Level 1 Guy: Chapter 350 – Bunny and meat

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Inside the mansion, the shop.


With the Swallow’s Repayment sign removed, I was watching Elza and Ena’s movements.


The two of them were appraising the milk I brought back.

Checking the colour and the taste.

After doing some checking, they raised their face, made eye contact with each other and nodded.


Apparently, a conclusion has been reached.


“Sorry for making you wait.” (Elza)

“How was it, Elza?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, it’s definitely new milk that Calcium has never had before …” (Elza)

“However?” (Ryouta)

“The taste is lower than it was …” (Elza)


Elsa apologized and Ena added.


“It’s too fatty, which overwhelms the taste. It’s not that it’s bad, but.” (Ena)

“It’s alright, that’s good in it’s own.” (Ryouta)

“That’s also true because there’s room for improvement.” (Elza)

“That and…” (Ryouta)

“And?” (Ena)


Ena tilted her small neck and asked back.


“If possible, I want to use something other than milk. Honestly speaking, bout half of the dungeon is milk. Isn’t that just an overproduction of milk?” (Ryouta)

“Ah” (Ena)

“You want to reduce the floors that drops milk.” (Elza)


I nodded at that.


“Well, at least I know that I could do the breeding improvement for the time being. For now, I’ll just do it a few times and improve it.” (Ryouta)



Calcium dungeon, basement 1st floor.


Since I got the cow model and could call Minotaur anywhere, I decided to go with Eve from the first floor.


Should we alternate between floors with milk then the next floor without, or divide into blocks by type?

I will think about it from now on, but either way, I decided to change the first floor to start things off.


I put the cow model on the first floor and take a distance together with Eve.


“Low level” (Eve)

“Yup?” (Ryouta)

“Leave it to Bunny next.” (Eve)


Eve snorts and stick her nose out.


“So I’ll leave it all to you to handle?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, because Bunny didn’t do anything previously.” (Eve)


Eve’s resolution was stronger than before.

I wondered what that was for a moment, but …..

I saw Eve staring at the cow model waiting for it to hatch as if it was her sworn enemy.


So she wants to take action now, does that mean the previous match did not count?

Is she irritated by it?


However, breeding requires long-term battle.

She has to continue fighting with the Minotaur, and after some time, I’ll have to deal the last hit.

Therefore, if she asks to leave it to her.


“You’ll have to hold yourself against the Minotaur, is that all right?” (Ryouta)


Eve nodded immediately.


“That’s Bunny’s intention. Bunny is the type that will do something when they have placed their resolve.” (Eve)

“Is that so.” (Ryouta)


Thank you for that.

I’m grateful that there is no need to persuade or worry.


Then, I guess I can relax for now.

I completely stop my battle mode entered into watching mode.


After a while, the cow model hatched into a Minotaur.

The air of the dungeon is dyed again to that of the dungeon master.


The Minotaur roared, a scream that pierces the skin.

Still, I didn’t move.


Eve jumped out from the side.

I believe in Eve and leave everything to her.


Previously, Eve was stunned by Minotaur, but this time, while rushing, she sneaked into the bosom through the onslaught of the axe that was drawn from his powerful arm.


And she uses her famous chop attack.

She struck down her foe that is also synonymous with Eve.


It was slow that I can see four of her chops.


Quiet, fast and slow.

Such a mysterious special move.


The Minotaur’s limbs blew away in an instant.


It loses its limbs and rolls on the ground.

Then immediately entered revival mode.


Mini-taurs appeared, 7 males to 7 females for a total of 14 bodies.

Approximately at the same time that the Minotaur’s limbs were regenerated at the expense of one of the mini-taurs to be eaten.


“Bunny will not allow.” (Eve)


Eve blew off its limbs again with haste.


It can be seen that it is extremely concentrated because it was blown off at about the same timing as it regenerated.


It was repeated.

A total of 15 times, including the first.


The Minotaur lay on the ground, using up all its stocks.


