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Calcium basement 2nd floor.


Defeating the angel that looks as though its appearance has not changed, milk drops and spills all over the ground.


“Another…..failure?” (Ryouta)


I frowned. Looking at the results in front of me, I can’t help but feel irritated.

After spending the night in this 2nd floor trying to stop the Minotaur’s movements, then feeling that the atmosphere should’ve changed for good, but the drop is still milk.


“Eve, what I did was the same right?” (Ryouta)

“Same as Bunny.” (Eve)


She answered in seconds.


Even after spending the night changing the drop, nothings changed.


What’s happening here…


“Should Bunny try it once more?” (Eve)

“Hmmm….Alright, once I feel that the atmosphere has changed, you can immediately defeat it.” (Ryouta)


Is it because it’s Eve….? Was what I convinced myself.

Eve nodded without hesitation and proposed a slightly different method for verification comparison.


I was prepared to use one of the cow models that Cell has so graciously given, and left it on the ground to let it hatch.

After it hatched, Eve did the same thing as before.


Then, it changed.

I can feel something has changed.


“Eve.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny has no mercy to kill omnivorous animals.” (Eve)


Not knowing where she’d heard of that phrase before, she defeated the Minotaur.


After the presence disappeared, the dungeon returned to normal.


Then, we encountered a monster.


“Hm.” (Ryouta)

“What’s wrong?” (Eve)

“The angel….has less clothes than before.” (Ryouta)


Furrowing my eyebrows, even I understood what that means.

It was the same with the first floor.


“Defeat it?” (Eve)

“I’ll leave it to you.” (Ryouta)


Avoiding the long sword from the angel, she pushed forward and chop the angel’s neck.

The head flew off cleanly, and it disappeared——-


With a meat drop.


This time, the meat is almost fats and has few edible parts.

Nonetheless—-It’s still meat.


Does this mean that only Eve can change it? And it didn’t even take a day.


Now then, why does this happen?

In order to truly test this theory, should I waste another statue?


Thinking about this and that, I saw Eve’s sullenness as she stared at the dropped meat as if it’s her parent’s enemy.


“What’s with that stare Eve?” (Ryouta)

“Again with meat.” (Eve)

“Aah, it’s not carrots right.” (Ryouta)


I completely understood the reason why she’s unhappy. It’s the usual.


“Bunny hates this place. Bunny did not raise her level and status just for this.” (Eve)

“Status?” (Ryouta)

“Drop.” (Eve)

“Aah, you meant that your animal and vegetable drop….But wait?” (Ryouta)


Before I could finish, my eyes widen as if I’ve got an answer.


“Low level has a weird face.” (Eve)

“Hey Eve, Let me see your status! The drop status.” (Ryouta)

“Carrot——–” (Eve)

“I’ll prepare an all you can eat later.” (Ryouta)

“Okay.” (Eve)


With a satisfied face, we went to a nearby K-I-A Board.

Navigating it, she shows me her drop stats.



Vegetable D

Animals A

Minerals E

Magic C

Special Items C



It’s been a while since I last saw her stats, and it has changed quite a bit.

Even though she loves carrot so much, her Vegetable drops are at D, and on the contrary, her Animal Drop is at the highest rank.


Different from mine, only one of her stats far exceeds the rest.


……Wait a minute.


“Eve, I’ll leave this to you.” (Ryouta)


Saying it, I toss the cow model to her.


“Return it?” (Eve)

“No, just try to stop its attack.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny will do anything as a slave of carrots.” (Eve)


Afterwards, I left and used the gate to go to Silicone Dungeon.


The fifth floor, I went straight to where Celeste is.


“Hey Celeste.” (Ryouta)

“Ryouta-san? It’s rare of you to come here.” (Celeste)

“I need your help.” (Ryouta)

“Ah, okay. What should I do?” (Celeste)

“Celeste, you’re using the potion right now?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, the +3 Vegetable.” (Celeste)



Drop from the rogue monsters of money.


Both banknotes and coins are dropped from monsters.

The potion dropped from banknotes will give a +3.

And coin will be +1.


I farmed quite a bit and gave it to my friends.


Especially those who are Final F stats.


Meaning to say, Celeste’s stats would be Vegetable Drops C.


Which means only that drop is the best.


“Celeste, can you drink a +1 Vegetable drop?” (Ryouta)

“Sure, but it’ll be overwritten and becomes E.” (Celeste)

“That’s good.” (Ryouta)

“Okay then.” (Celeste)


She nods.

After drinking the potion, I bring her along to the 2nd floor of Calcium.


Over there, Eve was pinning down the Minotaur.


“Sorry for the wait, has it changed?” (Ryouta)

“Just recently.” (Eve)

“Aite. Celeste, kill that Minotaur for me please.” (Ryouta)

“Okay.” (Celeste)


Celeste held her hands and chanted Inferno.

The flames spread over a wide area and quickly burned the MInotaur.


The air returns to normal.

Then, an angel appears.


It certainly has changed.

Previously it was wearing such clothes which exposes a lot of her skin, but now it’s wearing too much cloth.

It’s more than its original.


I defeated the angel hastily.


After defeating it, it dropped——radish.


“Failure.” (Eve)

“No, it’s a success!!’ (Ryouta)


I know you’re thinking that it’s not carrot! But I did a guts pose.


The breeding was successful.


Eve had her Animal drop stats as the highest, so it becomes meat.

Celeste has her Vegetable drops as the highest, so it became radish.


I was the only one with S Drop Rates.



“Basically which drop stats of yours is the highest, it’ll affect the drop here. So Celeste can—–” (Ryouta)

“Bunny shall do it.” (Eve)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)


Eve stepped forward and stared at me.


“Rabbit has potions as well, so abilities can be adjusted.” (Eve)


Hmph! She snorts.

Just because of carrots.


I have a feeling she won’t give up if I were to say no.

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