Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 85 – Feeding Laura poison as an experiment

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The experiment with the mushroom jellyfish continues.

 After testing for poison with Lolona’s spoon, I found out a few things.


・Mushroom jellyfish have an organ that stores poison.

・The poison from the needles and tentacles also comes from the ping-pong ball-shaped ‘Poison ball’.

・If you wash the poison ball, you can eat them normally.

・Lastly, it doesn’t really taste that good.


 Needless to say, the fourth point is the most important.

 If it was delicious, I could’ve just left it like candy and eat them whenever I like.

 Then again, the fourth point can be changed if you change the cooking method.

 So there’s no need to despair.

 By the way, Laura bugged out.


「Panu- Panu- Heho- Pipoke-

 Panu- Panu- Heho-, Pipoke-

 Shirosuroseroheho, Pipoke

 Arahahaheho, Pipoke~」


 While rhyming verse which doesn’t make sense, she started dancing around strangely.


(Panu panu, heho-………。)


 Beside her, Marine was mimicking Laura’s like a child would.

 Marine didn’t become mad, she was just mimicking.



「Panu~ Panu~ Heho~……」


 Femile also danced along.

 When it comes to Femille, she may be following for some magical intent.

 If she succeeded in mastering it, she might be able to make her opponent do the same thing.


 Anyways, that’s a dumb-looking face.

 It’s spoiling her beautiful face.

 The only advantage that this girl has is her chest and face, and now she has ruined one of it.


 While thinking how unfortunate it is, I took out the “poison ball” from the mushroom jellyfish.

 The “Poison ball” which has an odd colour depending on the jellyfish, looks pretty if you just stare at it.

 After checking using Lolona’s spoon, I put it inside a miniature garden made with earth magic.

 After putting close to 10 of them inside the miniature garden, I placed a mice which I caught in the forest into it.


 Since the mice had a strong appetite, it ate the poison ball.

 Now we can tell whether the effect truly is as it shows.

 It’s understandable if it’s a paralysis poison, but it’s difficult to judge if it’s a hallucinogen.

 Though it’s kinda hard to tell if a mice running rampant in the miniature garden is due to the stimulant, or because of the hallucination.


 In that sense, it’s faster just to feed it to Laura.

 I took out a pink poison ball from the mushroom jellyfish.

 Even after giving it to the mice, it was hard to tell the effect.


「I’ve made an antidote, Keima-dono.」

「I’ve made one as well, Keima-san!」

「Thanks, Lolona, Femille.」


「What’s wrong?」

「I- It’s not like, we aren’t doing this to help Keima-dono……」

「We didn’t do that much, but if you can……」


 I immediately realised what they wanted.

 I pat them in the head.





 Lolona’s ears moved, and Femille smiled softly.

 We gave Laura the antidote.

 We can use magic to detoxify, but I want to make sure it can be cured with medicinal plants.

 Laura who has taken the antidote, yawn and……fell asleep.

 I sit and waited.


(Tap tap.)



 Marine who came near me, put her hands on my knee and tilted her head.


「Go ahead.」



 She sticks to me sweetly.

 After waiting for 10 minutes.

 Laura wakes up.




 After waking up, she turns and looks around.


「Hey Keima! Didn’t I act like a goddess just now?!

 I felt like I was dancing the dance of Gods, and attracting everyone!!」


「Well, you did fascinate Marine and Femille.」

「I knew it. Ehehe. I really am a great goddess♥

 Even after hallucinating by the poison, I could still do a fascinating dance of the great god of warrior~♥」


 I don’t think she should simply say that『Panu panu heho~』shit is a dance of god.

 I thought about it, but I kept it to myself.

 It would be a problem if this thing decides to populate this panupanu dance all over the world.

 It’s a strange dance with a strange audio, but I’m sure people will hum to it.


 Panu panu heho heho~

Panu panu heho heho~

Panu panu heho heho~



 It really feels nice to hum.


「It’s surprisingly exciting to eat poison! Of course it might feel painful and bitter, but I feel like I can stand out because of it!」


 She’s actually enjoying it?!?!


 That’s not what I had expected.

 I thought she was just foolishly positive, but to willingly intoxicate herself with poison……。


 And that’s only feeding her with poison.

 Maybe I should give her more.


「Ah, Keima! Are those poison balls on your right palm?!?! Aan! Aan!」


 She opens her mouth wide.

 I thought she would refuse, but she is asking for it.

I gave her the pink poison ball.


「How is it?」

「MmmmMmm……A win!

 I can taste a bit of sweetness…………」

「Slightly sweet?」


「It tastes like ticks!!」


「How are ticks a win!! How poor were you when you were living on your own!! 」

「I made a mistake! I was trying to say gummy! Just let me off !!」

「That’s good……」

「Wait a minute Keima, you thought I was a goddess who eats ticks!?」

「When you make such a mistake, you don’t have any persuasive power.」


「So, how was it? Does the pink poison ball have any issues?」

「There’s nothing at the moment……Fueeeen, hah, hyan?!」

「So it activates later.」

「Yeap hic, ehehe.」


 Laura tilts her small neck sideways and made a cute cat pose.

 It gave me a heartbeat.

 Laura puts her hand on my shoulder and looks at me in a cute manner.




 And kisses me.


「Being able to kiss my lovely Keima. Ehehe~」


 Acting cute, Laura chuckles a little before kissing me another two to three times.


「What happened to you? Did you eat something bad?!」

「But she did though……」

「What’s more, it’s Keima-san who fed her……」


 Lolona and Femille retorted me, which were all valid arguments.

 However, I was too confuzzled that I can’t connect the dots.

 Laura hugs me, and her huge chest squishes my chest.


「Even though I’ve been making lots of mish-takes, but I’m very grateful~ If you ash-k whether I lii~ke or hate you, I LOOOOOVE you lots~ I love your gentle sh-ide, I love that no matter what happ-hens, you’ll always protect me. Sh-o I like, like, like, like, like, LOOOOVE you, okay? Ehehe~」


 What is this cute little creature we have right here!


 However, I was trembling.

 This is Laura.

 This thing is Laura.

 The dumb and useless goddess.

 It is well-established that she’ll always do things with an ‘Okay’.

 I feel like this is setting me up.


「If it’s Keima, I don’t mind you doing some perverted things with me?」


 Laura puts her finger on her mouth and licks her fingers.


「Ufufufu, ehehe, hyaan ♥」


 She was moving erotically.

 After about 20 minutes of her doing that, the poison seems to have worn off, as she lost consciousness.


(Kuu……) As she sleeps standing up.


 Ten minutes later.

 She quietly wakes up.


「So you’re up?」


「What the hell?」

「It’s not Keima’s fault, but but……. Fueeeeen!!!」


 Laura ran and escaped this embarrassing situation.

 I calmly raised my right hand and cast wind magic.





 Laura who was caught by the wind fell sharply.


「Why did you suddenly run away?」

「I don’t know…… But……」


「My memories…………」


「Even though I’m the goddess of knowledge……!」

「I see I see.」


 I didn’t say anything this time.

 I stroke her head without saying anything.


 By the way, after 30 minutes from now, Laura felt even more embarrassed.

However, we didn’t expect this to happen at all.

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