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Author’s Note:

Sorry for the wait, I present to you, chapter 81.

Edited: Shiro


We have finally arrived at the place that is so-called a religious land.

It took a hard time getting here, but for me, this is where the true battle starts. After all, different from the time in Lukvis, I now have to give a letter to the one who governs Samaria.


We arrived at the outer gate of Samaria, and we talked to the guard first to get us inside.

At that time, we asked Amako to wear a white cloak, and Neah to revert back into a human—–The girl who welcomed us when we were in the village. Also, we got Bluerin to be my familiar instead of Neah.

Looking at Bluerin, the guards seemed to be on edge, but when I tried appealing to them that Bluerin is a harmless monster, we somehow managed to persuade him without any issues. However, I was worried that the guard’s behaviour at that time was strange.


“From Lingle Kingdom…….! I see. You are allowed to enter, but unfortunately, the monster may not enter, so it’s a good idea to leave it with the horses in a stable, near the outer gate.”


Looking at Bluerin then at me, the guard with his eyes rounded and bewildered, surprisingly let us through easily.

I’m glad that it was easy, but having them not say anything, it was kinda weird of them not to ask my purpose in coming to their country.


“….It’s, kind of strange. It’s as if they know me….”


At the stable near the gate, which the guard taught me, I muttered to Ark-san while he was setting up straws so that Bluerin and the horses could enter the stable comfortably.

The reaction of the guards when they looked at me and Bluerin were obviously—–No, it seems that they have changed their attitude after seeing my uniform.


“I can’t say that it’s not a possibility? The topic of the Demon King army may have been known to other countries, so people may have gossiped about the rescue squad achievements and contributions throughout the continent.”


…..Even so, the contents are always to be taken with a grain of salt.

Anyway, Healing magic is a magic that is not well received. Thus, can anyone believe that someone would use such magic, running around the battlefield with extraordinary physiques, saving a lot of people?

……There’s no point in contemplating about it.

The only thing is to be reassured that we’re able to enter the kingdom without any problems.


“…..Haah. Even so, it’s nice that Neah wasn’t found out…”

“Aren’t you too worried about her?”

“I won’t deny that she’d forcibly joined us, but its a fact that I would still have to take care of her.”


Having accepted death, I have saved her life.

It’s the responsibility of the rescue squad to be responsible for the lives of others, and ourselves, so it’s natural I’ll save her.


“She seemed to be doing fine during the journey, but I’m sure she’ll be anxious about the outside world that she has never experienced throughout her life.”

“That is, indeed true.”

“That’s why—-”

“Hey Usato, you’re late!”


….Oi, we’re talking about you right now, so don’t act like a drunk person.

Hearing her cheerful voice, I can only give up and sigh.



“Hahaha. Well, Neah and Amako-dono will be waiting for us, so let’s finish it early.”


Ark-san and I, who have secured the space where Bluerin and the horses can move freely, we move outside where Neah and Amako are.

Bluerin cried in a lazy voice, laying down on the place that we made, and cuddled himself into a bun, then began to sleep.


“Well, what should we do next? Should we head to the palace?”


Watching Bluerin fall asleep, I turned to Ark-san and asked him about our upcoming plans.

For a place to stay, we can look for an inn later, and sightseeing around the city isn’t our priority, so I thought we would go straight to the palace, however, Ark-san shakes his head.


“No, there is a place I want to go first.”

“Heh? Where would you wanna go?”

“Since we have to convey that we’ve arrived in Samaria…”


How are we going to tell Lingle Kingdom that we’ve arrived?

Ark-san saw my suspicious look, but he changed to a sorry look when I found out why.


“Right, since Usato-dono doesn’t seem to have the chance to use it back in Lingle Kingdom, nor in Lukvis. Welthy has sent me, so in a sense, it’s natural you won’t know.”


Huh, use? Send? What though?

Both Amako and Neah tilted her neck with an “I don’t know either….” look, I too tilted my head and Neah, whose neck was at the same position as me, places her index finger on her chin.

Alright, Neah doesn’t know either. As expected of a vampire.


“It’ll be better to see it than me explaining it. Please follow me.”


Picking up his luggage, he prompts me to follow him through the cityscape of Samaria, where a big silver bell hung at the top of a tower.



After following Ark-san who is ahead, we entered the city.

