Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 80 – Drinking some pufferfish hire-sake

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In the last chapter of level up just by eating.

Our protagonist has hired an orphaned girl.

If he doesn’t get her permission, he must never lay a finger on her.

If he gets her approval, he’s a lolicon.


Having the girl named Marine joined our party, we head back to the city where we originally were.

It has been a while after that long trip, and honestly, I can’t remember the name of the city anymore.

But, what I can remember is the name of the inn where I stayed.

That is, Asha’s Crescent Moon.


 The innkeeper Asha-san was a person with big breasts and loves sake.

 They were wonderful boobs.

 I opened the crescent moon’s wooden door.


「Today’s sake is great as well!!!」


 Asha is a person with delic- wonderful boobs and a love for sake.


「It’s been a long time Keima-sama! How was your journey?!」

「It was great.」


 I took out the item from my magic bag.


「Thi-……Isn’t that……, the S-Class difficulty level、『The Pufferfish Hire』?」

「So you knew about it?」

「Well of course, that’s common knowledge amongst people who enjoy drinking!」


 Is that so?

 I looked at the adventurers around Asha.

 No one was nodding.


 Asha is such a lonely person.

 Even though she holds such magnificent boobs, she’s still looking for a lover.

 I would love it if someone gives that to me.


「B-……By the way, Keima-sama.

 What do you plan to do with this hire……?

 If you plan on selling it to the guild, we can buy it at a price quoted Keima-sama. But if not, I would not mind dedicating this body of mine to get it!?」


「Are you really doing this much just for sake?!」


「If it’s just a typical sake, I won’t go that far!

 However, the sake this time is THAT pufferfish……!

 If there’s a one in a million chance, I’ll do what it takes.

 At that moment, if I was able to drink this pufferfish hire-sake, I could have been called to the heavens as “Being able to drink a pufferfish hire-sake.”」


 She’s a sake lover as usual.

 Because of her drinking hobbies, she’d missed her marriage age and would not seem to stop.


「Then Keima-sama, let’s go!

 To a journey of drinking hire-sake!」


 Asha did not wait for my reply.

 She pulled my hands and went up the stairs and pulled me into a room.


「Wa-, the both of you! You left the hire on the table!!」


 Laura who is usually dumb is saying something decent for once.




 My room.

 A lamp called Moe moe tree is illuminating a dim light around the room.

 The tree, which seemed to contain wax and alcohol, gave off a weak flame like an alcohol lamp while standing like a candle.

 I cut the hire into a palm-size and put it on a net.

 And broil it slowly.


「It seems that broiling the hire is quite difficult……。

If you roast it lightly, it’ll smell like fish, and if you overdo it, it’ll burn.」


 I was saying this to remind myself.


「You have to blow it♥ Like this~♥ Phewwww……♥♥♥」


 On the other hand, Asha was excited.

 Her mouth and chest were loose, and her face was intensely flushed, and heart marks were floating in her pupils.

 It’s straight out of an ero-manga.



 Bubbles floated on the surface.

 The white hire turns into a dark-fox colour.


「Guess it’s around this timing.」


 I removed the hire from the fire.

 While still hot, I poured it into the sake, which made a sizzling and popping sound.


 Then, I picked up a bowl for drinking.

 And poured the hire-sake for the two of us.

 Foo, foo, foo.

 I blew it three times.


「Thank you for the drink.」


 I placed the white bowl on the lower lip, and tilt it slowly.

 The hot sake melts into the mouth with a fragrant flavour.

 Despite the fact that sake should be liquid, it’s thick.


 Closing my mouth, I roll the sake over my tongue.

 The unique bitterness accompanied by a fragrant scent, however, changes into an umami flavour which spreads in the mouth.

 Taking a gulp, happiness rushes into my stomach.


「This is good……」

「This is wonderful……………」


 Asha was very impressed.

 She closes her eyes and looked as though she’s praying.

 Tears fall from her closed eyes.

 Pull, pull, pull.

 Lolona pulls the hem of my clothes.


「K- Keima-dono……」


 And beside me, Femille was also gazing at me.




 I handed the bowl to Lolona and Femille.