“Bunny. Mission Complete.” (Eve)

“Oh, good job.” (Ryouta)


Eve stops being alerted.

After a while, the time required for breed improvement passed, and I put a growth bullet into the eyebrows of the Minotaur who was stuck and knocked it down to finish the breed.




“Phew …” (Ryouta)


In the evening, after defeating the angel and let the milk drop, I exhaled my lungs.

The breath exhaled with fatigue was tightly packed with two syllables, labour.


We improved it nearly 10 times, but the milk was still milk.

For me, who wants something other than milk, it would have been a long and tiring day.


Well, it can’t be helped, let’s leave it at that for today.

Eve’s cooperation still had plenty of strength left, but she promised Emily that she will not work at night.


This time, it’s going to be a long-term work, so I decided not to overexert myself.


I spoke to Eve.


“Let’s stop for today.” (Ryouta)

“We’re done?” (Eve)

“Yeah, we’ll continue tomorrow.” (Ryouta)

“……all right.” (Eve)


Eve shocked me by putting the cow model in between the cleavage of her bunny suit.

Although it is a model of a reasonable size, it fits neatly on Eve’s chest, and her breast size looked a little bigger.


I swallowed my saliva, as I looked at her.


“You’re gonna hold on to it?” (Ryouta)

“Bunny will keep it safe.” (Eve)


Eve nodded quietly.

So she’s not gonna let it break?


Well, since it’s Eve, I’m sure she’ll keep it safe.


“Well, shall we head home.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny has something to do before leaving.” (Eve)

“Is it? I see, then I’ll leave first.” (Ryouta)


Eve’s odd behaviour was as usual, so I didn’t think too much and returned to the mansion using the gate that opened when I came.



Next morning.

I woke up and finished all the preparations, and I went to the dining room.


My friends are having Emily’s breakfast.


By the way, only Alice and Emily are present.


There aren’t many gathered for breakfast.

They might’ve worked all night to get things ready.


Therefore, in a sense, it is a normal scene that only the two of them are left …


“Wait, where’s Eve?” (Ryouta)

“Eve-chan? I didn’t see her?” (Alice)

“She hasn’t been back since yesterday nodesu.” (Emily)

“That’s strange?” (Ryouta)


Emily nodded quietly.


“Yes desu I didn’t she last night or when I’ve woken up in the morning desu.” (Emily)

“Well, is she out there eating some kind of grass?” (Ryouta)

“Eve-chan would say, “Bunnies don’t eat grass, they only eat carrots.”” (Alice)

“I think that is what she’ll likely say.” (Ryouta)


Alice and Emily laughed together.

While doing so.


“Eve-chan.” (Alice)


Alice looked behind me and said.

Turn around, there was Eve’s figure there.


The rabbit ears are standing upright and the eyes are glaring, but there are dark circles under the eyes.

I wondered what happened, but I asked what we were discussing from before.


“Did you not go home yesterday? Did you go somewhere to eat some grass?” (Ryouta)

“Bunnies only eat carrots.” (Eve)


Her reply was as expected, and we smiled.


“Also, bunny doesn’t need this.” (Eve)


Eve continued to throw a chunk of meat on the table.


“This is?” (Ryouta)


“Bunnies don’t eat beef.” (Eve)

“No, I can see that it’s beef.” (Ryouta)


Beef, pork, chicken, and meats that you often eat, once can easily understand it.

I know, but…


“It’s drop.” (Eve)

“……From?” (Ryouta)


The moment I heard it was a drop, I thought of it in my head.

While listening back, my gaze stared at Eve’s chest.


Her chest size is as usual—— meaning the model is not there.

Which means…


“Calcium first floor.” (Eve)


I knew it.


And guessing from that.


“Did you improve it overnight?” (Ryouta)

“It’s a low-level’s habit.” (Eve)


Eve chopped me.

With just one model, she has done it.


Eve seemed to succeed in improving it first try.

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