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Author’s note:

Sorry for the wait, here’s chapter 83.

Edited: Shiro


The girl that appeared in the palace of Samaria.

Being surprised by Usato’s shocked from what looks to be some miraculous abuse from her body, and when the maid noticed her notable error in pronouncing his name, she hurriedly panicked and lowered her head, then hurriedly ran into the white house.

The maid who introduced the abused child now guided me to the wooden table and chairs in front of the building and urged me to sit down.

The maid immediately returned to the castle, but should I wait until that young girl comes up?

Based on the panicked situation, it seems that she won’t be coming anytime soon…


“But still, this place is quite wide…”


Looking around, there are ponds and trees in addition to the white houses. The barrier that surrounds it is also semi-transparent, so there are no feelings of oppression.

I wonder if they have it outside and inside as well.


“It would be too much to say that this inn feels like nature. But it’s a fact that it creates a calm space.”


I rest my back on the chair and waited for the young girl.

I was able to pass the letter safely, but I’ll have to stay here for a while. It’s not per se problematic… As it is my job to keep the relation with Samaria intact.


“….Invitation huh.”


Having my own squad in Samaria.

It’s something that I can’t imagine at my immature state currently.

However, that might not be the case after a few years, where I defeated the Demon King’s army, and defeat the Demon King. Then, being accepted by Rose and become a full-fledged member, but what would my next objective be?




Everything may not go as expected, but if our rescue squad and the heroes, Kazuki and senpai aren’t needed anymore—–I can’t help thinking about the future that it will be.

Currently, I’m busy with various things such as letters and demon king, but after everything is over, I have to think for myself, not going on a mission or under direct orders from her.

If I think about that—-


“….That, might be good. I can come to Samaria.”


Of course, this isn’t confirmed right now.

It’s a hypothetical situation when the army is defeated, and Lingle becomes peaceful, and Rose recognises me as a full-fledged healing magician.

…. Along those lines, having a rescue squad in Samaria is like gaining my own independence.

Of course, I can’t do it myself, but I will pass on the experiences and knowledge as a healing magician taught by Rose to the people who were oppressed like Nak—-

I’m sure my ideal would be cut off by Rose’s single word ‘simpleton’ and shrug me off, but I think it’s kinda nice.


“To achieve that, I’ll have to make this world peaceful…”


Looking up towards the sky with a bitter smile, the sky turned into a  sunset colour at some point, and it was almost evening.

Noticing that, I carefully stood up and did a light stretch on my back.

The light coming from outside the barrier illuminates the white house and dyes it orange.




There’s something in the shadow of the house.

Being concerned, I decided to leave my seat and approached the shadow.

Going closer to it, I found a stone buried on the ground. It had a pure white colour with no scratches.

This is… a grave? It could be a stone monument. But, there’s nothing written on it, and the surface is so smooth that you can see the gloss.


“…It’s better not to touch it.”


I was curious, but it might be better not to touch it without permission from the owner of this place.

Especially if it’s a grave.


“Ah, he’s here!!”

“ ! “


Turning back to the voice from behind, the pale girl was holding her hand against the wall of the house while breathing a sigh of relief….  The more I looked at her, the more I don’t get her ‘pure white’ impression. Her age, seems to be slightly older than Amako?


“I’m sorry for moving on my own…”

“N-No, it’s fine! It’s my bad for keeping you waiting forever… Uhmm, that…”


The girl glances at me several times while tying her hands together.

For some reason, it reminded me of the behaviour of the former village girl, Neah.


‘M-My name is Eva・Urd・Samaria! I’m truly sorry for making a mistake with your name just now!”

“…It’s alright, I don’t care anymore.”


What’s with that name.

Although my name was never difficult to make a mistake, there are times when this is the case. No, I take that back, I’ve never been called Uzato before.


“You may already know my name, but I’m Usato Ken. I’m like… a messenger from the Kingdom of Lingle… As your name suggests, are you the daughter of Lucas-sama, am I right?”


Since I’m not used to using honorifics, it felt like I was saying something awesome.

I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong, but the girl who makes a slight glimpse of my honorific expression—-Eva-sama.

I regret doing it, though all said in my heart… She opened her mouth with a mixed tone of dissatisfaction.


“…That is right. I am the daughter of this kingdom. However, since I have no power as a princess, you don’t have to speak to me in honorific terms, okay? Rather, my father asked me to entertain you as a guest from now on.”


She doesn’t have power as a princess?

Now wait a minute, Lucas-sama asked her to entertain me in advance?

….I hate being danced on that person’s palm.

At the very least, I would like to draw a line using honorifics, but it’s impossible from her appearance…


“I understa-…..Got it. Let’s stop with honorifics. Uhmm, Eva…-sama?”

“Eva is fine. Usato-san!”


A carefree, full-grinned smile was aimed at me, which frustrates me.

