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Author’s Note:

Sorry for the wait, here’s chapter 82.

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“Our King, Lucas Urd Samaria, has issued an invitation to meet with you.”


The king of Samaria is calling me.

It sounds simple in theory, but this is an unusual situation.


“Why does he want to meet with me?”

“Our king doesn’t like not accepting messengers from other nations, and he is a little … no, our King does not take kindly to strangers, and would rather if he gets to know them..”


I don’t know how to react to the words as I can’t suppress my laughter.

Not only did he not answer my question, he told me that the King was anxious in many ways towards strangers.

… I’m worried about Amako and Neah, but it’s not good to turn to these people’s back and make our impressions worse. If we do any poorly, the response to the letter will be affected.

Thus, the choices I should take in this situation would —


“… Ark-san, I’ll leave Amako and Neah to you.”


I answered Ark-san as I looked at the letters.


“Are you going alone?”


Ark-san looks at me with anxious eyes.

Well, it’s understandable that he’s going to be worried about me delivering the letter alone. Even I’m worried whether I can do it well.


“It’s okay. If I hand the letter on my own —-“

“I’m not worried about the letter, because I believe Usato-dono can do it. More than that, what I’m more concerned about is…”


At a glance, Ark-san glanced at Fegnis, who was waiting for our response, and changed his expression to a serious one, and spun his words.


“Perhaps they have contacted Usato-dono for some other reason. I don’t know what it might be, but it’s good to be wary.”



So there’s another reason why they’re contacting me.

My only worth is healing magic…. Then again, maybe there are people who want me to heal others like Amako has requested.

Anyway, I’ll be careful as per Ark-san’s instruction.


“Is your conversation over?”

“Yeah … I’m going alone. Is that alright with you?”


Turning around back to him, I told Fegnis in whether he would agree.

He opened his eyes slightly when hearing that I’ll be going alone, but changed his expression of surprise into relief.


“There is no problem here. Rather, it’s more convenient for us? The King has commanded us to bring you alone in the first place.”

“Alone? So he only wants to call me? ”

“Yes, only you.”



…… Doesn’t this sound bad!?

Isn’t these kinds of pattern where you’re being commanded to bring someone alone but it’s for something completely different!?

Did I do anything that could be noticed?… Thinking about it, I’m doing quite bold things in Lingle and Lukvis, do they happen to know …

But I can’t refuse them now that I just answered that I would go on my own. 

Being surrounded by knights, while sighing a little, I glanced at Ark-san from behind before walking down the road to the palace of Samaria.



Usato-dono who is being surrounded by the knights of Samaria.

I silently looked at their backs, why did they—- specifically the King of Samaria would try to set up a meeting place with Usato-dono?

And there’s clearly a motive as to why they asked him to go alone. If the content was for the treatment of the injured or the sick, Usato-dono will receive it without hesitation. Although his healing magic has the ability to surpass that of recovery magic, but he is the proud member of the rescue squad.


“That was dangerous …”

“Amako-dono! ”


Amako-dono and Neah appeared frustrated from behind the alley.

I immediately approach her and checked her safety.


“Are you injured !?”

“I’m alright.”

“I’m not! I was suddenly pulled away after being hit in the head …”


Neah has teary eyes while holding her head, but she doesn’t seem to be seriously injured.

Judging based on her words, it was probably Amako-dono who took her out.


“It is true that Amako-dono hid herself …”

“Yeah, I thought it was bad for Usato, and we might’ve got into huge trouble …”

“Is it because of that long sword?”

“… I don’t know either, but I’m glad I was vigilant all the time. Foresight, suddenly saw that Neah’s transformation was dissolved … so if I didn’t panic and take her to the back alley … “


I could understand at a glance that that was no ordinary sword, a long sword carried by a Knight-Captain named Fegnis. It seemed to emit something like magic from the sphere of the handle.

I’m not sure because I don’t have a demon eye, but my guess doesn’t seem to be farfetched as far as Amako’s reaction is concerned.


“… I’ve heard that there is a sword with the name ‘Sword of Truth’. A ritual sword that can ‘detect the lies and expose the true form of the demon- dressed metamorphosis.’ I’ve never seen the real thing myself … but maybe … “

“So it’ll reveal my ‘fake’ transformation…”


Given the national culture of Samaria, a Sword of Truth must be the best way.

Anyway, for them, a demihuman is a perception of a “monster that falsifies the appearance of a person.” Of course, there is no fact that a demon is masquerading as a person, but for monsters that can change shape like Neah are effective.

It is not known whether Captain Fegnis noticed and approached Neah, but the only consequence was that Usato-dono would go to the palace alone, as ordered by King Samaria.


