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Author’s Note:

Thanks for the wait.

Let’s first look into how Usato has spent his time in Samaria in this three days, all in the form of Eva’s diary.

Edited: Shiro


Day 2446.

Dear diary,

Today’s the day when a very special guest arrived.

Father has asked me to give the highest hospitality towards this guest, was what I had to do but I messed up big times (!) by saying his name wrongly.

Stupid me, stupid me for making such a huge blunder! I have already stumbled upon my first encounter—–And I don’t even know how to face Usato-san anymore.

However, I can’t act like that forever.

Usato-san is waiting for me outside this entire time. Nothing will change if I hide in my room forever, and it would make the atmosphere more awkward.

Let’s not make the first meeting any rougher!

I’ll not make any more mistakes.

I have to entertain him.


I want to get to know him better.


Right now, I’m feeling extremely happy.

I want Usato-san to stay around longer. I always wondered why the other visitors who came would never stay for one night.

But he’s different, he is interesting. After dinner, he would continue to train his body for countless amounts of hours, such an amazing person.

I’m also happy that he is getting along with Eiri as well.

I think these few days will be the best days of my life.

But, I’m still worried, I’m afraid that he would leave as soon as I fall asleep.

Therefore, before the sun rises, I shall go to his room and check on him.

Since sleeping early and waking early is rather important, this is no problem for me.


Another wonderful day has passed.

Good night.


Day 2447.

Dear diary,

Today, Usato-san went to the palace for half of the entire day, it is another usual day.

Or was what I thought.

Early morning, before the sun has risen, I went to Usato-san’s room, but he wasn’t there.

Staring at the neat and tidy bed that doesn’t look as though it has been used, I thought that the worse had happened.

Liar, you willfully… These words kept spinning around my head as I frantically stormed outside—–Only to find Usato-san to be training by himself this early in the morning!

I assumed that he has run away at his own accord, but there he was.

He isn’t a liar.

The expression in which he was staring at me, was terribly pale, but that was probably due to the freezing temperature from the morning weather. What a strange person to have purposefully woke up this early just to warm his body up by training.


As I have written at the start, Usato-san has went to the palace.

I cleaned and tidied my room; then the garden; then cleaned the pond; I was cleaning and polishing the flowerbed of my mother’s grave. That was how my day usually went.

Was it around the time when the sun was at its highest when Usato-san has come back?

When asking him where he went, he told me that he was asking for information on where his friends might be. Since he had a look of relief, it probably went well.

If it’s possible, I want his friends to come here… When I asked, Usato-san’s face turned pale and wave both his hands strongly while saying “Ah no, that’s alright, haha.”

Why did he reject me?

I just wanted to provide more hospitality.


Once again, another fantastic day has passed.

Good night.


Day 2448.

Dear Diary,

The house was cleaner than ever.


Same as before, Usato-san woke up extremely early for his training, and after he was done training, he asked me whether he could do anything to help.

I can’t let a guest like him do that….But I was asked by Eiri to clean the house together with him.

…Thinking about it, I would always clean the house on my own, or occasionally Eiri would help, but this is the first time someone else other than Eiri is helping me.

At the point of writing this diary, I thought that having someone else cleaning the house with me was truly the happiest point of my life.

But I opposed Usato-san’s suggestion of sharing our cleaning chores.

I thought it would be better if we cleaned the same place so it would be more beneficial.

For some reason, I felt that the light had disappeared in Usato-san’s eyes, but I told him not to worry about it.

Looking at him, the days have become much more fun lately.

I wonder if he can stay here more.


And that’s that, another wonderful day has gone by.

Good night.



It has been three days since visiting the palace of Samaria.

During one of those days, I asked Lucas-sama about the whereabouts of Ark-san and co, and whether they are safe. After further investigating, it seems that they have found a guy and two girls staying in an inn, which meant that Amako and Neah were safe.

On the other end, I was exhausted in various ways these past three days.

Inside the vicinity of this barrier, I can feel the presence of her stare. One could say that this place isn’t so wide, but I could always feel her stares be it behind a tree or hiding in the shadows of the house.

