Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 79 – Hiring a girl

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TL Note: I’ve been translating so much lately I get confused with whether I wrote Liesel as Liesel or as Riesel. Give me a break, okay? 🙂


 After turning Liesel into a girl, I went around the streets to sample more food.


 Terere, te te te~

 Terere, te te te~

   Terere, te te te~


 I didn’t learn any skills, but gaining levels is a win in itself.

 That brain-damaged Laura asked for food as well.

 Along the way, she nonchalantly opened her mouth.




「I know that you’ve turned Liesel into a Liesel-chan, but do you have a way to turn him back?」


「Aah, you’re thinking about that. In a nutshell……」





「Just a laugh?!

 From Liesel-chan’s perspective, wouldn’t that be a smile of despair?!」

「I feel so sorry for him.」

「And that’s it?!」


「Well~ The world is huge, if he behaves, then I’ll turn him back.」

「If he doesn’t……?」


 I looked up towards the sky and answered.


「Compare to the endless sky, I don’t think the gender of a criminal matters too much……?」

「You have a point……」


 I convinced her.

 I thought it wouldn’t work, but convincing this useless goddess that a bad thing isn’t that bad is easy.


「By the way Keima-dono.」

「What’s up Lolona?」

「I’ve noticed this since the beginning, but……」


 Lolona glances at the back.






 A shadow was peeking out near a building, a girl was staring at us, (Jiii……….), and the moment Lolona noticed her, she went (!) in a panic and hid herself.


 However, she wasn’t able to hide herself well.

 The fluffy part of her hair was protruding out of the building.


「If I’m not mistaken……that girl’s, Marine?」


 It’s the young girl where we shared the shark meat with, and followed us on a journey to get some puffer fish.


(Swaying back and forth.)


 It looks to me that she was nodding to herself.

 The slightly visible fluffy hair of hers was nodding three times in a row.

 But, I can tell that she’s happy when she nodded.


「You won’t be able to convey with just that, Marine.」


 A voice could be heard from behind the building.

 It seems to be the brother of Marine, which was pushing her forward.




 Marine doesn’t look prepared, but her brother started speaking on her behalf.


「Sorry for bothering.

 Our Marine seems to be interested in you……」



 She hides behind her brother, and occasionally steals some glance.

 Her cheeks were bright red, and her fluffy hair was swaying about.


「So she followed me here.」



 Marine nods cutely.



「You should stop before it gets worse! ! !」


 Laura shouts.


「You know, Keima is a hardcore sadistic freak!

 He doesn’t hesitate to step on me or pinch my cheeks, and he makes a bad guy’s d*ck disappear because he wishes!!」


「N-Niichan, did you really do that?」


 The young boy held his own crotch tightly as his face turned pale.


「It’s a bit misleading, but it’s true that I turned a male into a female.」

「See?! He’s an extremely dangerous 〇8 number?!」


「T-T-T-That is not true!!

 Keima-sama might be cold towards Laura-sama all the time, but he will always be kind and gentle to me and Lolona-san!」


「Y-Yeah that’s right!

 He may be cold towards Laura-dono, but to anyone else he’s always kind to them!

 If you’re not like Laura-dono, then he’ll let you taste what heaven feels!」


「Wait just a minute!

 Can Lolona-chan and Femille-chan not look at me in a bad light?!

 Can you at least oppose Keima a little bit for me?!

 Can’t you just say that『Keima should just treat the cute and adorable goddess of wisdom known as Laura fairly?』?!?!」



「……Those are some nice crafts, maybe I should buy it for my sister…………」


「Femille-chan, why are you looking away from me?!?!

 And Lolona-chan, didn’t you already buy some souvenirs just now?!!」


「It can’t be helped.

 Of course I haven’t bought enough for my sister, but it’s a fact that we’re choosing to ignore you.

