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Author’s Note:

Sorry for the wait.

We shall begin the 4th Arc.

Edited: Shiro

Travelling with Neah our new companion has been difficult in many ways.

Starting with these three, noisy, troublesome, and clumsy traits. In addition, she constantly fights with Amako——- No, it’s totally a one-sided sumo wrestling if you include the fact that Amako doesn’t even lose a teeth.

Either way, they’re really annoying.

A few days after I left the village, it was good getting used to going on for trips, and I’ve regained my calmness, but—–


“Hey, tell me more about Usato’s world.”


Suddenly, Neah in the form of an owl rides on my shoulder and asks.




Those words, thinking that her voice seemed a little excited to know is a pain.

It’s not as though I hate talking about myself. In the first place, the reason why she tried catching me was because she wanted to hear about a different world, and it’s rather slow of her to ask right now.

But, I wonder if it’s okay to talk about the other world so openly to this nerd who’s so immersed in what she’s interested in.

…..It’s useless trying to delay it, and it’s highly likely that she’ll start attacking me with questions around the clock.


“Horaa~ Can’t you tell me something? Isn’t it boring just walking?”


And how is she hopelessly bossy.

Ey, you’re not even walking on your own.

You’re standing on my shoulder, right?

She starts flapping her wings on my cheeks, and puts a smug on her face.


“Then, let me tell you about the vampires in my world.”

“Arama! There are vampires in your world?”


Neah eats it right up that there are those who are similar to her in my world.

Good, good, let’s tease her a little more.


“The vampires in my world can lift rocks easily. They can draw blood from people just by looking at them. Also, they fly around the night sky like Swallows, sneaking into people’s houses, sipping the raw blood of people. They’re monsters that live in the darkness, sucking people’s blood.”

“…..He, heeh…..Aren’t they quite good——–”

“No, there’s more than that. They can shoot laser beams from their eyes, and similar to the Wicked Dragon, they can emit blue poison from their mouths, they can grow into huge beings, turn to fogs and slip through any walls. To me, the most dangerous monsters in our world are the vampires.”

“Are those really vampires?!”


No shit, of course, they’re lies. As if there’s a vampire like that.

However, she believed in every word I said without hesitation, and her small body even trembled slightly, I can even see the upset look on her face that the vampire of another world was a monster far above her expectations. 

What is this feeling, looking at her——-is so fun to watch.


“Y-You’re lying? Vampires aren’t so monstrous, right? Wait, are you saying that I’m a useless vampire?”

“Well yeah, it’s a lie.”



You’re rather unfortunate more than being useless.


“Kiiiiiiiiiiiiii! How dare you trick me!”


Neah who knew she was being teased, opened her wings as if to show anger, and tried to peck me with her beak.

However, with her beak hitting my head, her body stiffened as if being tied to something, as she slipped off from my shoulder.

Hyaa~, she cried with a miserable scream as I swiftly caught her with my left hand.


“Oi, have you forgotten the shit you put on yourself? The contract if you do any harm to your own master…..”

“I-I did not forget!!”

“Says the one who just got hurt by the contract.”


Neah cannot hurt me.

There are various restrictions and functions in this familiar contract that she and I have signed, and one of those is one that cannot do any harm to the master.

The extent and criteria of harm are at the sole discretion of the master, so with my permission, can she use her magic on me, and or drink and eat.

Now I don’t have to worry about her sucking my blood unless I approve….but it looks like the person herself has actually forgotten…


“What a bird head…..”

“What did you just say you iron-faced fox!!”


Neah overreacted to Amako’s words as she retorted.

Amako who was walking with Bluerin on my left looks back to Neah and opens her mouth with an uninterested look.


“What I said are facts. And I also know why you wouldn’t walk on your own, and instead stay on Usato, because once you walk three steps, you’ll forget.”

“Fu,fu fu fu…. I have always imagined going on a journey, but I can’t stand it anymore! Hoot hoot!!”


Neah jumps out of my palm and charges at Amako in a tremendous speed.

Amako on the other hand, avoids the awkward thrust at her face, simply by tilting her neck, grabs her by the legs, spins her arms round and round, and flung her.

She transformed mid-air in a matter of seconds and rolled down the ground to my feet.

…..How many times must they repeat this exact exchange to get disciplined?


“D-Damn it….I-I’ll win next time…”

“I acknowledge your bravery, but don’t you think it’s difficult to beat Amako who can pre-empt your movements? Also, do you think you can win with that form—–”

“Shut up shut up!! Speaking of which, Usato is also bad for lying to me!! Why must you lie!! Do you like messing around with me!?”

“You don’t have to regress into a baby while being mad at me…. Aah, alright my bad.”


Since it was my fault.

But, why did you have to retort to Amako’s words when she just teased you a little. And what’s even more surprising is you being defeated as fast as a catch ball.

Neah scrubbed and wiped her eyes, and turns back into an owl again before jumping on my shoulder.


“So, you ended up staying on my shoulder.”

“Hun, I am Usato’s familiar, so this place is the best.”


