Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 83 – Taste testing some jellyfish

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「Well then, I shall return home because I have other things to do.

 If you’re able to dispose the jellyfish, then the mansion is yours for 500 thousand Balsie.」


「Have a safe trip sister!」


 Lolona saw Lilina off after she said that.

 Looking back at the mansion, I stared at the huge mushroom-like jellyfishes.


「If we’re talking about the mushroom, the only thing I can come up with is using a microwave to cook……」


 I imagined.

 First, you turn the shiitake over and spread butter on the dent of the umbrella. Next, add a little soy sauce on the root before putting it into the microwave.

 The shiitake soup will entwin with the butter and soy sauce, which melts on your tongue.

 That’s the best.


「Then again, is there a thing such as a microwave here……」


 The only thing I can think of.

 Is that, and before that……

 After pondering for a while.


「Oi, Laura.

 How much goddess points have you accumulated? Do you have enough that I can spend things on learning skills and acquiring items?

 I haven’t used it so much lately, so it should have accumulated quite a bit, right?」


「Ah, uhm.

 Are you going to use it……?  Keima?」

「That’s why I’m asking.」


「About that……。




「So it’s used up……」

「You’re wrong!

 I was thinking that the pufferfish was so delicious, so I wanted to thank Keima for it!

 But then, an item called『delicious sweets』caught my attention……」


「So you ended up eating it.」

「I wanted to try at least one, or that was the case, but once I ate it, it was really delicious that……」

「So you ate more?」


「But you get it right?!

 It’s not my fault for once!

 It’s the delicious sweets fault!!」


「If you’re not the one at fault, then I guess hitting you here isn’t my fault either.」



「Well, don’t mind.

 In my mind, you’re just a cute face with big breast, that’s all.」


「That in itself is rather shocking though?!

 Expect more! Even if it’s just a bit, please hope for more!!

 Please just think that I’m not just a cute goddess, but a cute and useful goddess!!

I know I’m not working at all, but at least have some faith with me!!!」


 That’s the worst possible way to imagine!!


「Sigh, it’s fine.

 Since I have such a big heart, I’ll look forward to whatever you’re planning to do.」



 Her eyes lit up, and she shows a refreshing smile.


「So can I leave you to the jellyfish testing?」




「There’s a lot of jellyfish. It’s alright if there’s poison in them, but I don’t want to taste some horrible jellyfish. So, someone needs to be sacrificed.

 So, who do you think is most suited to be the taste-tester in this situation?」


「Is it going to be me……99% of the time…………」


 Laura looked down with a saddened look, as she minced her words.


「But I still believe in that 1%!

 No matter how devilish and evil Keima is, I believe even he won’t ask me to taste them!

 I will bet on such a miracle!!」


「So you thought that highly of me.」


 I showed a smile.


「It’s not bad to bet on that possible 1%.」



 Laura’s fluffy eyes shows a gentle and warm smile.


「But there’s one thing you’ve mistaken.」



「The percentage that I’m going to pick you for taste-testing――――Is a hundred percent.

 So there’s no room for such miraculous 1% to even occur.」




 Laura tries to escape.

 However, I immediately grab her neck.

 Laughter leaked from my mouth.


「Ha! Ha! Ha!」


「Keima-dono, do you have a minute?」

「What is it, Lolona?」

「If you need someone to taste-test, I can do it for you……」


 Lolona took out a spoon.


「This is a spoon made of a special metal made from our shop. It can detect nearly 200 kinds of toxins. If it’s not poison, then I can at least try them……」


「Then I’ll take your spoon, it’s useful.

 Still, the person tasting them will be Laura.

 You might think I’m being evil, but there’s a reason for it.」


「A reason…?」


「I don’t care about the details, I just want to see Laura crying after eating something horrible.」


「I feel like I just heard a huge explosion coming from the justice from within Keima-dono?!?!」



 I laughed, seemingly enjoying the situation.


「That Keima-san, is someone who loves us right……?」

「The Keima-dono that is kind to us, and bad to Laura……」


 Femille and Lolona were drawn to me.

 However, I have no intention of changing, so I admit that’s bad.


 But I will never stop!!

 I will definitely feed the mushroom-like jellyfish to Laura!!

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