“Ark-san, what will we do now? ”

“… Let’s wait for now. We’ll look for an inn and wait for Usato-dono before he returns.”

“What if we waited and he doesn’t come back? Shouldn’t I have turned into an owl and followed him? ”

“As long as there is a knight who can force your transformation to disappear, that is not the right thing to do now.”


If we send her to the palace, Usato-dono will not return for more than two days.

I personally want him to come back as soon as possible, but it depends on what the King of Samaria wants from Usato-dono.

I can’t do anything to help Usato-dono from outside.


“… Please be safe, Usato-dono”


We can only wait, feeling uneasy and muttering as I stare at the stature of the palace.



After walking with Fegnis and several knights, I arrived in front of the palace of Samaria.

Originally, I would like to enjoy the view of the streets and the large tower behind, but the knights who surround me and the eyes of the people of the country of Samaria, who are looking at us, would not allow me to do so.

It is as if when I’m following along silently, that I’m being taken away, and thus the scenery will change from the skyline of Samaria to the palace.


“We will arrive at the throne shortly.”



Red carpets, gorgeous crafts displayed in the passage.

It looks like a familiar palace in Lingle, and when I arrive with Fegnis, I saw a huge door when moving into a completely different place.

That is the door to the saloon where the king is.

When being guided in front of the door while swallowing my saliva, a woman wearing a garment very similar to a maid’s clothing approaches to the sides of the door.


“Sorry for your inconvenience, but if you have any sharp knives or weapons like swords and daggers, please leave them here.”


After saying, the maid offers something like a huge silver tray.

Because I was expecting to meet with the king of the country, I took out the sword that came out of the body of the wicked dragon that was in my waist belt calmly, then gently placed it on the tray.

…… It’s not a weapon. It’s just a sharp fruit knife, so I can leave it.


“That is……”


The sword wrapped in a leather sheath placed on the tray seemed tattered, but Fegnis, who was watching it, stared at the sword with interest.

Although it looks like a dagger of about 40 cm, it is a weapon that seems to have been possessed by a hero, so someone who knows it can see it as a great work?


“What’s wrong?”

“… Ah no, please do not mind me.”


When I call him out, he promptly answered, placed his hands on the large double door in front of me and opened it.

I was prompted to enter before him, and the first thing that came into my sight as I stepped into the hall was the gorgeous interior and the appearance of a young man sitting alone on the throne.


“Hello, thanks for coming. Welcome to Samaria. I am very happy to welcome you this way.”


The symbol of a king, a man with a pure white robe and a golden crown casually hanging on top of the throne, with his legs crossed and his elbows in front of him, looses his mouth when he sees me enter.


“My name is Lucas Urd Samaria, the king of this country.”


He displays a full smile that portrays no evil demeanour.

I guess it’s the atmosphere of the man, but my legs naturally falls back.

This person is not a bad person, but at the same time, I felt like I shouldn’t trust him.



Lucas Urd Samaria.

The King of Samaria, the one I handed the letter to.

He didn’t feel humble or mild like the king of the Lingle, but was rather active and the type that says whatever he wants.

An unconventional person, or worse, a king not befitting to be one. I can’t say that even if my mouth is torn …


“Hmm, the Lingle Kingdom wants to form a coalition as a countermeasure against the Demon King’s army … A pure man as ever, don’t you think?”

“Well, uh …”


This, is hard to answer, isn’t he being too frank?

Before I started talking, I was prompted to give him the letter, and I sat down in a chair presented by the maid.

Eeh? It is completely different from what I expected.

This is a different expectation, Lucas-sama…

Looking at my confusion, Fegnis, who was standing beside Lucas-sama, opens his mouth.


“King, please refrain from doing such behaviour …”

“Ah, my bad. So you’re someone from the Lingle Kingdom, but I’m going to tell you. Lloyd is a little too ambitious. Because this is what I’m interpreting from this letter. It’s important to scare your opponent, even if exaggerating it a little, but it doesn’t tell me that, instead it’s more of: “I want your help,” “Let’s kill the Demon King together.” These sweet words while holding a bouquet of flower. ”


… I didn’t say anything, but it is true.

I only vaguely knew about the contents of the letter, but I was convinced that the text was written by the king. He couldn’t use any threatening words.


“But the efficiency is still the same. Even if you’re a king that governs with your kindness, and your citizens approve of it. Blessed ministries, blessed soldiers, blessed people—-A king who places the importance of his people first would be a comfortable country, right?.



I know the King of Lingle well.

Maybe it’s an old-fashioned relationship? I imagined that the interaction between the kings was a bit of a jagged moment, so I can’t imagine being close together….