That type of smile that brings innocence and heartfelt joy to one’s heart——This child’s character really resembles that of Kazuki…!

She’s not like the fraud Neah, but a pure young girl—-Honestly, someone like me who’s always suspicious and has a dirty mind, is a difficult partner for me.

What’s that. What I see from behind her for a moment was awful.


“Uhm, I’ve been meaning to ask…”



I point to an object that is slightly visible from the back of the cutely tilted Eva.


“That, the rope behind you… What’s its uses?”

“UEee?! Ah-, Ah-, That…”


When I asked, she looked as if she had been exposed, and placed the rough rope in her hand in front of me.

It’s a moderately thick rope. Is this those sorts of ropes Hollywood often use in movies to hold hostages?


“I, I thought that Usato-san had run away because I did something horrible”


“But, I don’t need this anymore, because Usato-san is here.”


She throws the rope down at her feet, and happily puts her hands on her cheeks, with those cloudless eyes, then smiles at me.

What is this, this idea of an elementary school girl who’s trying to catch a small cat who accidentally strays in the garden of their house? It’s cute if we’re talking about cats, but it’s terrifying if that is a person.


“Ha, ha ha ha. Don’t tell me, you wanted to use that to catch me?”

“No way! I will never do that to my friend!”


Wait a second, since when were we certified friends? I’m fine with that, but you didn’t even introduce yourself until we’ve met? Wait, doesn’t that mean you’re going to tie me up before this?!

I want to pursue that part, but I’m afraid what kind of answer will return.

Is this normal? It’s natural right? Or is this the habits of a woman?

I didn’t just meet with a troublesome girl, right? Of course not the sweet and bubbly kind, but the most troublesome of them all.


“W- Well, rather than that. Let’s have dinner. I’ve cooked a lot of delicious food tonight, so please look forward to it!”

“Y-You’re right. O-Oh boy—I’m hungry~”


Let’s think no more.

This child is not as evil as Neah.

Convincing myself, I was pulled by her and proceeded through the darkened garden.


When I returned to the table arranged in front of the building with Eva, there was a light of magic tools that wasn’t lit up just now, and a man was preparing a plate and a cup by the side of the table.

Noticing me and Eva coming, he bowed humbly, and then returned to the house, carrying a square food item on a rectangular plate with both hands, placing it at the center of the table.


“Princess. Dinner is ready.”

“Thank you, Eiri. Now, feel free to sit down, Usato-san.”


According to her words, I was being seated in a chair pulled by the butler and sat in front of her.

In front of me is a plain white food similar to my house, and around were bite-sized fruits.

Is that, cake? This? It’s not impossible as there’s cake in earth, but it’s amazing how similar things are here.

Being surprised by the unfamiliar sweetness in this world, the butler approached me.


“Extreme apologies for the late greeting, Usato-sama. My name is Eiri, the butler working here.”

“Aah, likewise.”

“This time, with the kindness of the princess who asked us to welcome Usato who is visiting Samaria, we have put our all on preparing this meal for you.”

“Thank you.”


Eiri-san the butler then offers me tea.

He doesn’t look like a butler no matter how I look at it, but when I think about it, there’s nothing wrong with what the butler’s wearing while he’s cooking, so I didn’t pay it any mind.



“Just looking at it feels stunningly sweet…”


The cake, fruit and tea.

Although there are a few types, the cake is not a hole-type, but a large rectangular shape that you often see in overseas.


“I’m sorry. Is there anything else besides cakes? Vegetables or…”

“? Usato-san, you don’t eat cake and vegetables together, you know? Vegetables are for breakfast, and the cake is for dinner.”


So they call it cake in this world as well?

Or is the translation spell given when being summoned reproduced words that are familiar to us?… Well, not like it matters now.


“….During the day?”

“It’s meat. For health, you have to eat well.”


I may be biased in various ways….? But I feel that the way they’re eating is not well balanced.

Also, consuming such a large cake with such high sugar content fro dinner is likely to cause stomach problems. As a member of the rescue squad, adding extra flesh to my body is not very desirable, and I don’t like sweet stuff to begin with.

What should I do, it’s bad to defeat her good intentions…


“What seems to be the manner? Please feel free to start anytime.”

“… Thanks for the meal.”


For the time being, let’s try one mouthful.

The sweetness is transmitted as it spreads in my mouth. I feel a sense of euphoria as if healing a tired body after a long journey.




It’s delicious, but the problem is its quantity.

The cake placed on the platter has a tremendous presence, and a single scoop from a fork won’t leave a dent to it. It’s a heartburn-causing amount, but I can’t say anything, so I silently ate it.

Looking ahead, Eva behaves differently than I do.

Seeing her once more, I wondered why is this girl here? This place is by no means prepared for me, it’s more like it’s meant for her.

Is she locked up here?