I wanted to retort one too many times at the horror this girl’s giving me, but above all, the eyes of this girl looking at me are like an innocent child’s eyes with no malicious intent which made me decide to give up.




Morning of the fourth day.

I was outside doing my usual muscle training routine.

Looking up at the white sky, I took a deep breath and tried managing the street menus at any time, but the only thing I could confirm behind me was her presence that had scared me over the last three days, it’s none other than Eva.

Is she ephemeral—-Or should I say she has no presence at all?

At first, I dismissed it without a single thought, but it’s not normal for me to be caught off guard from behind this many times.


“…Seriously, what in the world is she…”


Is she sick, or maybe not.

I once tried using normal healing magic on her through my gloves, but it had no effect.

The only other possibility is the illness from within, or maybe it’s some other circumstances…..


“Maybe I should try using body strengthening on her… No, I can’t.”


I haven’t completely mastered the skill yet. It’s better not to use it while there’s a danger of magic explosion.

Walking around the garden, I wondered what to do.

Then, I noticed—–that someone was sitting in front of the white stone monument.


“…Is that Eva?”


No, it’s someone bigger than her. Then, Eiri-san…?

I can’t see well due to the morning mist, so I tried getting closer. When getting closer, I can clearly see a figure sitting in front of the stone monument.

It was a man sitting in crossed-legs—–And he didn’t hesitate to place his gorgeous robe on the floor, and points at the stone monument with a gentle smile.



“Hm? Ooh, if it isn’t Usato. You’re up early.”



The King of Samaria, Lucas Urd Samaria.

He turned around and called out to me casually.


“What happened for you to be here this early in the morning?”

“A king, needs to get up earlier than anyone else—-Thus, I don’t have the time during the day, and that’s why I’m here.”


Lucas-sama said as he stares motionlessly at the stone monument.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask over these few days, what this stone monument is for.

What I do know is that it’s important because Eva was polishing it very intently.

Perhaps guessing my question, Lucas-sama slowly opened his mouth after turning his eyes away from the monument.


“This here….is the grave of my wife, Eliza Urd Samaria.”


“Though, there’s nobody buried inside. This grave is only here to comfort my self-satisfaction and for the child who doesn’t know the existence of her mother.”


Lucas-sama smiled in self-derision as he puts his hand on the glossy surface.

The surface of the pure white grave is surprisingly smooth, with no irregularities.


“Her name used to be carved here.”

“Used to be….? But, there’s nothing…”

“Ah well, I did call on a sculptor from a neighbouring country to carve it beautifully. …But that kid was constantly taking care of this every single day that even the carving has been smoothed out.”

“Every, day?”

“Yeah. Since around ten years ago when she was just only five years old, she has been polishing Eliza’s grave…”


That’s why she was polishing it so diligently.


“I don’t know what to say, but, that’s, brave of you…”

“Hahaha, I understand you’re trying to choose your words. To be honest, it’s heavy.”


I certainly thought so, but I can’t be saying something to the father-daughter relationship.

Lucas-sama who looked at me silently stares up towards the brightening sky and muttered, ‘Yes’.


“I’ll be making breakfast, how about going together?”



What should I do, Eiri-san should be the one making it, and I was just wondering what I should eat after muscle training. No, I should eat some food after training.

Breakfast prepared by Lucas-sama….Eiri-san’s food is not bad, but I got tired of having almost the same menu each time, and it’s only been three days…


“Don’t worry. The food I’m cooking is ordinary.”

“I’ll gladly go.”

“You have a good personality huh.”


Lucas-sama who smiled at me for giving a straight answer looked up behind me as he stood up and brushed the dirt off of his robe.


“Well, is that alright, Eva?”



Turning back from his words, there’s a familiar white hair of Eva staring at us from a slightly opened back door.

She smiles happily and nods at Lucas-sama’s words.

Since when—-No, I’m already used to this. She really has no presence whatsoever. At this point, I suspect she’s using some kind of magic.


“This is—–turning into….”


“Nn, it’s nothing. Well, we got permission from the Princess, so let’s move.”



Lucas-sama walked in the direction of the barrier’s exit.

I thought back about the words I heard just now—–




Spirit….No, or is it weak?

Remembering the word that Lucas-sama said with a bitter look, I followed him from behind.