 The two swallowed side by side.


「What umami……!

 It seems as if the blessings of all the lakes that live in the bottom of the lake are condensed into this one drink……!」



 Lolona commented, and Femille was simply pleased.



「Marine will have juice.」



 I gave her some orange juice, and Marine’s hair fluffed about.


(Gulp, gulp, gulp……。)


 Since she’s still young, I gave her some juice to start of.

 Puhaaa (*´ワ`)

 What a satisfied face.


「Keima, Keima, Keimaaaaa」


 Laura clings to me with teary eyes.


「Aaah~ Aaaahn, Aaaaaaaaahn!」


 With her mouth open wide as usual, she wants it that badly.


「But, didn’t you immediately crash after drinking?

 Sake is something you enjoy, and not something you drink till you fall, right?」


「I want to drink even if I crash!

 Keima was drinking with such a satisfied face, and I was feeling so lonely! I feel like I was being left out!!!」


 Though she is stupid at times, but she does say something pretty cute things at times.

 I calmly put my hand on Laura’s head.


(Skill transfer!)


 I shall give Laura the poison resistance skill that I have accumulated.

 Alcohol is a poisonous substance.

 She’ll be able to drink with us after this.


 I’ll be less resistant to it, but I thought that it was a good trade-off.

 To tell you the truth, I don’t hate her way of eating and drinking delicious things.


「Here you go.」

「Thanks Keima ♪」


 She smiled innocently.

 She took the bowl and drank the pufferfish hire-sake.

 Laura’s white, thin throat screamed.



 She was drunk.



「Fueheuhehue, deris-cus……. I’m in br–iss…… Hiccup…………」


 Moreover, her face was fiery red and looks like she’s about to fall asleep any minute.


「Oi, how are you still drunk?!」

「Fuheeen……Keinyaa……moreeee……Munyuu munyuu……」


 She grabs my shoulder and tried shaking it, but there was no reaction.


 A skill is similar to a pitching form in baseball.

 No matter how elegant the form is, if the original’s muscle strength is weak, a fastball can’t be thrown.

 In the case of poison resistance, there’s a concept called the original resistance value, and the resistance skill multiplies from that.

 However, if you’re stupidly weak from the start, having a higher tolerance, or in this case, higher resistance to poison――—


 And this dumb goddess has such a low tolerance towards alcohol.

 Even though she has the title of a goddess.肩


「Return my skill you dumb shit! Give back my kindness and my poison resistance skill!!」


 I grabbed Laura’s boobs and shook them.


「Fueheheheheee……. Nyaver~……。

 Keeemaa. No matter how mucch yu rove~, hick, love me, you can’t……♥」


 Since she’s stupid, she didn’t react properly.

 Can’t be helped.


「Guess I’ll forgive her if she becomes my chair or sofa starting tomorrow.」

「Is that even a penalty?!」


 Lolona’s voice echoes, but according to my standards, that is forgiving.

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Thank you!

Seronis · 23rd April 2020 at 3:39 PM

Whatever word you meant, “hire” is not it. Hire means to give someone a job. It has nothing to do with fish/sake/food/drink.

    Venetha · 24th April 2020 at 5:44 PM

    Reading the raw gives me “Drinking some horned pufferfish (fillet or fin) sake”.

    Kain Yusanagi · 30th May 2020 at 12:14 PM

    The funny thing is that it was properly noted as being the fin that was cut off for adding to sake a couple chapters ago.

    Kururu · 9th July 2020 at 6:10 PM

    Actually the name of the sake they made is hire-sake, i think the author or the translator confuse the sake name with the ingredient, which is fin(pufferfish fin)

Mio · 24th April 2020 at 5:54 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

Just pop some tetrodotoxin in your mouth and you should have your skill back to around where it was before, Keima.

    Beyn · 29th April 2020 at 4:52 PM

    Nope, he get’s paralysis resistance from the tetrodotoxin, his poison resistance was raised with that deadly poison gas

DMR · 24th April 2020 at 8:50 AM

Thanks for the chapter XD

Okay… why didn’t he sleep with Asha? They should be working together… T^T

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