Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 86

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The first thing after reuniting with Neah is to negotiate with the guard.

Negotiating wasn’t difficult, as I just told them that she’s my familiar, and proving that she means no harm, we were able to get through without any suspicion.

For some reason, the moment I entered the barrier while putting Neah on my shoulder, Eva was there maintaining the flowerbed.

Eiri-san isn’t seen anywhere as well, but it’s convenient he isn’t here.

Seeing that she hasn’t noticed us yet, I kept my voice as low as possible and talked to Neah.


“Neah, I’ll explain the situation later, but can you look at her and tell me anything abnormal from her?”

“Huh? Why must I do that?”

“It’s important. So please.”

“…I understand.”


Neah nodded.

If she’s familiar with magic, she might know something about it. We nodded at each other, then walked up to Eva, who is humming and playing with the flowerbed.

Eva who noticed my footsteps, looked back and leaned with a smile like a blooming flower, then looked at Neah who was standing on my shoulder.


“Welcome back Usato-san. That is? …You can’t do that Usato-san? You mustn’t simply pick up animals. Please return it to its original place.”


I was told off like a mother who gently admonished a child who had picked up a cat.

This is completely different from what I have imagined


“Ahaha, how good would that be if I could just return it.”



Neah turned to me with stern eyes, as if looking at me saying “What did you just say?!”. 

Oi, you’re the one who forcibly followed us in the first place.

…..Well jokes aside, let’s explain who Neah is.


“This isn’t some owl I just picked up, it’s my familiar.”

“Familiar? This child?”

“Yeah, I just got it a while ago, and due to various things, I made a contract with her as a familiar. Because somebody seemed to be too lonely without me, so they came following me.”


It’s more accurate to say that she’s more attached to me rather than being lonely.


“That familiar is a monster?”

“?…Hm, yeah?”

“Wow…This is my first time seeing a monster. It’s completely different from ordinary birds.”


Eva with glittery eyes leans over and looks at Neah.

Whether she was being full of herself, she stretched her round body out with pride. That does make an eagle or a hawk look cool doing that, but this almost egg-shaped Neah looks pretty cute doing that.

Putting that aside, this is her first time seeing a demon?

Perhaps it’s unusual for people living in this world…

Humans and monsters seem so far apart, yet are close to each other. Powerful monsters exist only in dark areas, but normal monsters are intimately involved with humans as familiars like the Foobirds.

Which means to say, she hasn’t seen one since living here all this time?


“What is her name?”

“Her name’s Neah. She’s a little shy, but an obedient child.”


Though it’s the total opposite of her personality!

I tried so hard not to show it on my face when I said it.


“So her name’s Neah-chan?”

“…Do you want to touch it?”

“Is that okay?!”


While being excited, she turned her eyes to Neah while leaning close to her.

I haven’t said anything about the curse yet, but I’m sure she’d notice if Eva has any changes.

I spoke with a voice that Eva can’t hear.


“Neah, I’m counting on you.”



Neah slams my cheeks as if entrusting it to her, then jumps onto Eva’s shoulders.

Eva who felt ticklish on her eyes, immediately looks at Neah who was on her shoulder and speaks.


“It’s a very obedient child.”


“…Here here.”



Eva took off her long gloves with soil around, reached out her hands to Neah. Neah who for some reason seems to be nervous, hoots and lightly jump onto her hands.

Wah, Eva was slightly surprised.


“So cute…”


This would be a comfortable situation if I don’t know the true nature of Neah.

Remembering her usual cheekiness, I can’t help but sigh.


“Does Neah-chan also want to live here?”

“I was thinking of getting permission from you or Eiri-san…. If you can’t then—” 

“No! It’s completely okay! I’m sure Eiri will allow it! I will allow it!”



Are you sure you should say that, princess.

With a force that does not match her appearance, I can’t help but laugh at Eva.

Maybe Eiri-san wouldn’t refuse, and Neah can stay here without being suspicious.


“Oh right. What does she eat? Since it’s a monster, perhaps she’s a carnivore….Neah-chan, do you like some meat?”


Eva asks Neah with a thoughtful look.

Neah’s an owl. So even if you talk to her, I don’t think she’s going to give you any—


“Hoot! Hoot HOOOOOOT!!”

“Wow, so you do love meat! I understand!”


——And I take it back. What a selfish prick. Just like a fish reacting to bait.

Neah moves and flutters her wings as she squeaked a little, maybe she was happy with Eva’s reaction, she turned to glance at me with eyes of mockery before smiling.



“? Usato-san, I suddenly heard some strange cracking sound in your hands…Are you alright?”

“Hm? Aah-, I’m fine.”


It seems that I was unconsciously gripping my fist.