The breakfast prepared by Lucas-sama was surprisingly normal.

Instead of a long table that you would often see in a movie, and the plates on which the food weren’t lined up, but it was prepared in the required amount on a medium-sized table.

However, because it’s the King we’re speaking of, the table, plates, and utensils are all expensive, so it’s safe to say that this is the most luxurious breakfast I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

Besides me, who was seated opposite of Lucas-sama, there were only a few knights standing by the wall, which seemed to be on the lookout, but there was no one else.

Despite being early in the morning, I could not help but to think of assassination or kidnapping because of the lack of security.


“Is it okay for only so few people keeping guard?”

“Are you trying to hurt me?”

“No, that’s impossible…”

“Then don’t worry about it. There’s no point in being too vigilant than it already is. Besides, the knights here are great. I don’t think an assassination attempt would even occur……So don’t worry about it okay?”


Why can I only feel anything but safe from what he’d said?

After being praised by Lucas-sama. The knights standing by the wall made complicated expressions.

This kind of frank atmosphere is also different from the King of Lingle.


“So, how was your three days here?”

“…I’m having a good time. Your daughter has helped me in various ways.”


I replied to Lucas-sama’s question as he smiles funnily.

I didn’t lie. It’s true that she has been a great help.


“Well, she’s a little overkill at times, but she’s always cheerful. But still, I didn’t think that you would actually stay for three days. If you said that you hate it, I was already preparing to allow you to stay in the palace instead.”

“….What? If I were to say the word, you would’ve let me stay here?”



Oi, don’t try to laugh it off….


“But you don’t need to change now, right?”

“You’re right.”

“Then, leave it as is. You know there’s no one like you? Anyone who understands that child’s anomaly and still tries to live with her. She doesn’t have any common sense and treats things in an insane manner. Everyone ran away because she was creepy…”


Doesn’t wield common sense and deals with things in insane——Yeah that’s about sums her up.

It may have been alright because I have some resistance after being involved with the rescue squad, and senpai, people who are troublesome in many ways.

But, what I’m curious is the fact that Lucas-sama tried to let me meet with Eva without any purpose. There’s no way he actually allows everyone to visit her?


“In the first place, why did you allow me to meet with her…?”

“Well, I really don’t have any reason. But if I were to have one, it would be to marry my daughter and come to this country, and I’m truly expecting that.”

“Isn’t that a bit too aggressive…?”


Did he plan this way more than I thought…? Maybe if I were to make a mistake, I’m going straight to the grave?

This person is saying something that scary while eating breakfast with a casual face.


“What are you saying. I was made to be the king forcefully by the previous king. I didn’t feel comfortable at that time, but after a year, I was okay with being a king. Besides, she looked just like Eliza when she was young, though with a slight difference in her personality. But overall, she’s well-behaved, motivated, and above all else, she’s beautiful.”

“Even if you say that…”


I can’t do such fearful things.

What’s more, people who say that they have subtle personality differences being similar…. Maybe that’s where she inherited from her mother? As Lucas-sama looks in a distance, she may have been difficult in some sense.



“I think it’s bad to ignore Eva’s will right?”


I tried firing back.


“I don’t mind giving my daughter to attract someone like you though?”

“Hey, doing that is a little…”

“I’ll do everything within my power. If it can make this country—–The future of Samaria into prosperity, I don’t mind a little heretical doctrine.”


But that doesn’t mean presenting your daughter…

In the first place, there’s no feeling of wanting to marry her. And I don’t want to ignore her will, and I don’t plan on staying here permanently.


“Even slaves and beast people are treated as such. It is common to incite slavery and hostility to beast people in order to prevent dissatisfaction with national politics, and that is what Samaria needs, so I took that——that beast girl that you’re travelling with.”


“Ah, don’t get angry. It’s me who instructed the people to hide them in the inn so that they wouldn’t reveal themselves. I’m not thinking of making them hostages. That’s a foolish thing to do, and it’ll come back to bite me.”


I suddenly remembered Amako’s story.

Phew, let’s calm down and breath, relax my shoulders.