 If we consider your situation with the balance of the world, yours would be heavier than carrying the world.」


「That far?!?!?!」

「That’s right Laura. I saw that they’re selling some golden coloured cactis at that store over there.」

「You’re right, amazing!」


「But that’s quite rare.

 They’re lots of red and green coloured cactis, but this is my first time seeing a golden coloured cactus.」

「Seems like it……」

「Because of that, I shall buy that only for you!」

「Fueeeen! Love! Keima la~bu! Love you lots~!」


 Our useless goddess has hit her head again for today.

 I bought the┌(・_・)┘shaped cactus for her.


「Hou, are you buying this gold?」


「The gold is a tad bit special. Instead of eating it, you drink it.」


 The old man sliced the top part open.

 Then showing the top, inside was shaped like a cup, storing the cactus liquid.

 Shuwa shuwa shuwa……!

 The cup was filled with golden carbonic acid.




 Laura’s eyes shine brightly.

 Gulp――as Laura drank the liquid.



「How is it?」

「Keima, drink some as well!」


 She hands me the cup.

 One can see white bubbles forming inside the golden liquid.


 I drank some.

 the carbon taste reverberates……

 But immediately after, a refreshing flavour reminiscent of lemon and its firm sweetness overflows the mouth.

 After the final sip, the sense of refreshing feeling courses through the body after a long day in the desert.



「You understand too right?! It’s so good!

 This smashing and popping feeling in my mouth when it enters, and it goes boom and shuwa!

 It’s funky, punky, rock and fancy!

 Delicioooouuuuuuss! This is amaaaaaaaazzziiing!!!!」


 Laura robbed me of the cup and drank once more.




 She made a (><) face, filled with satisfaction.


(Pull, pull.)


 The cute Marine who was hiding behind the young buy is now pulling the hem of my shirt.

 She shows a sad face as if being left behind, and her eyebrows slightly hanging down.


「Am I, not good………?」

「It’s not that you’re not good……」

「I will………be helpful to you.」

「Do you have some special talent?」

「Cleaning………Cooking………I can do………those」


「I’ll hire you.」


「Wai- Keimaa!!」

「Besides cooking, it’s important for us to have someone capable of cleaning. I absolutely hate to clean.」

「If you’re talking about cleaning, can’t Lolona-chan or Femille-chan do that?!」


「Why didn’t you include『and me』into the equation……」

「You already that I can’t! ! !」


It was an instantaneous answer that even made me chuckle.


「You can do them right? Femille-chan? Lolona-chan?!」

「It’s impossible for me!

 Excluding my part, It’s impossible if it’s K-K-K-K-K-Keima-dono’s room……」


「I……can clean the trash, but I can’t throw away things……Pyon.

 Putting a holed-filled futon out on a hot day……Or sitting on a broken chair……」


 Lolona was overreacting and Femille was having Poverty-terene syndrome.


「There’s another reason why I’m hiring Marine.」

「Another reason?」

「Don’t you think that the place we’re staying is a little, narrow?」


「You’re right!

 Since I’m a goddess, wouldn’t it better if you let me stay in a more luxurious house, befitting me?」


「If you think about it, wouldn’t it benefit us if we have someone to take care of the house?」

「You have a point there……」


 Laura stares at Marine, and thinks about it for a second.


「You won’t do anything……weird?」

「What do you think of me all this time?

 No matter what, I won’t do anything to a young girl……」


 I stared at Marine……then continued.


「…..without her permission!」


「So you’re gonna do something if she agrees!!!」

「That is well……Tehe.」


 Marine grabs her right hand and says.


「I shall………approve.」


 Then there’s no problem then!





 Laura was fuming in anger, but I ignored her because… It’s her.


Author’s Note.

Thank you for posting your ideas.

The idea of using some of the material is beginning to solidify.

These are some of the suggestions:


・ I want you to eat this kind of food.

・ I want you to write such a story.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

I don’t know if it can be adopted, but if I think it is good, I will do it.


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