Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 89 – It’s edible! Milk flavoured jellyfish

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「So there’s even milk flavoured flowers.」

「Do you want to buy one?!」

「Well, let’s see.」


 I looked at the flowers.

 There are six white petals in each flower, resembling a blooming lily flower.


「Is it okay to just eat them?」

「Sure can!」


 The girl picked up the flower and plucked one of the petals.

 Then she puts inside a small bowl.

 The petal melts into a semi transparent colour.


「Why not.」


 I swallowed it.

 It has a sweet scent almost like almond tofu with a slightly mellow taste.

 Terere, te te te.

 Levelling up, and learning a new skill.

 I would assume the『Mellow』skill has leveled.

It’s the 『skill that has no purpose at all but for some reason I keep getting it』kinda skill.

 Pretty sure that’s it.

 With that in mind, I looked at the skill――。


 ◆Acquired skill

 Mellow (Sweet)



 I was right about that being that skill.



 There’s a (sweet) bracketed text after it……?


 I hurriedly read the skill description.


 ◆Skill explanation・Mellow (Sweet) 

 Not only is it mellow, it’s sweet.



 I thought about it.


 But is this, even a skill?

 Ain’t this just describing a taste?


 Well whatever.

 I’ve eaten plenty of sweets in my previous life, but never had the mellow taste have a (sweet) text after it.

 Does that mean, this milk flower has a unique flavour to it……?


「By the way, the price of the milk flower is……6000 Balsie per flower!」


「Why is it so expensive? There’s 6 petals for one, which means…..An amount which I can’t even count! That’s outrageous! Isn’t that enough to buy a house?!」


「The only thing wrong is your head.」


 While I was retorting, Laura calmly defuses the situation.



「Well for now, let’s buy 3.」

「Thank you very much!!」


After buying them, we went back to the mansion. 

 I prepared a few bowls with jellyfish inside, and poured water in.


「The first one on the left has one cup of water, the 2nd has two cups, and the third bowl has 3 cups of water. For the fourth bowl, I put 1 cup of water with strawberry jam……」

「You’re putting in quite the effort.」

「Since it takes time soaking the sugar water, so it’s better to prepare more so we can enjoy them.」

「Won’t it rot if you prepare so much?」

「If the time comes……」


 I stared……at where Laura’s standing.


「Are you asking me to eat them?!」


「Please don’t cover it by laughing!!!」

「It’s a joke. Even I’ll only try to give one of the rotten food.」

「So you’ll still feed me one?!」


「Didn’t I say not to do that!」


 Doing some light jokes, I finished preparing.

 Using ice magic, I created a portable fridge.

 After eating, we went to bed and slept.


 Next morning.

 I took out the bowls.



「This is……amazing.」

「It doesn’t look rotten!」

「It looks good……」

(Shake shake………。)


 Everyone was excited, and Marine was shaking from excitement.

 And so it is.


 The top part looks closer to a yogurt than milk, and it feels sweet based on the texture.

 The one with strawberry is strawberry milk, and the orange one is orange flavoured milk.




 I scoop one out.

 Lifting up slowly.

 A small pile shook like pudding when it was being scooped out.

 It tickled my nostrils.


「It looks delicious……?」


「Wait Keima! Wait a minute! You fed me those jellyfish first yesterday right? So why not feed me this delicious looking one today?!」


「Fair enough.」


 Staring at Laura, I put the jelly like jellyfish into her mouth.




 She quietly tastes the flavour――.


「Fuee, ueee, ueeeee!!」

「Was it bad?」


「That’s not it! It’s amazing! It’s good! The sweetness melts the moment it enters the mouth! And if you spread your tongue around, the sweetness spreads together, living a neverending sweetness!

 And and, if you close your mouth and breathe with your nose……」


 She takes a deep breath.


「It gives off a pleasant scent~~~~~~~。

 The smell is~~~~~~~~~~~sweet!

 The smell of flower melts my nose into a grotesque look~~~~~~~~!!!」


「Say what?!」


「No no you’re wrong!

 I meant romanesque, or was it romantic!

 That’s the feeling I’m having!!!」


「I see.」


 I was relieved to hear.

 When this thing gives her peculiar metaphors, it’s hard to tell whether she thinks the food is good or bad.

 She didn’t evaluate the sugar water jellyfish that well, so I thought she was gonna give the same evaluation this time.


「The taste is perfect. But the price……」

「The problem is the pricing of the ingredients.」



「What do you mean! Can someone explain to me!」

「Think about it carefully, why do you think that the『price is high』?」

「…………Because it’s rare?」

「I’ll give you 30 points for that.」



「You’re right that rare things tend to be expensive. But besides that, there are things like,『preparing it is difficult』,『it easily gets rotten so you can’t keep it for long』,『the ingredients are expensive』.」

「If the cost is hard to maintain, I can always ask my sister to help find cheaper places to buy.」

「Please do.」

「You will soon understand the genius sister of mine.」


「What do you mean?! If it gets cheaper, that means I can have more!? Keima, is this jellyfish milk really that hype?!」

「That’s not what she means……Pyon」



 Both Femille and Marine understood the meaning, but only Laura doesn’t.

 Then Lolona said.


「Keima-dono is thinking of commercialising it.」


「If it gets popular, then we can just keep selling them to eventually diminish their population. If not, we can just use that profit to buy another mansion.」

「What’s with that idea! It’s amazingly cowardice! It’s a violation to the invisible warriors!」

「Can’t you give one proper compliment once in your life.」


 I pinched her cheeks.




 A jellyfish business huh.

 There is some uneasiness to it, but it’ll be fun.


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Thanks for the chapter desu~

Those milk flowers remind me of the Carnation brand milk I see in supermarkets. As for the taste, I think it’s like white chocolate or sweetened condensed milk?

Also, the idea of commercializing the jelly/yogurt isn’t cowardice, it’s called capitalism. Capitalism ‘til the species goes extinct.

The jellyfish reproduce like insane and are basically parasites, so it’ll be fine~
I think?

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