“Slaves are good as workforce, and this country follows the minimum rules in dealing with slaves. We prohibit all violence against slaves, or any unjust punishment and or excessive labours. If anyone sees someone doing that—-They will be arrested immediately.”

“Then why are the slaves unhappy here?”

“I haven’t finished my sentence. But I’m sure they’re unhappy because of the event in which caused them to become a slave in the first place—-But well….you’re right, at least I don’t want them to feel unhappy working in my country.”


In Lucas-sams’s words, I remembered the appearance of a boy who seemed to be a slave before I came here.

Since he sat politely and waved his hand with an innocent smile, he doesn’t seem to be dissatisfied.

I can’t say for sure because I don’t know much about this country to that child, but it brings me to think that Samaria is still a kinder country for slaves than I thought.


“Uhaa~, well, I think it’s good that it wasn’t as what I had imagined it to be.”

“To me, I was scared of that look you’re giving me all this time with that expressionless face. If you went on a rampage, even Fegnis might not be able to stop you.”

“Ahaha, you’re praising me too much.”

“An ogre being able to keep moving as long as there’s magic supplying him is nothing but a nightmare. And if you’d wanted to, you could’ve neutralised the entire army right? I don’t have any idea how many people would be mobilised before cathing you, but I can’t see imagine what that number will be.”


I got the feeling he’s talking about catching a violent monster.


“Hahaha, what a monster you are. No matter how I think about it, I got a feeling I can never catch you! As expected of Rose Number Two.”

“Are you praising me?”

“Of course!”


I don’t feel like he’s complimenting me when he’s saying I’m another reincarnation of Rose.

Moreover, that is quite overrated. Even if I was attacked by many knights, I had no choice but to escape. And if I have no choice but to fight….Let’s see, I will punch them one by one with my healing punch….I guess? I have no attack that has a wide range effect like senpai or Kazuki, so my means are limited.


“….Anyways, is there any particular purpose for having me meet Eva?”

“Hmm. There’s the talk from earlier, but I couldn’t do it because of your personality, so I felt like I just want the both of you to meet. At the end of the day, Eva was able to make good memories. And personally, I’m happy.”



I lean on Lucas-sama’s words as his facial expression collapses.

This person takes great care of Eva, that I understand. However, the way of trying to present to her, who is an important daughter to her, and let me live together with her in that barrier.

I thought that he asked me to cure Eva with healing magic, but that was also different.

Does he really think it’s impossible with my powers?

Or was there another factor in the palace?

I can’t possibly get a clear answer simply by just listening passively.

In that case—


“Lucas-sama, about….this is just my hypothesis.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“But, my healing magic may cure Eva.”


Now I should be able to know the answer.

Whether I can cure her, or I can’t, or there’s no need to.

Lucas-sama who had a gentle expression becomes rigid, but he spins his words regardless.


“But, right now it’s impossible. I’m ashamed to say that there are still many immature parts of my healing magic, and I can’t say that I’m able to cure the illness. However, if I master it, the illness that is damaging her—”



My name was called with a soft but quiet voice.

Being stopped with such pressure from him, he opened his mouth with a sad expression.


“I’m happy with your good intentions—-But it’s impossible. It’s not that easy.”

“….If I’m not strong enough, there’s another person in Lingle that may be able to handle the strengthening of healing magic. Those people will surely…”

“No, that’s not it. It’s true that Eva’s body has a problem, but it’s not because of some illness. If that wasn’t the case, do you think that I would like to keep her in such a place with no hope of seeing the outside world? —–Usato, you’re really a good guy. You have a kind heart that is suitable for her successor, but this is—–”


Lucas-sama who had a self-deprecating smile, stopped midsentence, and leaned his body on the back weakly, without any power—


“…..This is my punishment. It has nothing to do with that child. This might be unreasonable and confusing right now—-But this is a curse of death that erodes the royalty of Samaria.”


Was what he replied.


Author’s Note:

The deeper meaning of the diary is scary (?)

  • I’m anxious, so I rushed into Usato’s room before sunrise.
  • Even after three days, I’m still watching Usato training early in the morning.
  • Sharing work = a painful measure to escape from her line of sight.


※By the way, I wrote it as a curse, but Neah’s dispel is practically useless here. (Bitter)

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