Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 88 – Searching for milk

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「So this is the market!」


 We arrived at the market.

 Passing by the meat and fish zone, we went straight to the store where they sell milk.


「Come and buy, come and buy, we have cheap and delicious milkyu here! 」

「We have high-quality Pegasyu Milkyu, one glass for 50 Balsie!」

「Being heated by the red and hot berries, this Drakyon Milkyu is only for 200 Balsies per glass!」


 Seems like they’re selling quite a variety.


「The failed experiment Milkyu, also known as the『Farmer’s Sadness』, is now selling for 300 Balsies for 10 glasss!

 Maybe you want to harass someone that you don’t like? Or maybe you want to use it as a punishment game? Buy one and try it out today!!」


 Clearly, there are things that aren’t supposed to be sold as well.

 However, this is extremely suspicious.

 When they first said the word ‘Milkyu’, I had no idea what they’re talking about, and also things like Drakyon Milkyu and Pegasyu Milkyu.


「Fueee~~, amazing! I didn’t know there are so many varieties of milk out there~~~!!

 Keima! Keima!

 Doesn’t the Pegasyu Milk sound good?!

 Doesn’t it fit well for me perfectly?!」




 I had no comment.

 It had an intense smell of fakery to it, and I was curious.

 Looking at where Lolona is, I pleaded for an explanation.


「Milkyu refers to beverages and snacks being made from processed milk. When they say things like Pegasyu or Drakyon, it’s just a way to sell their product using mythical creatures.

 If they really did use an actual Pegasus or Dragon’s Milk, I think 50 to 200 Balsies would never be enough.」


「I see……」


 Nodding to her explanation, I said this to Laura.


「It really does fit your image perfectly.」


「Keima you stuuuuuupid!!!」


 Laura cries and dashes away.

 She crashes into a Mohawk looking guy and landed on her butt.

 The Mohawk guy spilt the milk he was holding all over his pants. 


「The fuck ya doing?! You wanna fight?!」

「N-N-N-N-N-N, it wasn’t on purpose! I didn’t do it on purpose!

 Fueeeenn, Keimaaa!」


 Laura who has her ass on the floor, asks for my help without even standing up on her own.

 Oh well.


「Sorry for the trouble caused.

 If you would please forgive her, I can have her kneel on the ground or cut her stomach if you want to.」

「Oh ouh?!?!」


 The Mohawk guy was troubled.


「Oi, Laura, lower your head.」


 I hold her head and pushed it down.


「Fueeeeeeeeeeeeen! Wait wait wait just a minute!

 Just because of that, I have to do a dogeza!

 I don’t want toooooooooooooo!!!」


「So you wish to cut your stomach instead……?」

「Can’t you give me a normal option like just apologising normally!!」

「Sigh, can’t be helped. Then choose from these following options.」



「Option number 1. Since you did something wrong, you should cut your stomach.

 2nd option. You’ve done something wrong, so do a dogeza to apologise.」


「And what’s option number 3?!?!」

「That doesn’t exist. Reality is ruthless.」

「Create one if there isn’t!!!!」


(What is wrong with these guys……They sound like trouble.)


 The angry Mohawk ran away after looking at our conversation.


「Because of Laura’s negligence, the guy wet his pants, and he even left without saying a word……What a nice guy.」

「I think he just doesn’t want to get involved with Keima-dono……」


 When I tried to understand the situation, Lolona calmly retorted.

 Leaving that aside.


「Since there are a lot of milk to choose from, any recommendations?」


 I asked, and Laura replied.


「The delicious ones!」


 Without saying a word, I flicked her forehead.




 Making a weird sound, she should be fine since I didn’t use much strength.


「Any suggestions, Lolona?」

「If we’re using it for drinking, then I would recommend the mass-produced goat milkyu.」

「Hmmm, I see. Femille?」


 Femille said.


「If it’s a beverage, then I like sweet water!!」


 Is that the so called rain water?



 She said『sweet water』.

 I thought she clearly said『rain water』, but there was the possibility of『sweet water』.

But she continue vigorously.


「On rainy days, I’ll prepare lots of pots, glass, pans, that I pick up from the garbage dump!!

 Especially spring rainwater, they’re much sweeter!

 There’s a sort of flowery smell to it?」


 Please stop!!!!

 Don’t say such a sad story with such a happy face!!




 Listening to Femille’s story, Marine too nodded.

 Don’t tell me she has found her camaraderie?


「Right. They’re delicious right. They aren’t many who understands the deliciousness of rainwater……!~」


 She sounds happy.

 Holding Marine’s hands, she dances around while smiling and “ufufu-ing”.

 There’s so many I want to retort, but let’s leave her be since she looks happy.

 I whispered to Laura.


