Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 86 – Does Laura like Keima or not?

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――The story thus far――


Keima who thought of buying a house asked a friend of his (an onee-san and business owner) to discuss with her about it.

When asked to buy a cheap house, a cheap house was presented.

Deep within a beautiful forest and a lake, a mansion filled with jellyfish.

And some of those jellyfish are poisonous.

Keima prepares the floating jellyfish and feeds it to Laura.


Laura who was hallucinating on the love drugs went into love-Keima mode and started flirting Keima.

And what does Keima thinks about all of this?


「Well it’s fine because it’s Laura.」


――And now, back to the story――


「I’ll never eat them anymore! Absolutely never! I’m a Goddess of Knowledge you know?! Such a magnificent being shouldn’t be testing for poison! What I should actually be doing…… is to use this smart, brilliant, genius and wise brain of mine!!」


 The way she claims that we should use her brain as labour is just making it more stupid.

 This is some fine Laura quality right there.


 But she has a point, she is somewhat a Goddess of knowledge.

 And that’s where I realised something.


「I just realise…… Do you really need to eat them?」


「Aren’t you a goddess of knowledge?

 So can’t you just gain access to your fountain of knowledge in that brain of yours to search?」

「That’s right! I’m not your usual goddess!」

「So, before eating the jellyfish, why not use your『Fountain of Knowledge』and search whether the jellyfish is edible or not?」



 Seems like I’ve pointed out on something.

 That dumb Laura shows a face as if a pigeon has eaten peas.


「You really have a useless brain.」

「I-I-It’s not useless! It’s just that Keima sometimes acts like a Wiseman who knows-it-all!!」


 That much and you’re calling me a Wiseman? Then don’t you think there are 3.5 billion wisemen in the world?

 But well, knowing that『Laura’s a goddess of knowledge』might just qualify me as a Wiseman.

 At the very least, I didn’t forget that Laura’s setting was that she’s a goddess of knowledge. 

 I mean, I still forget about it from time to time.


 The concept of knowledge causes the collapse of Gestalt, and the law of the universe is disturbed.

 Laura is a『Goddess of knowledge』and not a『Goddess of Wisdom』.Thus, she can only call upon her fountain of knowledge, and not access the wisdom part.

 So there’s no contradiction, however……

 I feel like the law of the universe is being disturbed by her being.


 Well, whatever.

 I walked to the table and showed Laura the yellow jellyfish on the cutting board.


「What kind of jellyfish is this?

 The rats went paralysed when they ate it.」

「Let me see..…」


 Laura places her finger on her forehead and starts accessing her fountain of knowledge.


「It’s a mushroom jellyfish(paralyse)! It’s a mushroom jellyfish that has paralysis!」

「How about this red jellyfish?」

「It’s a mushroom jellyfish(Hallucination)! If you eat its poison ball, you will hallucinate! You’ll see tons of fun hallucinations! Like soaring through the sky like a bird!」

「How about this green jellyfish? When the rat ate them, they went on a rampage. 」

「Those are mushroom jellyfish(Hallucinagon)! Once you eat the poison ball, you will start hallucination as well! However, different from the red jellyfish, you will hallucinate about horrible things! Like being surrounded by zombies!」


 Wow, she’s actually useful for once.

 I thought the rat that went on a rampage after eating the jellyfish was because the poison makes you go wild. But I never expected it to give you bad hallucinations.


「Aren’t you amazing.」

「You can praise me you know?!」

「Alright, there there.」


 I pat Laura in the head.




 She smiles innocently.


「Then how about these pink coloured jellyfish? After eating it, you suddenly cling towards me, saying things like loving me and what not.」

「You can tell without me explaining! It’s a hallucinagen where the first person you see, you’ll fall in love with! When I ate them, Keima was the first person I saw, so I LOVE you lots! And keep spouting love~~~~~~~ every time!」

「Well, just look into it just in case. Aren’t you a goddess of knowledge?」

「Fufufun. Guess it can’t be helped.」


 She taps her forehead again.


「That is…..Hmm, hmm, ahh. It’s a Mushroom Jellyfish(Truth serum). The poison will release the true intentions hidden in that persons…………Fueeeeee?!?!?!?!?!」


 According to what she said, it reveals the person’s true intention.

 Basically, Laura likes me.


「Y-Y-Y-You’re mistaken!  There must be some misunderstanding! It’s just a Goddess way of speaking! Where I’m grateful for you for always making delicious food, and feeding me…….

 But Keima is a Sadist…..

 Always deserting me……

 But when push comes to shove, you’ll always come and help me……。

 W-W-W-Wait that’s not it!

 Anyways, you’re mistaken!

 If I really love Keima, I won’t be so embarrassed to say it to you!

 That’s why, I absolutely do not love youuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~!!!」


 And she starts running away.

 However in just five seconds, the jellyfish started attacking her.


「Fueeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! Keimaaaaaaaaaa!!


 Heeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!



 This girl.

 I took out my sword and chased after the jellyfish.


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