“It’s one of the most important factors that a king wants to have……and if I don’t do something like that, everyone else will follow Lloyd. ”

“The king is longing enough.”

“Because I choose to ignore unnecessary things. If he is a king who can support the people, I’m a king that ignores these things. I’m jealous….. Oh, how jealous I am, no, in this case, instead of jealousy, am I envious? Anyway, I’m sure he’s in a completely different place than me … “


Lucas-sama, muttering with a sad voice, carefully folded the letter.

I felt that he would say more based on that behaviour, so I straightened my back and waited for his word.

Probably I will be offered to wait, so I have to tell them I will stay in this country.


“I’ll accept it.”



However, contrary to expectations, the words spoken by Lucas-sama were that he accepted it.

I’m stunned by the fact that the deal has been made so easy.


“Ah, eh?”

“Did you not hear me? I have accepted the letter. Let us send troops to the kingdom of Lingle.”

“… Huh? … Isn’t it too early to decide? Shouldn’t we discuss further …”

“I don’t think we need to talk any further.”


He spreads his arms on his back and looks around the hall.

Both Fegnis and the maids, who were by the side, were all amazed, as they desperately tried keeping a smile.

The reaction is as if they were used to the king’s remarks …


“Wouldn’t it be strange to read this? The Demon King’s army? An army that had traversed the continent hundreds of years ago is trying to drop the continent into darkness again. Isn’t that good enough of a reason? So there is no reason not to cooperate. ”

“But, you did refuse once …”

“Because the first invasion did not gather information about the Demon Army, but the second repulsion, when the summoned heroes were seriously injured, the Demon King’s threat was the highest, and thus I was convinced that it would be hard to leave the Demon King’s army alone. “


Anyone who understands that can understand the dangers of the Demon King Army.

Somehow I was so suspicious of the fact that he received it so easily, but ironically, the fact that Kazuki and senpai fell into a pinch may have accelerated Lucas’ decision.


“Thank you for your consent.”


I sent my thanks.

Although we were worried, we managed to get Samaria’s cooperation. If this continues, I may be able to make our journey much shorter.



“Now, your role here is over——next is about my story.”


―――― I knew it was too easy to believe.

He handed the letter to Fegnis and muttered something to him while putting his hand on his armrest.

For this person, the story of the letter is a bonus.

The main subject is now….. I don’t know what kind of story will come, but I’ve been warned by Ark-san and should be careful not to make any casual statements.


“What do you want me to do? ”

“Hmm, it seems that you were already expecting something out of me when I called out to you personally.”


Lucas-sama nodded as if he was impressed.


“I know all of you well.”

“I heard that the rescue squad’s rumours have spread after the battle with the Demon King Army …”

“I’m talking about you coming from a different world.”


“The hero who uses light magic to exorcise demons, the hero who fires lightning and dances on the battlefield like thunder—–two people with the qualities of a hero who was summoned from another world, and the unfortunate that was involved in that summoning was you, boy.”

“… Why, how do you know?”


Even if he were to know that two people known as heroes were summoned in a different world, yet, how does he know that I was also summoned together?

Rather than being surprised, I was interested.


“Isn’t it natural to send spies to other countries? Knowing the insides of other countries and responding to them flexibly is also one way to avoid unnecessary fights. Well, it is necessary in a world without war….”


Spies … I didn’t even think spies from other countries were looking around for us, but why tell all of it to me? As far as I can tell, wouldn’t it be better for senpai and Kazuki to hear about this?


“Do you want me to call the two heroes? If so …”

“No. I don’t need a hero. I certainly want an overwhelming individual, as I say. But that’s not it. I shouldn’t have that, if I did, I’ll be fascinated by their power. ”


It was a little snapping to say that they were dangerous, but I could understand why he said that.

Senpai and Kazuki are strong. Unlike me, who forcibly stretches out by hurting my body, they are genius and talented people who grow at an unusual speed with their talents and efforts.

If someone other than the king has such a strength, it would be scary to imagine.

But if he doesn’t need them, I have more questions than answers.


“Why call someone who is a healer? If I subtract the part of being a hero’s friend, my utility value is only healing magic? ”

“Value. Yeah, if you put it that way, it’s bad. Even so, there are various other people who I could choose if I want their value —- “


But —-, Lucas-sama, who turned to me, stared at me with his strong-willed eyes.


“You’re the one and only one who has received the magic of healing magic and being accepted by the commander of the rescue squad, Rose. So I want you as a healing magician.”

“… You’re overestimating me.”


Barely, I could only say that.