Or is there another reason?

Is she suffering from an illness due to her pathological white hair and skin? It may be the quickest way to hear from her directly, but looking at her carefree smile, I can’t do it.


“? What’s the matter, Usato-san. Staring at my face.”

“I-It’s nothing.”


I continued moving my fork while fooling her as she tilted her neck.

I finished the cake on the plate while receiving gaze of Eva smiling at me.


“It was delicious.”

“Right, I know right. There’s more where that came from, so please eat up!”


When she looks over to Eiri, he tries to put a larger sliced cake on my plate.

Eating anymore would really cause a heartburn, let’s refuse.


“No, I’m already full.”

“I see…. But, there’s plenty more…”


When showing a palm to refuse to Eiri-san, Eva shows a disappointing look.

However, as soon as I looked at the cake on the table and showed a look of relief, she said dejectedly.


“I’m sorry. Thinking about it normally, it is no doubt Usato-san can’t eat that much. I didn’t think about Usato-san because I was so excited… This cake is Samaria’s speciality, and I love it. So I thought that Usato-san… But, I was being too pushy…”


I have a tremendous feeling of guilt when her voice gradually gets thinner.

This child is directly irritating my conscience….?! As expected of a person with the same pure heart as Kazuki. I don’t feel that inconvenience from Inugami-senpai or Neah.

——I guess I can have one more plate…


“Eiri-san. Please give me another…”

“Eh? Usato-san…?”

“Thinking about it, I’m not full with just one slice.”


I swallowed the newly prepared cake from Eiri-san. Although the sweet taste spreads throughout the mouth, I managed to wash it off with the black tea.

Aah, why am I always like that, always so easy to fall for these tricks. Maybe it’s us Japanese that can’t say NO to anything…


“You’re kind, Usato-san.”

“Well, moderately.”

“But, it was nice meeting you. I was worried because the people who came here would leave immediately right after dinner, so I was worried. Does everyone from the outside not like sweets that much….”


I can’t say much because I rarely eat cakes, but there are some people who are sweet maniacs.


“It’s not that I hate it. It’s just been a long time since I’ve eaten such sweet food.”


Even before I came here.


“Fufu, I’m glad. You will come to love the taste of this country’s speciality…”

“Hahaha. What if I said I wasn’t good with sweets? But I am down to try something else.”


This is a bit mean of me, but let’s try speaking the truth.

Why did the people who visited here immediately leave? If the food is the issue, they should be able to serve something different, and that should solve the problem.

Despite that, if I were to leave, the food—–No, it may be rude, but it might be that there’s something wrong with Eiri-san’s dishes.

Well, the problem is when such a kind-hearted child—–


“Of course, you can eat until you love it.”



Was I mistaken, but I think some pretty crazy words have popped out.

No no no no, she’s not gonna do anything like forcing me to eat with a smile.


“You must not leave any food. And no being choosy. And never forget to appreciate the food. Those are the common sense to know. And—– When I grow up, I’ll make this country a place where my father will love.”


No cloudiness—–No, she’s staring at me with her pure eyes.

That eyes, I felt something crazy.


“That’s why I’ll do my best. Even if I dislike it, I’ll do my best until I like it. That is what’s the Princess of this country will do.”


“But, that’s not necessary! Because it’s not like Usato-san doesn’t hate cakes right!”



Ah, now I get why everyone wants to leave…

Eva, no. You’re wrong. You’re not supposed to work hard on what someone tells you, but what you want to do. This is pure madness—–This is what I felt from her.

She’s just too pure.

Because of that, she accepts the word and situation as is. With such a girl in front of me, I could only pluck the cake that was silently piled up like a mountain.


After that, I had to eat all the cakes that were placed.

The last one was almost enthusiastic, but after eating it, I realised how much of a blunder I made.

What will happen to my body if I continue such a meal for a week—–Imagine a fat figure of me, and at the same time the reaction of Rose when she sees me.

—–She’ll show me every hell of the world……


“I have to burn them…I have to burn all of them…”


While grumbling and mumbling, I’m doing push-ups with all my heart, which I would never do in the past. After all, despite being guarded by Eiri-san, I’m doing muscle training in the garden inside the barrier.

Exercising is the only way to burn the calories being ingested.

I don’t know how much exercise should be done, but I think it’s safe to say I should do three times what I normally do.




Since I’m doing push-ups more often than over, I was overwhelmed by my whole body’s load, which is still not enough to burn the calories of the cake I ate earlier.

I switch from push-ups to abdominals while holding my breath.


“Is this what Lucas-sama was aiming for….”


Trying to get rid of me mentally—–And trying to get me rooted with an unbalanced diet.

It’s a sneaky method to execute, but knowing that I have a hard time dealing with Eva, who does it in good faith, it’s a truly good gimmick.



“Hm? What’s wrong, Eiri-san.”


