the girl (Milky) who sells flowers.

But it’s because of his desire (true intention).

So let’s talk to the bad guy with our fist!


Next chapter, “Isn’t it a discussion if you use your fist?!”


「So——should we get a horse carriage?」

「Before we go to the sugar forest, there’s a village called a sugar village—– It’s called a sugar rest village.」

「Even the village is called sugar.」

「There’s also the fact that the village is created…..using sugar.」

「I see.」

「Hey Keima! Aren’t there so many different kinds?! What should we do! Which one do we ride?!」


 Laura was excited.

 But I understand.

 Horse carriages are the most common, but there are also many other kinds.

 There’s also one called a『Dragon carriage』whereby it is pulled by small dragons, or『Bird carriage』, where it is drawn by a fluffy bird called a Choco, and even a『Crocodile carriage』, where a crocodile pulls a sledge.


「What does Milky usually use?」

「If I go there, I’ll use the dragon carriage, and if I come back, I’ll use the bird carriage.」

「A reasonable choice.」


 Lolona nods, and I asked.


「Is it?」

「The dragon carriages have high attack power.

 Their speed is also moderate, and they can spit out fire.

 Which means it can carry people and luggage to safety without worrying about bandits or your average monsters from ambushing.」

「But they’re expensive……Just a one-way trip alone costs half of my yearly food expenses……」


 Femille murmured, which wasn’t a good reference.

 When she spends her time growing weeds and collecting rainwater, eating bread while imagining other food, I don’t know how much that costs.

 Lolona continued her explanation.


「On the other hand, the bird carriage is simply fast that they can even spit fire.

 Though they can’t carry cargo, but in terms of movement, they’re the best.」

「What sort of sledge does the crocodile pull?」

「The sledge floats on water. In addition, they can spit flames and are surprisingly fast as well.」


 I heard that crocodiles on earth can run up to 40km/hour.

 But what’s with that explanation of each carriage, why must every sentence have an “It can spit fire”.

 Does the term『spitting fire』have any relation to this world’s culture? I do remember the chicken that I fought previously could spit out fire too.

 Thinking about these pointless things――


「Keima Keima Keima! I want that! I want to ride on that!」


 She pulls the hem of my shirt and points at the bear carriage.

 There, three cute Tsukinowa-like bears and 6 cute racoon like bears.

 They have no meaning, they’re simply cute.


 The Koala bears, which is written as a lullaby bear in kanji, seems to be hanging on the Tsukinowa bear.



 When looking at the little bears. They greeted me with a ∩(・(エ)・)∩クマー feel.

 Damn, they’re cute.


「And those are……?」

「They’re bear carriage.

 The movement is slow, but the power is strong, and they can spit out plenty of fire because of their large number.」

「They can spit fire as well?! And I’ve been meaning to ask, what does『spitting out fire』have anything to do with carriages?!?」

「It’s troublesome when you ask me why……Because all I can answer is『that’s because it is』……」


 Thus, another mystery has occurred.


「I’m sure that’s not all right? I’m sure the bear carriages has other advantages?!」


「That is……」



「They’re cute !!!」




「They’re powerful and they can spit out fire. They’re twenty times more expensive than the dragon carriage. And yes I do admit they’re cute, but if there’s one con, it is that they’ll be a perfect means of transportation if their movements aren’t so slow.」


 The dinosaur-sized con was attached to the meridian-sized pro.

 You don’t need to be suspicious of their reason of existence.

 Thinking along these lines――


 (My line of sight)→(Laura)


 I couldn’t say anything.


 Since I’ve fed Laura, if I say something now, she’ll return it back like a Tomahawk boomerang. It’s not just any tomahawk boomerang, but a Tomahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk, Boooooooomerang! A boomerang that has the power to kill people. I’ll die.


「Adding one more point, bear carriages are mainly used by nobles. In other words, people who have high status.」


 I see.

 If that’s the case――


「Shall we ride the bird carriage?」


「I understand that it’s cute and attractive, but it’ll be a problem if we arrive late.」

「It’s true that our journey will take longer……」


 I subtly convinced her, but I’m happy she understands.

 We paid the money and board the bird carriage.

 Unlike horse carriages, bird carriages are open rear carts.

 Well, it does say that it specialises on carrying people.


「Let’s go. Please hold on tight.」


 The old mans aid, and we hold on the edge.




 The bird chirps and the carriage advances.

 This is really fast.


「This feels goodーー!」


「It’s not bad once in a while.」


 Laura shouts with a big smile, Femille shudders and nods. Lolona smiles gently――。




 The young girl Marine hugs me.

 She’s completely scared.

 Her body is quivering.

 Lolona noticed and said.


「If I’m afraid, would I have been able to stick to Keima……!」


 The calm and collected Lolona, sometimes says some disappointing words.

 With that, we arrived at our destination.

 It’s a little too big to call it a village, but obviously too small to call it a town.

 It’s that sort of village.

 Milky enters a certain house.


「Hello mayor!」

「If it isn’t Milky. How was the milk flowers?」

「It’s all sold out! Please take 10% of it!」  


 Milly placed a bag containing gold coins on the table.




 The mayor counts the necessary gold coins, then returns it back to Milky.


「So……Who are the guests behind you?」


 I said.


「Milky was talking about the milk clouds and the air pirates, and we’re wondering if we could have a talk with them……」

「I don’t think they’re that kind of person who you could sit down and have a chat.」

「That’s not true. If we hit them with my fist, then I’m sure we’ll bond well with each other.」

「We’re gonna pick a fight with them with our fist!? Wait, isn’t that just violence?」



 I laughed to disguise it.


「You have brought something unbelievable……」


 Milky shook her hands and shouted.


「But but but, I can guarantee that they’re good!」


 I see Lolona taking a glance.


「This is my guild glance.」

「Lolona Hilo…………W-W-Wait a minute, aren’t you one of the five executives of the Golden Plains, the Iron-Blooded Black Berserker-sama?!」


「I-I did not remember having called myself that before……」

「The one with a black mask, and a black glove, with black light armour, and with a black sword sheath!」

「I wouldn’t deny that there wasn’t such a time……」

「The one and only sword that shines in silver, and you would always say “Whoever sees me who isn’t black will die!!!”――」

「I won’t deny that there was a time that I might or might’ve not said that!!!!」


 The mayor’s comments dealt critical damage to Lolona’s heart. 

 Femille and I looked at Lolona with an indescribable face.


「So cool……!」



 Only Laura and Marine have sparkling eyes.



(Black Berserker………。)



 Lolona pressed her face with both hands as she received further damage.


「Those who have seen me who aren’t black……」

(Will die………!)

「Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! !」


 She fell behind and rolled around the ground.

 This is literally calling forth a dark history.


「That’s so cool! Iron-blooded black berserker!

 I also want to call myself like Lolona-chan, one coated with jet-black, the Black Goddess! Or something along those lines!」




 With that hopeless naming sense, it has seemed that Laura has dealt the final blow to Lolona’s life.

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