Level 1 Guy: Chapter 342 – Blindspot

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“Umm …” (Ryouta)

“What’s the matter, Low level?” (Eve)

“No, I was just thinking of what I’m supposed to do with these milk.” (Ryouta)

“???” (Eve)


Eve tilts her head sideways.

Looking inside of the dungeon as seen from outside.


The space is a little vacant, but milk still flows out of the dungeon from the vacant space.


“I have to think about how to dispose of this milk.” (Ryouta)

“Because they’re garbage, let’s burn them.” (Eve)

“Please stop that. It’ll cause havoc if it just burns and dries.” (Ryouta)


Look around, you can see hell wreaking havoc.

Probably more of these by-products of milk will come spewing out in tons later.


And when it all dries and smells—–




This might be my first time feeling my whole body trembling since coming to this world.


Goosebumps appear all over, so I rub my arms and think.

At that moment, a thought flashes like a revelation.


“… I wish my friends would cooperate with me. Even better if everyone helps.” (Ryouta)

“More so than lower level?” (Eve)


Eve suddenly wondered.

It’s unusual for everyone to be more useful than me when it comes to dungeons.


“Yeah, everyone’s better than me.” (Ryouta)

“What should I do.” (Eve)

“I’ll get a magic cart from the mansion and thrust it inside.” (Ryouta)


Eve was listening to me, much more seriously than usual.


“Then, defeat the angel and send the dropped milk with the transfer function of the magic cart. Afterwards, take the Master Lock to an unpopular place. Maybe outside some deserted place. Once they become rogue monsters, I’ll have everyone defeat it.” (Ryouta)


That’s right.

There are ways to dispose of garbage using magic suited for it.

Like, say Celeste’s magic, Inferno.


However, when burning, it’ll still leak out.

Once Celest was struggling with it.


The reason for doing that is because it’s secure.


If you can take the danger, be it a garbage or rogue monster, or a Frankstein, and completely wipe them out without any drop, then that’s the best option.


With that in mind, you can send the milk out of the dungeon and turn it into a rogue monster and defeat it.


They have become quite strong, and it’s still the same that they don’t get drops from outside of the dungeon.


By doing so, the milk can be wiped out without smelling.


“I understand the story” (Eve)

“Then, let’s go back to the mansion and gather those who are free?” (Ryouta)

“Leave it to bunny.” (Eve)


Eve said with a feeling of motivation.


“I’ll leave it to you?” (Ryouta)

“Entrust it to me.” (Eve)

“Okay. Let’s do this.” (Ryouta)


I developed a more specific strategy in my head and told Eve.


“I rush first and defeat the angels. In the meantime, Eve returns at the gate and delivers me only the magic cart. Leave the rest of the rogue monster to everyone else to defeat.” (Ryouta)

“All right.” (Eve)


Eve nodded and the strategy was decided.


I kept the revolvers and faced the dungeon.


“Let’s go!” (Ryouta)


First I jumped into the dungeon.

Jump into a vacant little space and cast Repetition.


Repetition that can defeat at a much higher pace than a revolver.

The space became even more vacant, and have enough space to put the magic cart.


“Eve!” (Ryouta)

“For carrots.” (Eve)


She jumped into the dungeon late and returned to the mansion at the gate that was just opened.


“It’s okay if I can buy some—–” (Ryouta) 

“Sorry for the wait.” (Eve)

“Haya!” (Ryouta)


I didn’t wait at all.

Eve delivered my magic cart in less than three seconds.


“For carrots.” (Eve)

“Oh, okay.” (Ryouta)


I’m reminded of Eve’s motivation.


“When can I transfer?” (Ryouta)

“5 seconds” (Eve)

“That’s too fast! ……I understand, I will transfer it after 5 seconds.” (Ryouta)

“Nn.” (Eve)


Eve returned to the mansion using the gate again.


5 seconds, the time required to transfer the master lock.

I wonder if could get in 5 seconds …


“… I’m sure she can.” (Ryouta)


I was convinced that Eve with carrots would definitely be able to do it.


After waiting for 5 seconds, the angels will be hunted again.

I pour all the milk into the magic cart while defeating it using repetition.


Is it fine? Hopefully.

I don’t care about the pace at all.


Eve and my friends are over there.

No problem at all.


I defeat the angel and send the squeezed milk.

I dedicated my all to it.


The angels who filled the dungeon were gradually decreasing.

Farming magic repetition, and an infinite recovery bullet that can recover MP.


The strongest combination defeating the angel.


A repetition that you can easily defeat without thinking.

Still, it took time to wipe out the pool of angels.


In the end, it took an hour to clean up the first floor.


“Phew …” (Ryouta)


I wipe the sweat with the back of my hand and go around the first floor again.

I’m convinced that it’s alright, sweeping the angels  that naturally occur in parts along the way.


Then I tried to return to the mansion.


“Ah” (Ryouta)


Suddenly, I realized there was no way to go back.

The gate is gone after Eve went.


It is a mechanism that disappears when the person who uses it returns.


Well, what to do now—–.


“Rabbit, comeback.” (Eve)


The gate appeared and Eve came.


“You were just in time … what happened, Eve?” (Ryouta)

“Milk, all cleared.” (Eve)

“Everything? That’s fast.” (Ryouta)


This was unexpected.


I thought that if I used repetition without hesitation, the sweeping speed would be the fastest in theory, so it would take more time.


“Don’t look down on bunny.” (Eve)

“I didn’t though …?” (Ryouta)

“What a low level.” (Eve)

“Just now you said don’t look down on you.” (Ryouta)

“I did.” (Eve)

“… To bunny?” (Ryouta)

“To bunny.” (Eve)

“…. Only bunny?” (Ryouta)

“Bunny alone.” (Eve)


The more I ask, she continues to answer.


“Did you do it alone?” (Ryouta)

“I did it alone” (Eve)


Eve proudly puffs her chest.

The plump breasts of the bunny suit shook beautifully.


“Bunny is here, so she’ll do their best this time.” (Eve)

“Oi oi.” (Ryouta)

“Dead or carrot” (Eve)

“Wow …” (Ryouta)


I was impressed again.

When carrots are not tangled, she’s silent and mysterious, so not very noticeable, but her ability is truly the real deal.


Well, originally she is strong.

She was a famous adventurer earlier than us.


“Besides, thank you low level.” (Eve)

“Thank you? No, that’s my line.” (Ryouta)


This is the place where I have to thank Eve, who has cleared the milk alone.


“That’s not the case, low level gave bunny a place to play. If Bunny isn’t outside, she can’t do anything.” (Eve)

“Hm? What do you mean by that?” (Ryouta)


I can’t see the correlation and tilted my head.

Eve stares at me with a grateful glance.


“It would be okay if you sent those two to the dungeon, the Animal F.” (Eve)

“……Eh?” (Ryouta)


Animal F would be referring to Emily and Celeste.


No, that is not the case now.


“But low level of Drop S dropped so much and had to send it out, which allowed bunny to succeed—-” (Eve)

“……Ah” (Ryouta)


Now I get it.

Our approach was all wrong.


Disposal of surplus milk and disposal of garbage.


That’s how she came up with it.


I had to think more about this.


Emily and Celeste.


If two of Animal Drop F enter the dungeon from the beginning, there will be almost no drop no matter how much you defeat.


No garbage would appear from the beginning.

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