Level Up Just By Sucking: Chapter 81 – Leveling up with Laura’s breast milk!?

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TL Note: You know where this is going, I know where this is going, google knows where this is going. Let’s see how many times google will strike my chapters to the point where the entire series might as well be ad-free 🙂


「Uughh……My head hurts.」


 The next morning after the drinking session.

 I’m having a headache.

 This is what we call a hangover.


「Here’s some water, Keima-san!」

「I-I-I-If the futon or pillow is too hard, y-y-y-you can this lap pillow of mine……」


 Femille and Lolona were concerned for me.

 However, Laura had difficulties talking.


「I feel like……I’m slightly better with alcohol……?」

「That’s because all of the tolerance I trained has transferred to you.」

「No……wonder. Ahahaha……」


 Laura turned away from me after not looking so good.

 But then she suddenly shouts.


「You can just go and eat me up! ! !」



「As I said, you can just……eat me up?」


 Is she being serious?

 I pulled Laura in my bed and stripped off her light clothing.


「Kyaaaaaaa! ! ! !

 Wai- wha- Nooooooooooooooo ! ! !」


 Laura was shouting and screaming and gave me a slap.

 Laura who slipped under me shouts while protecting her private parts.


「What are you even thinking!

 Keima you stupid! Pervert! Keima’s [K] stands for King of Perverts!」


「Didn’t you tell me to eat you up?」

「How does that have to do with tearing my clothes out! I don’t get the relation at all! !」

「If you don’t know what that means, then what exactly do you mean by『eating you up』?」


「Things like my hair or my nails obviously!」

「I don’t really get it……but if I were to eat your nails, people are going to look at me with disgusted eyes.」

「You’re wrong!」

「Then what are you trying to say?」


「Didn’t Keima give me the poison resistance skill and because of that, you lost yours?

 So I thought maybe if you eat a little bit of my part, then some might return to you, or something.」

「Cheh, so that’s what you mean.」

「That’s all there is to it!」


 I didn’t expect her to literally mean that.

 Then again, I won’t know how much would return to me if I truly eat a part of her, so it can’t hurt to try.

 There’s only one problem, and a big one at that.


「Let’s say I can really take back part of my skill, but to eat your hair or nails is kinda……」

「I see……」

「I think even I’m not desperate enough to eat hair……」

「Even if it gives resistance……Pyon」



 All three girls agreed.

 It’s a natural response.

 Hence, I answered.


「Then let’s just drink your breast milk.」



「Or you don’t have it?」

「O-O-Of course not! ! !」


「How would you know for sure?

 If I give it a little suck, and squeeze and rub it a little, who knows? Maybe some might squirt out?

 Normally that would be impossible, but you’re not ‘normal’, you’re special, a goddess. So, wouldn’t it not be weird if it doesn’t come out?」


「It’s true that I’m special, and it’s not weird for a normal girl to lactate……」

「Then let’s try sucking them.」


 I lean towards Laura.


「No you can’t, no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOO! ! !」


 Laura covers her nipples with her right arm, and desperately shakes her neck.

 Then with her other hand, she threw pillows and plates towards me.

 I caught everything and gently placed it on the floor.


「If sucking is off limits, then how about squeezing them? Maybe it’ll unexpectedly lactate?」



 I’m sure she’d pictured it for a second.

 Her face became bright red.



「Normally it’ll never happen, but you’re saying that I’m not so special that I’m not normal……right?

 If it really does come out, then in a sense I’m truly a special invincible warrior……?

 Surpassing special, you can even call me a miracle goddess……?」


 Laura mumbles as her cheeks blushed.

 But wait a minute.

 Is this okay?

 Is that really fine with you?


Are you seriously okay with being respected as a goddess just because of『It’s amazing that I can lactate』, no take backs?


 No wait, but no matter how dumb you are, you’re not that gullible, right?

 You’re confused now, and at the end of the day you’ll say『As if that’s possible?!』or some other lines just to retort back right?

 Was what I was thinking――.


「If it’s just a little squeeze, I wouldn’t mind……?」


 Saying that, she showed her bare breast.

 A white cloth covering it……now that it’s bare, the raw breasts came bouncing in an incredible way.

 They’re huge.

 I give Laura’s plumbness a 100 out of 100.



「I’ll accompany you as well pyon!!!」


 Both Lolona and Femille stood up and escaped.

 Marine who didn’t understand all these, was being brought out by Lolona.

 I’m glad they understood that kids shouldn’t see this.


 And here lies Keima-san, not being able to move.

 For the sake of glorious breasts, my hand moved and grabbed them on their own.

 The hands instinctively squeeze and rub, then feel the entire volume of the wondrous breasts.


「Fhueeeeeen! No, not there, Nnn……。

 Fueeeeeeeen! !」


 Though no breast milk came out, an incredibly erotic voice was instead.

 I’m truly satisfied.



Author’s Note:

That chapter 「Will you obtain skills if you eat Laura’s hair?」was inspired by a comment I saw a while back.

Thank you very much.


There are others like 「I wanna see that」, or 「If you do that then wouldn’t you get into trouble?」intrigued me too.

If the time comes, I shall use them.

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Thank you!

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 And here lies Keima-san, not being able to move.

Long live self-cest

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Drink her pee

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