The streets of Samaria, unlike the commercial ones in Lingle, sold a lot of rugged tools.

However, the people here are as vibrant as Lingle.

While paying attention to Amako and Neah’s disguises, we walked through the busy street, then Ark-san started talking.


“Samaria, is known as a religious country, but did you know that there’s another thing that they are famous for? They produce magical tools.”

“Heeh, which means most of the things here are…”

“They’re magical tools. It’s designed for everyday use, so it’s not that expensive.”


Even though magic tools aren’t familiar to someone like me who lives in Lingle, it’s amazing to see a lot of it on display.

Is there a tool that creates fire? If I have fire, then I’ll be able to survive longer.


“I love the magic here too. It’s convenient because I can spend less magic.”

“Wait a minute, you didn’t leave the village, so how did you buy them?”

“Because Tetra has errands to do in Samaria, so I’ll ask her to buy for me.”


I’m imagining a granddaughter asking her grandmother for souvenirs.

Looking at the curious vampire walking happily looking around, someone approached from behind.

Turning around—–


“And….Amako? What’s wrong?”



Amako was holding the hem of my uniform so that she could lean on me.

I can’t see her expression since she was hiding in her coat, but she looks nervous.

Looking around because of her unusual manner—–I quickly found the cause.


“That person…..”


I found a young boy in pretty clothes.

It wasn’t your regular boy.

An iron collar was locked around the neck of the boy who was sitting in a chair.




While placing my hand on top of Amako’s mantle to reassure her, this is something that you’ll never see in Lingle or Lukvis, the reality of a different world.

A human being bought by another human.

I would be lying if I say that I don’t feel anything, but this is the reality that I have to accept in order to live in this world.

When thinking about these things, our eyes met, the boy who seems to be a slave. The boy gave a friendly smile and waved his small hand here.

With an awkward smile, I waved my hands back, and Amako, who the slave couldn’t see because she was hiding behind me, held my hem even tighter.


“If you’re that worried, you can hold on to me at all times.”



There’s no merchant other than that boy.

Perhaps the boy is already bought by someone, and this is the after-transactions.

Having Amako being this nervous has probably imagined what would happen if she gets caught, since she’s a beast girl…

Since we’ve lived in Lingle Kingdom, which slaves aren’t a thing, it’s no surprise to be afraid of a country where the existence of slaves is integrated into their everyday lives.


“I’m terribly sorry for my lack of consideration. Up until now, this wasn’t a place where they would display their slaves so publicly…”

“No, this is something I had to face eventually.”


Ark-san, who noticed Amako’s condition, felt sorry, but she doesn’t want to blame him because she’ll someday face this.


“So, Ark-san. Where are we heading now?”

“Oh yes. It’s right before—–”


In an instant, interrupting Ark-san’s words, what crossed my field of vision was multiple blue shadows that slid from the sky.

I was inadvertently sceptical, but when I looked in the direction where the shadow crossed, I saw a bluebird sitting on the roof of the second floor of a house a little away.




It’s like the pigeons in our world. Many of them were lined up beside each other, and they all carried something like a small backpack on their backs.

Looking closely at the pigeons, there’s something like a sign slightly below the second floor where the pigeons are.

There was a mark of a pigeon holding a letter, and next to it was a large letter displayed [Foo Bird].


“Foo, bird? Ark-san, is that where we’re heading?”

“Yes, that’s the first place I want to go.”


I see, so what Ark-san meant was that he wants to send something.


“Foobird, a drop-off spot. Where we can tell the Kingdom of Lingle of our arrival.”


Foo bird——-I felt like I’ve heard of that name before, as I once again looked at the pigeon and muttered.



The drop-off Foo Bird is a collective term for an organisation that sends letters, etc. And it seems like the word ‘Foo Bird’ seems to refer to a very similar monster that is also a pigeon.

Back on earth, this is basically a post office, and the FooBird’s are basically the delivery person. Letters are placed in a rucksack attached to the backs of the pigeons, who plays the role of a delivery person. It seems that they can exchange information over long distances by carrying them.


“Are they different from ordinary birds?”

“Foobirds, unlike normal birds, are as fast as the wind. And since they’re monsters, they’re strong enough to easily carry a certain weight.”

“I see.”

“In addition, the name of the inn isn’t an inn where humans stay, but the meaning of the inn is where the Foobird stays.”