Because I did not imagine that he doesn’t want Kazuki or senpai, but me.

Isn’t this a mistake? I tried to answer with low expectations.


“Healing magic is a magic that is said to be useless or unusable in the world. I can hardly imagine Lucas-sama wanting someone like that.”


Lucas-sama, who changed his expression into a ridiculous expression, smiles bitterly.


“It’s useless? Can’t use it? That’s ridiculous !! We’ve been fighting about this for hundreds of years! Recovery magic can be used by anyone, so it’s useless?”


Lucas-sama shook his head multiple times as he sadly puts it.

He who has the power over here, spun his words with a loud voice resounding in the hall as if he were giving a speech.


“They’re being too shortsighted and foolish, what can lead to such thoughts? Can any injuries be cured? A skilled healer can cure even sickness! If the doctor does not need to give any medicine, we won’t have to suffer the process of treatment, so we don’t need it–it’s a wonderful magic, and I appreciate it. ”

“… Um, thank you, but there are other healers other than me …”

“It’s not just any healers—- I want a healer who has been trained by a woman named Rose, someone who has achieved “the exception”. Someone who runs on the battlefield and saves many people. I want a healer who embodies the ideals I envision. ”


Healers like Rose.

In terms of normal healing magic, we’re the same. But the achievements that come after crazy amounts of training that Rose has established to use healing magic and physical abilities together….

He wants that.


“Of course I tried many times. I hired a few rare healers and tried to create a healer similar to Rose—-but even large adults ran away without a word. What I’m doing is the same as the training she’s imposing on her subordinates. “

“Well, of course, they’ll run away. There’s no reason ordinary people would want to endure that kind of training.”

“But you have endured them.”

“I didn’t endure. I was put up with it. If I say that I hate it she’ll taunt or say….. Sorry, it’s nothing.”

“… Are you alright? Isn’t it hard on you?”


I was being worried by the king.

What is that? The eyes of the maid and Fegnis looked kinder?

Trying to get this mood away, I cough as if to switch between a different topic.


“Eh, ehem. If you want to make such recruitment, please go through my leader first.”

“I can’t do that because she doesn’t feel like talking.”



Somehow I was strangely convinced…Tsk!

I can certainly imagine that if I tell Rose that kind of thing, she’ll flat out refuse, and for some reason, I’ll be the one being lectured where she’ll say things like “Don’t fucking get me caught with these kinds of shit!”


“Either way, I’m not going to leave Lingle, but say for example if I accepted your invitation, what should I do for this country?”

“I wanted you to build a squad. Of course, I would provide a space where you can work hard without training, and have everything you need.”

“… Such extraordinary treatment.”

“I hope that you’ll think it’s worth it. I haven’t found any suspicious movement from other countries since the Demon Army came out. It’s too disturbing, so I’d like to take various measures. ”


In other words, did he recruit me to prepare for fighting other than the Demon King Army?

For that reason, he’s planning to welcome me with extraordinary treatment.

… But I don’t have the ambition to want my own squad or something like that, and I don’t think I have anything I want.


“It’s a very inspiring place to train with care, but … I’m not very reluctant to have my own unit.”

“… Even after preparing you with things more than Lingle, but is that still useless?”

“Yes, I still want to be with her, and I have friends who have sworn to meet with again in Lingle. It’s too much trouble. “

“……That’s too bad.”


Lucas-sama sits in his throne while thinking deeply in my words.

Because it’s an unfamiliar honorific, it’s rough in some places, but I can say what I want to say.

After that, let’s just wait for the other party’s reaction.

Lucas-sama, who groaned with his arms folded while waiting for a reaction, raised his face after he sighed.


“But, I can’t be convinced with just an, “I see, so that’s it.”. “


At the same time, his words released with a fearless smile, the door of the hall opens vigorously, and a dozen or so knights enter in avalanche, surrounding me who is sitting.

…… You’re so daring to do that just because I refuse?

I didn’t want to make much of a mess before the letter was received, but if that was the case, I’ll take it. I slowly lift my hips and prepares to move at any time, looking at Lucas-sama—– but he had a generous smile, which confuses me when I saw the knights surrounding me is being worried.


“Hey, Fegnis, isn’t the timing a bit too early? And what is this number? I’ll look like a bad guy here. Look, his face is like … Rose.”

“My humblest apologies, but if you don’t let me go, you’ll be considered bad either way.”

“You sure can say it … Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ll force you to get your consent.”

“Eh … Is that so?”

“Also sorry everyone, you can go back.”


I have no choice but to be confused by Lucas-sama who let the knights around exit the hall.

