Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 82 – The mansion was dominated by jellyfish

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「Since we’re done with all those little details, let’s go look for some houses!」

「Keima-dono! If you’re going to buy a house, can we please inform my sister about it! My sister is one of the five executives of the Golden Plains, which is also a large-scale blacksmithing organization and a merchant organization! I’m sure she’ll be of use to you in finding a house!」

「I see.」


 I took Lolona’s suggestion into consideration.

 I remember taking Lilina’s request that has something related to that.

   Being regarded as a『promising adventurer』, I’m sure if there’s a promising property, she’ll surely introduce it to me. 

 Well, let’s head to Lolona’s sisters house.


「Sister! It’s me!」

「If it isn’t Lolona, it’s been a while. I heard rumours that you went to the desert area, and that worried me.」

「Various things have happened, but because Keima-dono was there, I was safe! Keima-dono might be a perverted sadist, but in heart, he’s a wonderful and noble person!!」


「Wait a second Lolona.『Perverted sadist』and,『wonderful and noble』don’t jive well, and it sounds like a dangerous material that could cause an explosion if mixed.」

「It’s because of that mysterious contradiction that makes Keima-dono all the more charming……Fufufu.」


 Lolona grins.

 She extremely adorable, but on the other hand, I wondered if『she’s alright in the head……』.


「That’s even more worrying……」


 Even Laura was being proper for once.

 Laura’s worries are as bad as tap dancing in a minefield.


「T-T-T-There’s no problems! Though Keima-sama may be perverted, but he’ll only do it to people he truly hates! And his S nature is only shown when Laura-san is around! So Lolona-san is safe!!」


「But that in itself sounds much worse!?」

(He gave me, delicious food………)


 The bunny girl Femille and the recently joined member, Marine, were trying their best to cover for me.


「If I were to take your words seriously, it’ll just lead me to be anxious though?」


 But what Lilina said was correct.

 This is the correct reaction.


 But weeell, I don’t plan on changing!



 Leaving that aside.


「I wish to have my own house. When I said that, Lolona suggests that we『ask my sister about it』. Please tell me if you have any ideas. 」

「Even if you beg me, it’s not like I can carelessly show you some properties……」


 Lilina pondered seriously while stroking her nice chin.


「By the way……what sort of house are you looking for? If you can give me some idea, I might be able to find a suitable property for you.」


 Lolona answered in return.


「A place where 20 people can live in! It doesn’t matter if it’s wider than that! We would just want a place where we can build our love nest together with Keima-dono!」


 Lolona turned around.

 I could tell from her eyes.


(Are you sure that’s alright?)


「Leaving the small details aside………… That roughly fits the description.」


 I pat Lolona’s head.




 Lolona’s perky ass was shaking around happily.

 Because she’s a half-elf half-beast, her wolf-like tail was swaying around.

 I think the reason why she’s sticking so close to me is because of her mix blood of a dog.


「If there’s one more thing in mind, I’m happy if there’s also a large garden. I want to experiment with some plants.」

「What’s your budget?」

「Around 500k Balsie..?」

「Apart from a normal house, I don’t think that’s enough for a mansion……」

「Isn’t there any unwanted houses or something? Like ghosts appearing at night, or a demon king being kicked out from the house.」

「If you’re alright with that kind of house, there is one place in mind.」




 The mansion that Lilina lead us, was around a kilometre away from the city, deep in the woods.

 From the shadow of the quiet lakeside forest, a cuckoo sound vertebrate the surroundings.

 Cuckoo~ Cuckoo~

 It’s a beautiful white building.


 However, there’s one deadly problem

 And no matter how you look at it, it’s extremely problematic.


「What’s that? They look like……jellyfish to me.」

「Yeah, you’re right. It’s giant mushroom jellyfishes.」


 Is that so.

 The huge jellyfishes were floating around the mansion.

 And their bodies were discoloured like a mushroom.

 The brownish colour reminds me of shiitake, and the white part reminds me of shimeji.


 There was also a jellyfish with a white and red polka dot umbrella that I only saw in games.

It was a mushroom that powers up when you eat it in the game, but when you actually see it, it looks pretty creepy.

It’s definitely poisonous.


「Until I try feeding it to Laura, I ain’t gonna put that anywhere near my mouth.」

「Are you trying to feed me that with that kind of premise?!」

「The only advantage you have is that you probably won’t die even after receiving damage……」

「What do you mean by maybe?! And what do you mean by the only advantage!? I’m sure there are plenty of positive things about me! Like some pros and cons!」

「What’s that? Your final will?」


「I’m not dyiiiiiing! ! !」

「But if we’re eating those, we should follow the law of『not being choosy with our foods』……」

「Why don’t you apply that law of yours to things that whether you can eat or not?!」

「Anyways, if we don’t get rid of those jellyfishes, we won’t be able to live here……」

「That’s right. And please look at the right edge of the mansion.」


 Lilina pointed at the right edge of the mansion.

 Something like anemone was attached to the walls of the mansion――


(Hobu, hobu, hobu.)


 It was making small jellyfishes.


「They’re called Polyps that continue to produce large numbers of jellyfish from the small anemone. What’s more, we don’t even know where the polyps are.」


 Now that sounds problematic.

 I said.


「But the most important thing is the taste.」


 The success of the mansion depends on whether the huge mushroom jellyfishes are delicious or not.


Author’s Note:

This time, I added Aino Yuki-san’s comment of「What about jellyfishes?」and Mechanic God-san’s「What about mushroom?」.

Thank you very much (๑•̀ㅂ•́)

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If the red jellyfishes with white polka dots are poisonous, then the green jellyfish with white polka dots will definitely cure Laura!

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