Eiri-san who was in front of me who was doing abdominals has a slightly embarrassed look.

He who looked completely dark called out in a worry.


“Isn’t it time for you to take the day off….. It seems like you’ve been doing the same thing for over two hours already…. Aren’t you tired from travelling?”

“…It’s almost impossible for me to feel physically tired. So I’m still fine.”


That wasn’t a lie.

If I use healing magic, I can get rid of my physical fatigue, so I can continue to move as long as my magic doesn’t run out.


“Eiri-san, you can just leave me and rest.”

“Thank you for your kindness…. Well, it’s very difficult to say—–But I can’t rest unless Usato-sama returns to his room.”

“Eh? But, you don’t have to mind—-”

“Please look over there.”


Eiri-san shooks his head slowly and turned his hand to behind me.

Looking back, the shadow of a white house—-Eva, a girl who looks into the place illuminated by the light of magical tools. She gazed at me with intriguing eyes and stared at me here without approaching.

I was suddenly surprised at the pure white appearance of a horror movie.


“….I-I didn’t notice….Did she look at me from there this whole time…? It’s fine if she’d come to talk to me…”

“I think she felt bad to disturb you. She’s a very modest and kind person.”


Truly, a kind child indeed.

However, even if I said that, the word strange comes in mind when I see her.


“Usato-sama. You may have been irritated by the princess. But please stay here for a little while longer. The princess is curious about you….And she doesn’t have any motive against you.”

“That part I understand. But, just because she has no ill intention towards me, her behaviour is…”

“Folly right?”

“….Well, yeah.”


It may be more correct to say that she’s out of sync with common sense.

As I said, it’s like an innocent child trying to do the right thing.


“It may be unavoidable to say that she doesn’t have common sense. However, the princess only knows what’s in this house.”

“Here as in inside this barrier?”

“Yes. The past, and until the future—-There’s also a reason why they have to do that, and she accepts it. However, for her who knows only of this narrow world, all common sense and values, she had to learn it in the process of education rather than experiencing—-”


…..I see, so she has to learn her everyday life through relationships with people, no wonder she looks so out of the ordinary.

Then, it might be normal.

For her innocence.

After all, since she has grown up without a single bad thing, she doesn’t understand what’s good or bad.


“——-I….We, wanted her who knows only such a narrow world to be free. What’s left is her…..”


“My apologies. I can’t say anymore.”


Eiri-san who has a bad expression smirked. It would be harder to hear about Eva from him. Let’s ask someone who seems to know about it. No wait, it’s also possible to ask Lucas-sama…

The reason why she has to be locked here. It’s possible to think of something like an illness? Looking at her white hair, that’s the first thing that comes to mind… Maybe Lucas-sama wanted me to cure her so she placed me here?

Again, looking back at Eva who was watching me shook her hand a little.


“Princess also likes to write diaries.”

“Eh, is that so?”


Watching Eva, Eiri-san suddenly murmured.

Speaking of diaries, I felt a sense of familiarity.


“Things about being alive every day —–She wrote in her diary every day about her daily joys and new encounters. She is very fragile….extremely so…We wanted to do something about it, but we can’t do anything…”


…..Eh, Ehh? The purpose of her diary is completely different from mine. Who’s trying not to stray from reality…

Despite that, it has a weight of seriousness.

Being confused by the differences of our diaries, Eiri-san who walked up closer to what I thought, grabbed my shoulders firmly.


“Uoo?! What is it?!”

“Usato-sama. Please, please stay here a little longer. No, if possible, please stay here for the rest of your life!”



My entire life!? You’ve obviously skipped several steps, right?

According to Lucas-sama’s suggestion, the butler requested isn’t really that surprising now!

Perhaps he wasn’t looking at my astonished look, but Eiri-san who showed his true colours, up to the point where his expression changed to a screaming voice, diligently squeezed his voice.


“It’s extremely rare for a person who isn’t scared of the princess… All my co-workers couldn’t keep up with the princess… The guests invited would only be able to withstand her for a single night before leaving—-However, an insensitive person like you are extremely valuable!!”

“Can’t you stop calling me insensitive?!?!”


Certainly, I’m insensitive to pain, but it’s not like I’m not sensitive to other areas.

And to stay forever is impossible. However, it would be alright to stay for a few weeks, as Lucas-sama proposed. Before that, I have to ask about Arc-san’s situation, and if possible, I want to meet with them.


“U-Uhmm, you two seem to be having fun! What were you talking about?! Can I take part in the conversation!?”


How can you look at this current interaction and think it looks fun….?

Eva, who was unable to endure after seeing the exchange between me and Eiri-san, came out.

Looking at her, I expected the next few days to be intense in various ways.


Author’s Note: It’s dangerous because she’s pure. That is who Eva is. (You mean oblivious)

TL Note: I felt lied to.

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