Level 1 Guy: Chapter 348 – Minotaur

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Calcium dungeon, 4th floor.


Even and I went into the dungeon that is completely void of any monsters, and a devastating air filled the dungeon floors.

Continuing down the floors, we roamed around searching for the Dungeon Master.


“Hmph!” (Eve)


Eve was incredibly pumped up.

But why is she being so proud?


I know that she’s motivated with this case, but it seems that her motivation is a little different from before.

I was curious, thus I decided to ask.


“What’s wrong Eve? You’re being more motivated than usual.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny has heard about the Dungeon Master here.” (Eve)

“Uh-huh.” (Ryouta)

“Absolutely never forgive.” (Eve)

“Eh? Why?” (Ryouta)

“Because—” (Eve)


When Eve tried to answer, the sign of a Dungeon Master drifting around the dungeon became more intense.


Immediately after sensing that, it’s here.


What emerged from the corner is a cow head with a macho body and a huge double-edged axe as a weapon.


A Minotaur. That name came to mind.


Is this Calcium’s Dungeon Master?


“Heavenly punishment!” (Eve)

“What?” (Ryouta)


Eve jumped at the Minotaur after murmuring those line of speech which she would never have spoken.


The chop that she’d thrown was the slowest I’ve seen thus far.


Eve’s hand sword.

Similar to the phenomenon of a blade fan slowing down, the slower it is, the more powerful it becomes.

Eve’s chop which looks slower than ever struck the Minotaur’s axe—–More of breaking the axe and blowing the cow’s head as it is.


“Hmph!” (Eve)


Eve was snorting again after the giant fell and shook the ground.


“Oi oi, ain’t that one chop (punch).” (Ryouta)

“Of course, it’s its punishment.” (Eve)

“I wanted to ask, but why punishment?” (Ryouta)

“Even though it’s a cow, it eats the meat of human who it kills.” (Eve)

“Sounds like you’re describing a Minotaur.” (Ryouta)


I remembered the mythical creature, Minotaur.

It kills and eats men right away, and violates women.

Well, the descriptions of mythologies are mostly 90% correct.


“A cow who eats meat. It’s soiling the herbivorous system.” (Eve)

“Ah, so that’s what you mean.” (Ryouta)

“That’s why Bunny gives divine punishment!” (Eve)


Eve snorts once more, but she seems a little happier after defeating the Minotaur.

Looking at the lower half of the body of the Minotaur laying there, I asked.


“But… The head is a cow and the body is a human body. Maybe even if it’s a herbivore, but the digestive system is omnivorous? Wouldn’t it be better to eat some carrots?” (Ryouta)


While looking at the corpse of the Minotaur, I tried thinking about a hopeless fantasy.

Eve immediately argued.


“Bunny eats the most carrots.” (Eve)

“Stop with that kind of lines.” (Ryouta)


I suddenly thought of an association which might eat carrots.


“How about Centaurs? Since they’re half horse, maybe they eat carrots?” (Ryouta)

“Kyupin.” (Eve)


A strange sound was heard, and Eve’s eyes shone mysteriously.

Aah, I think I just stepped on a landmine.


I brought this upon myself, let’s try to sway the topic.


Is there any material?

Thinking so, I looked around the corpse.


“…..Eh? This is weird.” (Ryouta)

“It’s weird because it’s messy.” (Eve)

“It’s not that….It isn’t disappearing.” (Ryouta)

“Eh?” (Eve)


Eve tilted her head, and I pointed at the Minotaur she’d just defeated.

Yeap, it’s not going away.


Despite defeating it.

It lost its head and fell down.

But there’s…..no sign of it disappearing. 


Don’t tell me—–As suddenly the situation happened as I predicted.


The corpse started to rise up.

The broken axe had restored, and its neck growing back its head.

It shook its axe with tremendous momentum.


“Eve!” (Ryouta)


The target was Eve.

Eve reacted by throwing her hand sword towards the axe—


“Kya.” (Eve)


The hand and axe collided, and the axe shook.


Eve was blown off and plunged into the wall of the dungeon.


“Eve!!” (Ryouta)


Eve slumped to the ground and fainted.

Doesn’t seem like there’s any injury, maybe a concussion.


“The Minotaur continued rushing with its axe to pursue Eve.


“As if I’ll let you!” (Ryouta)


Taking out my revolvers, I fired normal bullets to stop it from rushing.

The bullet was aimed at its axe, which slowed its movement just enough for me to move between them.


I faced the Minotaur head front—–I was surprised.


Before I knew it not only was its head regrown—–but it was metallic.


It has a metallic colour, with somewhat sharp edges.


The new head that was replaced was still the shape of a cow, but it looks completely like a machine.

The word Mecha Minotaur came to mind.


“Did it just transform after defeating it?” (Ryouta)


I muttered, but the situation did not stop there.

The Mechataur roars as it brought its axe up to the air.

After the roar, something summoned around it.


There, slightly smaller Minotaurs appeared.

With the same cow head and human body.

7 male and 7 female.

A total of 14 Mini-taur appeared.


“It can even summon other monsters.” (Ryouta)


I fired normal bullets as a test.

A quick hit and reload.

I fired dozens of shots into the Mechataur in an instant.

Most of it was deflected by its axe, but one managed to scratch its thick macho arm.


The upper arm is torn and blood flowed.


Even if the minis are there, it seems that I can still damage the main body.


“—-If that’s the case!” (Ryouta)


Ignore the surroundings and aim for the main!

I rushed straight towards the Mechataur.

It swings its axe.


If it can even swing Eve away, it’s not a good idea to do a close-range battle even if I have SS Strength.


I fired a Trash Bullet.

The bullet matches the trajectory of the axe.

The bullet that can push anything forward hit the axe.


The axe bounced back as if being hit by a wall, and the Mechataur lost its balance.

I immediately jumped in. Went through the side and sneak behind, then fired two of my revolver at zero distance!


Countless bullets penetrated the body of the Mechataur, and messed it up.


Immediately after, I kicked the ground and stood in front of Eve to protect her.

Looking at the situation, it seems like the Mechataur isn’t disappearing.


Instead, it approaches one of the mini-taur, grabbed it by its head.


“Oi oi, don’t tell me…” (Ryouta)


After munching on the mini-taur, the Mechataur recovered completely.

However, the place I fired also mechanized.

It roared, and the 13 others roar—-resonating.


“So it’s using them as stock.” (Ryouta)



It swung its axe again, and I fired a Trash Bullet.


The same thing happened, but the shockwave was much larger than just now.


“DId it powered up in the meantime?” (Ryouta)


“Let’s hope that it’s not gonna——–transform another 13 times or something.” (Ryouta)


It got mad and attacked me again.

I fired and defeated it. Again, it ate one of the minis and revived + powered up.


IN the meantime, I tried attacking the mini-taurs, but all attacks were repelled.

They seemed to be invincible.


Each time I defeat it, it powers up, and its body is slowly becoming more robotic, which corresponds with its defence power.


Let’s try picking up the pace.


“It’s useless if you just power up!” (Ryouta)


No matter how much it powers up, it can’t match with the Trash Bullet.

I continued doing the same thing.

The power continued to rise, but on the contrary, the gaped became larger.


At the end, it took the bullet a while before it could deflect the axe.


After defeating it 14 times, the Mechataur has finally been defeated.


“How about that?” (Ryouta)


It disappeared completely as it was unable to revive with its livestock.

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