In order to fool her, I released my fist, but when she looked towards Neah again, I raised my hands on my neck, signalling to Neah with a slice on the neck and smiled.


“Please look forward to today’s meal!”


“I’ll catch a lot of mice for you Neah-chan!”

“…..Eh, hoot?”

“Ah wait, or maybe owls eat insects as well? I wonder if I should catch them as well, fortunately, there’s many in the flowerbed…”


The body of Neah hardened like a stone.

—–That’s right, owls are bird of preys.

Wild birds eat nothing but small animals. This is common sense, thus she doesn’t want to feed human food to owls, and thought of other ‘food’ for owls.

And if this little princess says she’ll do it, she’ll do it. For example, no matter what kind of hand she uses, she’ll definitely catch some mice and insects that serve as Neahs meal…..If she can’t, she’ll just ask Eiri-san or the knights from outside to try and catch some mice.

However, I do pity her for being fed mice and insects, thus this kind person shall help a familiar and companion out by dispatching a help boat.


“Eva, this thing eats literally anything, so we can just feed her the same meals as ours.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Even as an owl, it’s still a monster. What they eat might be different from ordinary animals.”


Her true nature is that of a vampire. She would normally eat fruits during our journey, and even ate human meals when she invited us into the village.

I turned and sighed at her moisturized eyes, who I had just saved, as I put my arms forward to issue her to come back.


“Alright, come here.”



Neah moved from above Eva’s hand to my shoulder.

…Based on her reaction, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything out of the ordinary, but I guess I should hear about it later. For the time being, I need a place and time to explain the situation to Neah.


“I’ll go ahead and rest in my room. Can I bring Neah in as well?”

“Even if it gets dirty, it just needs to be cleaned, so there’s no problem. Does Neah-chan need anything? If so, I can prepare…”

“Thank you. But she doesn’t need anything for the time being.”


An actual owl may need a perch, but this one doesn’t need one.

Entering indoors while waving Eva lightly, at the same time, Neah who was moving to my shoulders, closed her eyes in relief.


“Hoo-, Who’s that girl?”

“It’s cause you were letting it all in your head. You reap what you sow.”

“Who would think of meat as insects or mice?! Wait, that’s wrong. That’s not what I’m trying to say!”

“What’s wrong?”


What happened to her arrogance?


While keeping her voice as quiet as possible, she speaks to me as if not bothered.


“That girl, her existence is disappearing.”



It’s about to, disappear?

It’s not eroding, but disappearing.

I suddenly stopped, and when I looked at her, who was overwhelmingly lazy, I had no choice but to be puzzled by unspeakable emotions.



“I came here because Arc asked me to.”


In my room, Neah who returned to her human form, sat down leaning against the chair said.

But then, I didn’t know it’s because of Fegnis’s sword that Amako and Neah vanished before I was taken to the palace. A magical tool that exposes Neah’s transformation, I should be careful while she’s here…


“…What have you done since I went to the palace?”

“Soon after, the palace guys took us into an inn. We were suspicious at first, but the treatment was like a king, as if genuinely welcoming us.”

“Just as Lucas-sama had said…”


I heard from the palace people that they were okay, but I was relieved to hear them saying it instead.


“That fox…Amako was unusually uneasy?”

“I see…..But I’m glad y’all are fine.”

“But it isn’t. Why are you here for three days? It doesn’t seem like you’ve been captured or being trapped in this elaborate magic barrier. And that girl——-…Don’t tell me you’ve got into some sort of situation because of her?”

“N-No. It’s more like I’m about to get involved…”



She placed her chin on the back of the chair as I looked away from Neah’s suspicion while explaining how I got to this point.

I gave the letter easily.

I was invited as a healing magician for Samaria.

I decided to live in the palace for a while.

I met Eva, who is the Princess of Samaria.

She has some kind of curse.

Only explaining briefly, Neah exhales a breath of amazement.


“You really are somebody. It’s nice to be in this country but to even try to help such a girl…. Honestly, you’re stupid, stupid stupid.”


What is this, why is an idiot calling me an idiot, that’s contradicting.

I restrained the urge to recoil and retaliate, and with my arms crossed, I look at Neah laughing with brilliance.


“Usato has a tendency to rush himself into trouble. Even during my case, when the zombie pandemic occurred, and I asked you to help, you immediately fell for it.”

“I didn’t rush in by myself. It’s that all of them had troubles. Also, I don’t want to be hearing from you when you’re the one causing those huge problems. What a huge hypocrite.”

“Shut up! Stop talking about me, okay!”


Seriously an arrogant person.

However, it is the same with Nack and Neah, troubles always seem to find their way towards me.

Am I destined to be hit by trouble? Or am I trying to get caught up in that kind of thing without realising it myself?