“So a place for the Foobirds to stay. I see now.”


While we’re waiting for Ark-san to write his letter, I was listening to Amako who was talking about the Foobird.

Because only the name and ecology were listed in a book, and I didn’t think it would help humans.

While being interested, Neah spoke in continuation from Amako.


“The Foobirds are interesting, but what’s interesting is their familiar contract.”

“Hm? What’s the difference in a familiar contract?”

“There are lots of differences.”


I thought it was the same thing, but it seemed to be completely different from Neah’s perspective.


“For their case, it isn’t a one-on-one contract, an owner would share the contract with all of the Foobirds. Since there are a lot of co-owners, each owner could be situated in a country.”

“So it’s possible to exchange letters because they’re sharing contract…. Or rather, why do you know that?”


Did she research it by herself?

Or did she notice the mechanism of the familiar contract the moment she saw the Foobird?


“A little while ago, I caught wind of a staff talking about it at the inn, and I remembered after looking at those children.”

“Wait a minute….”


Aren’t you just forcibly starting a story out of nothing?

Wait a second. After knowing how the Foobirds work, I realised that I didn’t need to give Nack a letter.

If I send it normally, I could’ve told Rose that Nack would’ve been coming in advance….?



Sorry, Nack. Maybe that person might be doing something unreasonable to you without bothering to read my letter, good luck…


“Sorry for the wait. I’ve sent a report to the Lingle Kingdom. Also, I have brought something interesting along the way.”


While praying to the disciple from a distance, Ark-san, who sent the letter, came out of the building with a piece of paper in hand.


“What’s it about?”

“It’s about Usato-dono’s friend.”



Friends, meaning senpai and Kazuki!

While being surprised, I look over the paper that Ark-san has shown.

And in the content, was stories of Kazuki and Inoue senpai who are being active in each country. Although the details are omitted, it seems that the both of them battled in a tournament!! Or battling demons!! Along their journey.


“Looking at what they’d written, the Wicked Dragon isn’t that great of a deal. Yeap.”

“I don’t think so…”

“That’s impossible…”

“I don’t agree.”


Hey, y’all don’t have to give a general consensus and retort over it…

But, the two are doing their best.

When looking at their success, I felt like I have to do my best.


“Hey, how are the heroes like?”

“Hm, Aah….They are—-”

“Are they as monstrous as Usato!?”

“Who’s a monster now? Huuh?”


Neah, who is interested in the two heroes, immediately approached me with eyes shining like a child, but since she was treating such a pure and innocent human such as I, I lightly struck her on the forehead.

Of course, being careful without removing her transformation effect.

Neah holds her forehead and growls.


“Ouuuch~!! Why did you do that for?! I thought for a second that I would fly off somewhere when you flicked my forehead!?”

“Don’t worry, I held back.”


If it was Rose, she would’ve blown you miles and miles away with that flick.


“When Usato holds back…. He never does. What’s more, he’s done it to me before many times…”

“Hm? What’re you complaining, Amako?”


When I turned to look at her, who was muttering something, she covered her cloak deeper to protect her forehead.

….Can’t be help, I’ll overlook it for now.

Seems like there’s room for a little joke, which on the contrary it’s a bit reassuring—-






With my shoulders shaking, I turned to the direction of the loud noise.

Goon, goon! The sound of a bell was repeatedly stroke on top of the tower.


“T-That scared me….Wait?”


Noticing the sound that is vibrating and transmitted through the air, I noticed that the surrounding area, which was noisy before, was now dead silent.

Glancing around, the people of Samaria were kneeling and silently praying on the spot.


“W-What is this…”


Everyone except our party was praying, and being embarrassed by such spectacle, Ark-san walks up to me and whispers.


“This is the reason for the country being religious.”

“This is honestly, out of my expectations…”

“….Yeah. This might be a bit unfamiliar to us, an outsider.”


It’s more like being faithful than just praying.

Even children are desperately praying for something with their hands clasped tight.

A religious country, when I first heard of it, I didn’t think much of it, but the sight of everyone now silently bowing down on their knees—–seemed rather strange.


“This is kinda……making me feel sick.”


Neah, who was looking at the tower with a disgusted face, muttered so.


“Why? Are you about to be purified by the sound of the bell?”

“I’m not that evil…”


So she is aware that she’s evil….

