Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 84 – Let’s feed Laura some suspicious jellyfish

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「Since we’ve decided that Laura’s gonna test the food, let’s grab a jellyfish for her.

 Lolona, Femille, can you lend me a hand?」



「And Marine, please hold onto Laura so she can’t run away.」



 Marine started hugging Laura. If she starts running now, she’ll be dragging the little girl with her.

 I’m sure Laura isn’t the kind to do that.

 We approached the jellyfishes.

 We went in without any countermeasures.




 The jellyfish noticed us. It turns its tentacles towards me and releases some transparent thing.

 I lightly dodged it, and sharp needles were stabbed on where I was standing just now.


「Judging by this kind of timing, the needle is most likely poisonous.」


 Gonna pick those later.

 Thinking about it, the jellyfish moves its tentacles.


「It’s not that quick.」


 I cut the tentacles with my sword.


「If Keima-dono can do it, I can do it as well.」


 Lolona who was surrounded by 5 to 6 jellyfishes, easily sliced them up.


「Fireball! Fireball! Fire–…..Hieeee~~~~~~~~~~!」


 On the other hand, Femille had a difficult time.

 The jellyfish spits water whenever the fire comes close, then moves away from her.

 Then a different jellyfish approaches her and tries to grab her.


「Fireball! Firebarll~~~~~!!」


 Femille was desperately trying to defend herself, but the countless jellyfish had a hit and run formation.


「Fireball! Ice needle! Fireba-all!~~~~~~~! ! !」


 Since fireball wasn’t working, she tried using ice needle, but that didn’t work either.




 I threw a rock I picked up from the ground.

 Splash! !

 The rock pierced right through the centre of the jellyfish, and it evaporated into thin air.

 The jellyfish has been killed.


「Thank you….pyon.」

「Don’t mind. I just wanted to know how strong the jellyfish were.」


 Though no matter how much we killed, the numbers didn’t decrease.

 As high as the sky can reach, the jellyfishes were floating around like balloons.

 Some were normally floating around the rooftop as well.


 What’s more, it’s being mass produce by polyp.


「It might be around two to three thousand of them.」


 Either way.

 I gathered the defeated jellyfish to where Laura is.


「Here you go. It’s time for our fun and enjoying eating time.」


「Ugh, it looks bloody disgusting.」

「Can’t you at least lie to me and say it looks delicious?!」


 I placed the transparent jellyfish on top of the chopping board which I’ve prepared.

 It’s around the size of a volleyball.

 I chose a somewhat small size for her first meal.


「I’ll at least choose one that doesn’t look poisonous.」

「Don’t suddenly choose one that has poison and be like, okay this looks good for me!!」

「A wonderful retort as ever.」


 I praised her, and judged the jellyfish.

 Remove the tentacles, and separate the umbrella part.


「It seems like the umbrella part looks edible.」


 I chopped the umbrella in eight.

 Water came……leaking out.

 This springiness reminds me of Nata de Coco.


「It feels like the taste would change depending on the ingredients used……」


 Using the spoon Lolona gave me, I scoop the jellyfish.


「There’s――no poison.」


 Then I feed it to Laura.


「Aaah, open your mouth wide.」



 Laura’s tears flowed while opening her mouth.

 I fed the transparent jellyfish to her.


(Chew, chew, chew.)


 Laura’s mouth began moving.


「How is it?」


「Was it bad?」

「There’s no taste, and it’s so gummy……So bitter~~~~~~~~」

「I see.」


 I tried eating it.

 It’s just as she described.

 Bland and gummy-like.

 However, there’s no particular bitterness to it.


 What does this mean?

 I looked at another intact jellyfish.

 Except for the tentacles, I carefully observed the umbrella part.

 A lumpy object was found within the umbrella.

 It’s about the size of a ping pong ball.

 It was bitter when I licked it.


「Seems like this ball is producing that bitterness.」


 This is good news.

 I threw away the bitter ball and fed Laura once more.


「There’s no taste and it’s chewy……but at least it’s not bitter……」


 That’s good news.

 I ate the tasteless jellyfish again.

 Terere, te te te.~

 I leveled up.


 Looking at my status, seems like I leveled up by one.

 But I learned a skill.


 Learned skill.



 ◆Skill explanation of・Floaty.

 Like a balloon, the user will be able to float in the air.


 Reading the description, it doesn’t seem half-bad.

 However, there’s a comment attached beneath the description.


 ※While using『Floaty』skill, the user may not move around freely.

The wind will drift you around.


 Another shit skill.

 I cut the rest of the jellyfish and fed it to Laura.

 A shiitake shaped jellyfish, a red and white polka dots jellyfish.

 After letting her eat the umbrella part, I fed her the tentacles as well.

 All while using Lolona’s spoon, it seems like all of them are non poison.


「Fuee~~~n, Biittteeer~~~~~」

「My tongue is numb~~~~~~~~~~~~~」



 Various evaluations were given.

 I tried some of the horrible one which Laura said.

 She’s right, this is shit.

 But in terms of taste……


(It might depend on the recipe……?)


 Carrots and radishes are bad if eaten raw.

 Should we try something else?


「Earth magic.」


 I made a claypot using earth magic.

 Then I made a kamado joe, baked it like a pizza and put the shiitake-like jellyfish inside.

After it started grilling.

The Kamado joe is filled with heat like a microwave oven.

Next, I put jellyfish that did not look like shiitake into a bowl of sugar.


「This looks like a watery Nata de Coco.

 If we soak it with sugar, it might actually taste good.」


 Next is the red and white polka dots, a bitter jellyfish.


「There’s slight poison in them, and I can’t think of any ways to cook them……

 I guess I can just boil them in salt water, then bake them?」


 Hope it works.

 If it doesn’t, everything I’ve done would’ve been fruitless.


 My plan in mind has a 20 to 30% chance of making it delicious.

 Let’s see how the odds would turn out to be――

 Time to show off my skills.


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