For the past few days, she stayed on top of Ark-san, Bluerin, and on the horses, but finally decided to stay on my shoulders.

Apparently, she seemed to like being on top. If she wasn’t so noisy, I won’t be bothered, but occasionally she spreads her wings and hits my ear and neck which pisses me off.

Also, Amako’s gaze becomes strangely harsher than usual.


“Hm, right….”


Speaking of which, Neah who is a familiar now, what happens if she turns into a human?

In this case, she’ll be recognized by the Samaria, which have a strong hatred against demihumans, so she’ll have to be treated as a familiar at all times….

In such a case, it’s best to ask Arc-san.





When I talked to Arc-san, who was pulling the horses in front, slowed down a little to answer.

I pointed at Neah on my shoulder and asked him what I was interested in.


“It’s about this thing here, even if she’s under a familiar contract, is it okay to let her be a human in Samaria?”

“Hmm, well as long as she’s your familiar. But demihumans like Neah are so rare that you honestly can’t tell the difference. If she is perceived as a demihuman by the Samaria….”


I’ve heard that the Samaria doesn’t have a good impression for the demihumans, but it’s quite annoying that I may have to hide not only Amako, but this Neah.


“Of course!”


Next to my face is Neah who for some reason looks proud.


“A humanoid monster has the intelligence to understand the language of humans, meaning that a smart and strong monster like me is as close as a demihuman!”

“Right now, I felt sorry to have you accompany us on a journey…. Eh? If worse comes to worst, they might even mistake me for having a slave….”

“…..Hahaha, there is that possibility…”


You’re kidding me.

I’m carrying such outrageous baggage.

Even though she was the one who forcibly signed the contract, treating her as a slave…

In addition, Neah’s transformation can be easily unravelled. Just as Amko waves her hand and flung her, she would easily return to her original form.

If we’re in the city of Samaria right now, there would be no place to pass the letter.

At best, I’ll get kicked out of the kingdom. At worst, Neah will be targeted, and I’ll get imprisoned.


“All I have to do is not get found out. I’ll just stay in this owl form the whole time.”

“Please, at least transform back into a human…”

“Eeeh, but it’s easier to move around like this.”


When this kid turns into an owl, though she’s a bird, she doesn’t know how to fly.

In addition, the only thing I see is wariness as when she simply replied with a, “don’t you worry” attitude, I can’t trust her whatsoever. Perhaps, the moment we enter the city, this ignorant little girl with her knowledge alone would cause a commotion, so I think it’s best to leave her somewhere when I hand the letter.


“Arc-san, is it better to act separately with Amako and Neah at the time? I’m worried that if we’re bringing these dogs and monkeys together, it’ll just spell trouble, right?”

“You’re right. Let’s have them wait with Bluerin when we give the letter. Are you both okay with that?”

“ “ No. (Disagreed) “ “


They’re such good friends.

You wouldn’t think that they’re enemies for the past few days, as they agreed simultaneously.

Amako suddenly pulls my sleeve, with her shoulders drop. Looking at her, Amako looks up and talks to me.


“But. I supposed there’s no helping it….”



You’re such a good kid.

It’s too easy to read what she’s worried about.


“Neah, you too——-”

“I don’t wanna, why do I have to be with such a cheeky beast girl?”


That’s a troublesome child. Really, who’s the older one now.

Can’t be helped, unless there’s no other option, we’ll have to make such a difficult decision.

Immediately, I approached Bluerin who walked in front of me and stroked his head.


“Amako’s great right. Don’t you think so, Bluerin? She isn’t selfish, unlike someone?”


“Right, how about meat for tonight’s dinner? You’ve only eaten fruits lately, so I’m sure you wanna eat something that gives you energy right? Just in time—-We have some good bird meat here.”



I hold down Neah’s head who wanted to fly off with my left hand.

My face slowly shifted to her with a wicked smile on my face, and an owl with tears on her eyes, trembling all over.


“Ah, aaah——-!! I suddenly thought of wanting to be with her?!”

“Eh, really? I’m glad that you understand.”


Her attitude immediately changed and agrees to stay behind with Amako.

Yeap yeap, I nodded and release my left hand from her head.

Now that she is able to move freely, she shakes her head and shouts in confusion.


“Ho, hofu. Wh- Why are you threatening me this calmly!? Is my common sense the one that’s wrong here!? Or is it that Usato is the strange one here!?”

“Don’t worry, because Usato is the only strange one here.”

“Ha ha ha, Usato-dono is as strange as ever.”

“Can you not treat this as some sort of cute thing!?”


Amako being expressionless, Arc-san says it while laughing cheerfully.

Of course, what I said earlier about frying some bird meat was just a joke. However, if she really becomes too selfish, I might just tie her legs up, and have to take such measures.


“Well, since you’ve said it, you better do as you’re told.”

“Fu, fun~ Why are you looking at me as though I’ll be found out. Even if I’ve been found, I can just use my memory-erasing magic.”

“It’s only as a last resort. Use that if you really have no choice, because I don’t want you relying on your abilities.”