Being surprised, the bell suddenly stopped ringing. And at the same time, the people began moving and returning to their usual routine, as if nothing has happened.

It’s an amazing one-eighty turn of events.


“Well Usato-dono. Let’s bring these two back to where Bluerin is, and we’ll head to the palace of Samaria.”

“Eh….Aah yeah, you’re right. We have to send the letter.”


That’s right, I have forgotten about the letter.

The impact of Samaria has almost made me forget about it.

Making sure I have the three letters in my luggage, I confirmed by checking again.

Alright, they’re there. Then, let’s send Amako and Neah, the extra luggage, to where Bluerin is.


“Amako, Neah. We’re going to leave you where Bluerin——–.”


Looking back, Neah and Amako weren’t there.

Eh? Hah? Are? They were there just a while ago, but now they suddenly disappeared.


“Don’t tell me, they’ve gone snooping around like Inoue senpai?”


No, that can’t be. Neah or Amako wouldn’t leave without telling us.

Perhaps, they’ve been kidnapped? No, that’s impossible with Amako there.

It’s different, but this is a country that hates demihumans.

If they’ve disappeared in such a country—–This is giving me a bad feeling.


“Ark-san, the two of them.”

“….This is bad. Let’s postpone the letter and look for them.”


I nodded at Ark-san’s words.

It’s going to be too late if something happens.

The letters are important, but it’s much more important to find a friend who went missing.

In search of Amako and Neah, we have to move there—-But, Ark-san grabbed me by my arm as I walked.


“….Usato-dono, please stop.”

“! What’s wrong, we have to—–”

“Look behind you.”


When I turned behind, I saw several knights walking in a row from on side of the palace.

That alone wasn’t the reason that stopped me, but the gaze of the head knight who came here in a row clearly wanted to capture me and Ark-san.

A man with a long sword, dressed in robe and armour—–A black-haired man with a tinge of white hair, walks in front of us and slowly speaks with a low and heavy tone.


‘Mind, lending us a bit of your time?”



What are they?

They’re obviously trying to approach us.

Let’s quickly listen to their story and find the two of them.


“—–Usato-sama from Lingle Kingdom, a healing magician belonging to the rescue squad.”



How does he know my background….?

I haven’t been to the palace yet, and I haven’t told the guards that I’m from Lingle Kingdom.

Don’t tell me, these guys have something to do with the two’s disappearance?


“Usato-dono, please calm down.”

“Ark-san…., tsk, but.”

“They’re the knights of Samaria. And…”


His gaze, grasping my shoulder and looking at a direction, he pointed at the sword on the waist of the man standing in front of us.

The long sword, reminiscent of a ceremonial sword, has a large sphere that was flashing at regular intervals.

Staring at the sword for a few seconds, Ark-san spoke in a voice that the man in front of us couldn’t listen.


“…..I can understand why Amako-dono departed from here.”

“I can’t say where they are, but trust me that they’re safe. So please calm down for the time being.”



I released my clenched fist and relaxed my shoulders.

In the words of Ark-san, did Amako left with Neah?

…Is it because we’ll be meeting with these people? Since Amako can predict the future, she must’ve concluded that “Neah must not come across these people together with me.”

At least, they’re certainly not trustworthy.

Anyways, if there’s something that we can’t agree along the way, I might have to respond accordingly.


“….And you are?”

“….My apologies, let me introduce myself. I am Fegnis, Captain of the Samaria Knight. I am here to meet with you, who have travelled far from Lingle Kingdom.”

“Welcome us? Uhmm, what do you mean by that?”


A captain of a knight is different from a commander…But is he somehow in a senior position?

Either way, it’s too suspicious as I have fully understand his identity.

In response to my question, the person named Fegnis deepen his mild smile and slowly opened his mouth.


“Our King, Lucas・Urd・Samaria-sama has invited you to meet with him.”



The King of Samaria wants to meet with us.

Not only me but Ark-san, was surprised at the story, that was just too abnormal.


Author’s Note:

The two hereos also had their great adventures.

The next chapter will feature the encounter with the King of Samaria.


The origin of the name Foobird, is a means of contacting from countries to countries.


Fuchou (風鳥) → Kaze Bird→Fu Bird→Foo Bird

….I have an overwhelmingly lack of a naming sense it seems…..

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