(How do people get water in this world?)


(Mostly from rivers or lakes. Sometimes they take water from trees or grass or flowers. And we Goddess has made fountains for some towns as well!)


 So they don’t drink rain water.

 Also, it’s amazing they can make fountains.

 What are Goddesses, really.

 I feel that they’re deeply involved with the laws and mysterious of this world.


 Well whatever.

 My plan right now is to find ways to make the mushroom jellyfish taste better.

 Knowing the secrets of the world doesn’t give me something delicious to eat, but making the mushroom jellyfish taste better can give us a wonderful dessert to eat.


 So, ain’t my priority suppose to be that?

 I went around testing various milkyus.


「Please give me one glass of『An orthodox mass-produced goats milkyu』.」

「It’s 100 Balsie per glass!」


 Paying it, I took a sip.

 It has a mellow taste.

 It’s slightly thicker than cow’s milk, and it has a mellow feel to it.

 Terere, te te te.

 I levelled.


 Level     2450→2451(↑1)

 HP      30550/27550(↑5)

 MP      26040/26040(↑4)

 Strength      30400(↑3)

 Endurance      30200(↑3)

 Speed     26165(↑2)

 Magic Power      25960(↑2)


 Skill level up



And here it is,『Mellow』!

 This skill looks useless at first glance, and you’re right about that.

 However, it’s quite a useful skill when I’m tasting various food.


 Afterwards, I tasted『Pegasyu Milkyu』and『Drakyon Milkyu』.


 Terere, te te te.

 Terere, te te te.

 Levelling up, and learning a few skills.

 Now now, what do we have here?


 ◆Skill explanation・Pegasyu Fly

 You’re flying like the magnificent Pegasus———Is what you’re feeling, so fun!


 ◆Skill explanation・Drakyon Blaze

 You feel as though you’re vomiting out a scorching breath that burns everything!

 Such fun!


 I thought what sort of skills I’ve learned, but it’s just useless skills that make me look retarded if used.

 And that’s why I transferred it to Laura.

 Holding her head, I transferred the skills to her.



「I have just transferred the『Pegasyu Fly』and『Drakyon Blaze』to you. If you have received it, please try using them for me.」

「Sounds strong!

  I will definitely use them!」


 We went to a place further away from the market, where nobody is around.

 I know they’re useless skills, but I want to test and see whether it truly is.


「Alright, please show your skills.」

「Here I go! Pegasyu Fly!!」



 The sound effect of the spell played in my head, and I waited for the effect.




 Her hands slowly moves.


「I don’t know what’s happening……But it feels like I’m flying right now!

 This is so fun!!!」


 Nothing like that is happening in front of us, but she sounds like she’s having fun.


「How about Drakyon Blaze?」

「Are you sure it’s alright for me to use it?!

 It sounds like a cool skill which is worthy of my name!!」

「We’ll be fine.」


 Raising her left hand, she shouts.


「Drakyon Blaze!」



 Nothing happened.


「Nothing is happening……Fueee?」

「What’s wrong?」


「Nothing’s happening, but it feels like I’m breathing some strong flames!

 Such fun!」


「It’s fun huh.」


 Drakyon Blaze!!!」


 Seems like she likes it.

 She uses it again.





 Immediately after using it, it seems like she couldn’t stand straight.


「What’s wrong?」

「My magic……」

「Wait, it’s an effect that just makes you feel good, but it uses magic?!」

「It feels like it consumes 10 mana when using once……Fueeen.」


 It’s useless in many ways.

 An enjoyable magic that consumes the same amount as a fireball, and what’s even worse is that she can’t even cast fireball twice.

 Is she even a goddess?

 It’s better to say that she’s an idiot who calls herself a goddess.


「Can you stand?」

「Imposshiible~ Fuee~~n」



 I gave her a piggyback ride.



「I was the one who asked you to use the skill.」

「Keima is always acting like a devil, but I like this♪ Fuehehehe~~~♪」


 Laura clings behind my back.

 The purpose of coming to this market is to find milk and fruits for the mushroom jellyfish.

 I didn’t forget our objective.

I did not…….




But honestly.

 Neither the milk or milkyu are bad.

 It wasn’t bad, but it’s not what I had in mind.

 Then, I noticed a store.


「We have milk made from flowers. They’re delicious and sweet!」


 A girl with a ponytail is selling pure white flowers.

 Pushing a small cart, she has her portable store set with her.

 I was captivated by the word『Milk and flowers』.

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    Seems like the 『Mellow』skill reduces the intensity of certain foods. Bitter food becomes less bitter, and spicy foods become mildly spicy.

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

Seems like the 『Mellow』skill reduces the intensity of certain foods. Bitter food becomes less bitter, and spicy foods become mildly spicy.

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