Well, it’s good that we didn’t have to develop into a bad end …


“I’m not that dirty as to force someone else to obey. What I’m suggesting is to give yourself some time to think.”

“Time to think? … How long would that be?”

“ Ah yes, how about three days to a week? I guess it will not hinder your journey, but how about? In the meantime, you can let me know about our country and I can know you better as well. ”


To be honest, I should refuse, but before receiving the letter, I can not refuse to hurt the other party.

Well, it will be fine for about a week.

Because I originally wanted to stay here about that long.


“I understand. I’ll be in your care for these few days.”

“Okay, then it’s decide, invite your fellow travel companions to the finest inns. But before you come back, let’s make sure there’s no inconvenience.”


…… ?? Until I come back?

Did I hear that wrongly? It’s like I’m not going to sleep in another place.



“You there, guide him to the “example” garden.”

“As you wish, Usato-sama, here. I shall guide you.”


Ah okay, is what you think I’m going to say, but what is this example garden?

Though I’d like to go to that finest inn if I can?

I want to rest on a soft futon you know?

But I’m so happy to be able to stay here, where Lucas-sama would take care of me, as he pours a cup of alcohol and didn’t notice my voice.

Is it okay to drink midday, is he alright?


“…It feels like something big is about to happen …”


At least, I wanted to check with Ark-san to see if Amako and Neah were found.


If I think about it, Lucas-sama sent a spy to get to know us. So obviously, the members who goes on a trip would be known. If so, wouldn’t he know that Amako, a beast girl, is a friend of mine?

At the moment these thoughts came to my mind, I felt cold sweat and wondered why he didn’t use it as a threat to me.


“No, no …”


He knew that if he’d threatened me with that, he wouldn’t get any cooperation from me.

That’s why it may be a good idea to gain my trust for the time being.

While following the maid who left the hall, I sighed and walked on a long stretch of palace road with tired steps.


“We have arrived. This is the garden.”

“…… Uo ……”


The place guided by the maid was a garden surrounded by a wall outside the palace.

 Usually, we would stay outdoors, but looking at the sight right in front of me, I screamed with excitement.

Anyway, there was a large circular transparent dome in one of the vast gardens, and inside it was a beautiful two-story white house.


“What is this?”

“It is a barrier made of magic. It allows you to separate the space inside and outside, so it’s a convenient way to prevent rain and wind without having to go indoors.”

“Heeh, so you can make such kinds of magic tool …”


Hearing that it was a barrier, I guessed that it would confine me or not, but as far as I saw the maid’s smile, it wasn’t. While being relieved, we move to the door that seems to be the entrance to the circular barrier.

There are two guards standing in front of the silver door that is made to fit into the barrier. When they saw me and the maid, they bow gracefully and open the way.


“If you want to go outside, tell them. When it comes to food … You don’t have to worry about it.

“Eh, is something the matter?”

“It’s nothing.”

“But your complexion …”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”



For some reason, the maid whose face has turned blue while holding her stomach was feeling pressured.

While tilting my neck, we enter the barrier from the open door.


“If there is anything, please tell the butler who manages here. I will also be waiting nearby, so please call through the knight.”

“I see … well, should I meet the butler here?”

“… Yes, I think it’s better to meet him first.”


First? Is there anyone other than the butler?

When I was worried about her saying that, I thought about asking about that——-suddenly the door of the white house in the barrier was slowly opened, and my consciousness turns to that —- as my breath stops.




What I saw was a white, morbid person.

A girl whose skin and hair are even white.

She is fragile enough to think that she will break if touched, as she smiles at the maid behind me and in front of me alternately with a smile.

When I saw that smile, I thought it was similar.

The smile that doesn’t make me feel anything evil, which reminded me of that of Lucas-sama.

She gladly rushed in front of me, grabbing my hand with a hand wrapped in a long glove——about the length of my upper arm, and grabbed my hand as if it was her life, and shook.



“Ah, yes, uhmm …”



“I’m looking forward to your arrival. Eeto, U … U … Uzato!”



It’s my first time being forced to say hello on my first meeting, as if I was being abused (?)

While listening to the maid’s voice hurrying to correct my name in the background, I looked up at the sky surrounded by the barriers, keeping my eyes under the view of my mental shock.

Author’s Note:

That took longer than expected.

This time, we talked about Usato being recruited by Samaria, and Lucas doing this and that, isn’t a bad person.

…… Though he does this and that.


Next time, a boxed girl … (confused eyes)


TL Note: This is by far the longest chapter I have ever translated. Mentally, it’s killing me, I think I would need to divide translating this into two days, because doing it in one session is mentally breaking me, just like how Usato is mentally shocked from the brittle girl.

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