“Ehem, but you shouldn’t involve yourself in this mess.”

“….Why? Because you know what’s been eroding her?”


I think she just said some meaningful words, but does that have any deeper meaning?

However, Neah raised both hands lightly and exhaled a small sigh.


“Nope, not a clue..”

“…..Huh? Then why the hell did you act so bloody confident?!”

“It’s strange if I can tell just by touching her okay!! ….Listen here!! That girl isn’t being eroded by curse or something like that, it’s her existence that’s disappearing. Isn’t knowing that enough?”


I remember the words she said before coming to this room.

I thought it was just a metaphor, but it’s exactly what she says? No, I don’t understand.


“…Wait a minute, but isn’t she right here right now. How can she not exist?”



Neah who heard my question raised both her hands up annoyingly, as if it was a pain, and made a small fist.


“The soul and the body are based on a strong bond. Without the body, the soul cannot stay in this world. Without the soul, the body cannot move in this world. The exception is that a necromancer like me can break such rules. Having said that, the soul and body can be said to be the most important factors in ‘life’.”


Neah clenches both hands together.

Body and soul—–But what does that have to with Eva?


“But that girl, she has a weird phenomenon that deviates from that rule.”

“And that’s the reason why her existence has disappeared? But judging from your story, Eva seems to have nothing to do with the curse…”


I’m getting even more confused.

What causes such a situation where the existence of a soul and body to disappear?


“She is abnormal. No, even abnormals aren’t something that can be dismissed in words. The realm of soul and body is a realm that ordinary humans should not interfere with, and that is the field of magic that I deal with.”


“In addition, curses can be transferred to these types of phenomena. What would you think would happen if it moves to us? It’s not that I’m not curious, but I’m not stupid enough to fall into a trap like some stupid idiot.”


Curse that moves—-Does that mean that the existence of Eva disappearing may also occur to me as well?


“….Can’t you manage with your dispel magic?”

“In the first place, it’s doubtful that a curse is being applied by magic. And above all, I can’t use it because I can’t see the techniques being used.”


So the dispel magic is an even more of a useless magic than I’d imagine. No, I knew somehow before not to expect anything.

So, we can’t do anything about it….This is different from the time with the Wicked Dragon.


“Why does Usato want to help that girl?”



Suddenly, Neah asked.

I was indulged in thinking about the question that I didn’t think of, and I uttered a stunned voice.


“She is a stranger to you who you’ve met for only three days anyways. Why are you going so far for someone like her? If it’s me, no way? I may have done a familiar contract with you out of my own will, but I don’t you to fail and lose you.”


The reason why I did it.

Honestly, there’s no reason why I want to help her.

However, the answer is simple.


“I just want to help. That’s the only reason.”

“Huh? That’s all?”

“It’s not because I’m from the rescue squad, but I sympathised with her, and I wanted to help.”


The world is wide.

Lots of nature spreading, including magic, monsters, people, and demihumans.

It’s weird to not know about such a world, and knowing you will disappear someday.

I, who came from another world, thought that it was a ‘good thing’ to be here.

After the battle with the demon army, and listened to her cries, I truly thanked all the people in the world for meeting me.

However, her being destined to disappear is just unfair.

As if I’ll give in to such a weird story.

Based on my words, Neah dropped her shoulders as if she’s stunned.


“…..Haah~ You’re really a weird and selfish person. I can see why the fox is worried. Even I won’t know what to do if I took my eyes off of you.”

“Don’t say it like I’m a troubled kid.”

“Rather, you’re just a kid with horrible traits. To me, it just looks like you love being stuck with weird girls.”


Can you not say words that are misleading!?

Remembering the words Amako told me that day, how I’m easily tricked by women.


“Well, I did become a familiar to such a person, so I’m the same…”


“I’ll help you for a while. It’s too dangerous for Usato to go alone.”


Neah words seemed to be shy, but she smiled naturally.


“Hahaha, thanks. That’s encouraging.”


She’s not obedient, but she isn’t a bad person.

Once again, I was relieved that we reunited, as I rest my body on the back door.


“By the way, why are you leaning against the door all the time? Can’t you just come inside?”

“Well, I won’t know if Eva would approach if I don’t do this. Basically, I can’t sense that girl, so it’s easy for her to get behind me. Worst of all, I’m resting in my room, and I can feel her eyes at times, which is quite difficult.”

“What kind of life did Usato have over the past three days!? Aren’t you just being watched by his daughter?”



However, even if it is, the scary part is that she doesn’t seem to be aware of it.

Well, once you get used to it, it really doesn’t bother me.

As I continued to say, Neah looks pale for a while.

While laughing, I thought about what to do after this.

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