However, her ability isn’t good if she’s in a crowded area, it’s impossible to erase everyone’s memory.

If she made a mistake, there’s a disadvantage that’ll worsen her position.


“Your ability is so convenient that it’s difficult to use.”

“Mu, what’s with that phrasing. I who have so many skills will never be found out! As a necromancer, I can control the dead! Vampire’s charm, an ability to control the living, and the ability to change shape! And finally, the three magic that I have been learning for the past 300 years!!”


It’s true that she has quite a number of amazing skills. If you compare to someone like me who only has Healing Magic, it might seem weird to worry about her.

But then again, when on a journey, there’s no use for controlling the living or the dead.

…..In fact, the only thing that Neah can do during this journey is——magic.


“Three? Don’t you only have two magics, the restraint and resistance magic? And they’re quite inconvenient as well.”

“It’s extremely convenient alright. But, I’ve noticed a good point.”


Neah becomes even prouder as soon as I asked her about her magic.

So, she can use one more magic besides the restraining and resistance magic? Then again, it’s rather wonderful of her to remember three magics after learning it for almost her entire life.


“Fufufu, it’s this. Any mage will learn this important magic first.”

“Heeeh, wouldn’t that be an extremely strong magic then.”

“That is correct, my third magic is, this—–”


She stops and breathes in before opening her small mouth.


“Liberation——Which also means to dispel any curse!!”

“…O, Oh.”


I was kinda disappointed….

Maybe because of my dissatisfied reaction, she went “Ho, hou!!” as she angrily shouted back.


“What’s with that lack-lustre reaction!! Isn’t it an amazing feat for a magic-user to learn dispel!?”


But then, there’s not a single point where I need to dispel anything.

Rather, it’s more surprising to think that there’s a magic like that.


“Listen here!? In principle, magic can only be solved naturally, and it can continue to function semi-permanently!! That’s why, the magic of unlocking it, the art of unlocking, is an important magic that you must first learn!?”


I see, so the restraint spell I applied to her was able to disperse over time.

If she was a semi-permanent mage, would I have been locked up until she releases me?

With that in mind, the liberation magic plays the role of dispelling is a rather important magic then.



“How long does it take to learn?”


If it takes time to master, I’ll die soon before I could learn this magic right?

Whether I thought that my question was plausible or not, I would think she’ll respond with, “It’s natural for humans to question.”, but she opens her eyes wide and spreads her wings.


“Uo!? Why did you suddenly….”

“It, it only took me 40 years!! As a mage, you can learn this really quickly! I don’t know if you can do these complicated magic, but you can solve an easy one in an instant!”


As a monster with longer lives, 40 years will past in no time!?

But from a human’s point of view, I’ll become an uncle no matter how fast I learn or learned it as soon as I’m born.

Is it even worth learning this?


“….Is there an opportunity to use such magic?”

“Obviously there is. Isn’t there a magician in every country? If you’re a mage, you’ll be dealing with other mages who have curses and magic books.”



A mage? What’s that, was there such a person in every country?

Looking at Arc-san silently tilting his head, he then shakes his head with a bitter smile.

Looking at Neah again, she looks proud of her magic that she had learned, assuming that magic is commonly used.

The guesses that can be derived from these are—-


“Don’t tell me….”


…..Does Neah not know that magic in this world is almost declining?

It is a possibility. A child who seems to have been in that village and in her western-style building since birth. Perhaps only she has that perception that magic is a slightly rare technique.

Meaning, teaching her reality would be too cruel. After all, having to tell her the fact that spending 40 years to learn an almost meaningless magic is just…


“Hey, Usato—-”
“Amako, don’t say it. Please don’t tell her. Look at how happy she is right now….”


After stopping Amako’s words, I looked at Neah who was in a good mood on my shoulder.

Magic is almost declining, so it’s hard to say that you have many opportunities to use a curse. And conversely, I heard that you can only dispel your own magic.

From Neah’s point of view, it’s like she just had the opportunity to brag about her magic for the first time, ah, this is painful.


“So? How is it usato, aren’t I amazing?”

“Aah, you’re….so amazing.”


Please don’t look at me with such confident eyes.

I’ll feel really bad.


“Fufufu, well that’s a given….. Why are you looking at me like that?”


I tried looking forward while avoiding any eye contact with Neah, I could see the back of the road—–A city surrounded by large walls in the distance.

Fortunately, I point to the direction where what seems to be a city.


“Aah, I think I saw something!”


With my words, Neah who was asking me why, followed by Amako and Arc-san, who was walking nearby, also look ahead.

Looking at the city separated by a wall, you can see a castle and a long and narrow building as high as the castle.

It’s probably our first destination from where the landscape is similar to Lingle Kingdom.


“So that is, Samaria?”


A few days after departing from Lukvis, we have our troubles with Neah, but finally, we have reached our first destination, Samaria.

Author’s Note:

The Samaria arc will now begin.


Dispel, is an almost dying skill.

Almost unusable. (Bitter)

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