Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 90 – Flower Milk and Sugar Forest, Air Pirates on milky rains

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 Having made the decision to commercialize the Milk Jellyfish, I headed to the department I went yesterday.



「Are you yesterday’s customer?!」

「You remembered.」

「That’s because y’all are quite memorable……」


 The young girl takes a glance at Laura.

 Certainly, it’s difficult to forget about someone so stupid.

 I’m used to it, but not for others.


「Ehehe, I know right.

 It’s because I’m just too beautiful like a goddess~

 I’m sure you’ve set your eyes at me after just seeing me~ Ehehe~~~」


 Leaving aside her being cute, but it’s impossible that she’s a goddess.

 Yeap, leaving aside her cuteness.


「Is that so……I see. Hahaha……」


 She was certainly attracted.

 Well, whatever.


「First things first, I want all the flower milk you’re selling.」


 I took out a bag full of coins.



「This is for working with you in the future……」


 I started speaking, but the girl didn’t listen.


「Thank you~!

 At the last day, I’m thankful for such good memories~~~! !」


「That’s right~ I was planning on selling these flowers this one last time~~~」


「The Milk Flowers are obtained at the Sugar Forest at southeast——These flowers grow beyond the hills of the Sugar Forest.」


 I glanced at Femille.


「I don’t know about the flowers, but what I do know is the forest!

 The average monster rank is B, and you need 6 or more veteran adventurers because it is a dangerous place!

 But that forest is known for its sugar content and 『having soil that is sweet』, so the leaves and flowers that grow there are all delicious!」


「The rain cloud that passes through the forest is called a『Milk Cloud』, which is said to rain sweet water. Thus, Milk flowers grow only in lands exposed by that rain.…………」


「What I want to know is why is this the last time?」

「As the air pirates started to appear, they have taken the milk clouds……」

「Can’t you ask the Guild or the Knights for help?」

「Based on the county’s point of view, it’s only individuals trying to collect milk flowers and air pirates collecting milky clouds.……」

「Is it like that?」

「It is……」

「Alright I get it. Can you guide me to where the milk flowers bloom?」

「Did you even listen to what I said?!」


「If the air pirates are the cause, then it’s manageable by talking to them with my peaceful fists?」




「If punches are involved, wouldn’t that not be peaceful?!」


 Laura furiously retorts.

 She does say some sharp words even though she’s stupid.

 However, I laugh away as usual.




 Then, I heard a level up BGM.

 Terere, te te te.


 HAHAHA@LV2 0/200


 ◆Skill explanation・HAHAHA@LV2

 HAHAHA derives from a human soul who often eats hamburgers.

 Once it reaches to Level 2, the laughter will be closer to a hamburger eater.

 As a variant skill, 『Ha Ha!』can be used as well.

 That is also how a hamburger eater laughs.


 It seems that the level of HAHAHA has levelled with pure training instead of eating.

 And also, the heck is a hamburger eater.

 Is it the kinda setting where I’m an American who eats a lotta hamburger?

 What’s more, the hell is with these explanations.

 It has such a casual flow to it, but at the same time, it’s a mystery.

 Well, I guess I can just leave it be.

 The world is full of mystery, but delicious snacks comes first more than anything.


「So can you lead the way, uhhh……」

「My name’s Milky. Milky the seller of milk might be easier for you to remember my name.」

「Once again.」


「What’s the matter?」

「Just as what that girl said earlier, but the monsters in Sugar Forest are Rank B on average……?」

「If that’s what you’re worried about, then don’t be.」


 Lolona said in my stead.

 She showed her guild card to Milky.


「I’m Lolona Highroad, an A-Rank adventurer. And Keima-dono is a hero who has beaten monsters who are even higher levels than me. What’s more, he’s equally gentle to everyone, and an almost perfect person if you can overlook his pervertedness.」


 She’s obviously over-complimenting me.


「What are you talking about Lolona-chan! Keima IS a wicked person!

 He’s a person without a soul who enjoys assaulting and poisoning me!」


 On the other hand, this thing is going too far――Was what I wanted to say.


「You’re right that I’m a tad bit horrible.」

「But you did assault and poisoned a woman, right?!」

「You’re not wrong if you look at it in general.」

「Hyiii……That’s right……!」

「But don’t worry. I’m only violent to towards idiots. A well balanced sadistic gentleman.」


「Isn’t that dangerously balanced?!

 And based on your reason, it doesn’t make sense to pinch my cheeks?!

 I’m a goddess of knowledge, not a fool!!」


「Leaving that aside, please look at this. What do you think?」


 I took out a golden apple.


「Looks good!!!」



 I put the apple to Laura’s mouth.


「Ehehe. I love you Keima~~~」


 The idiot holds the apple with a cute face and bites it.

 Based on that cute smile, the previous complaint was completely thrown off the table.




 Milky looks at Laura with an incredibly shocking look.

 Speaking of which.

 For me, this exchange is no longer abnormal, it’s as normal as a poem writing:『It’s like a minute has turned into 60 seconds just by being next to you……』.


 But from an outsiders point of view, Laura looks absurdly stupid……。

 I guess it can’t be helped….…

 She is truly the ultimate child of stupidity……


「Wait, Keima?!

 Why are you crying?!

 Did you perhaps wanted to eat this apple?

 Or did I do something?!」


「You’ve done nothing wrong…… Nothing wrong……」


 If you truly have some wisdom, I would’ve not shed tears of sympathy.


「If you say you’re fine…… Anyways let’s go!

 Protect the milk clouds that rain milk!!」


 Laura energetically storms off.

 Looking at that, Milky said.


「That’s not the right way……」

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