Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 78 – Post-fight clean-up・Liesel

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Author’s Note:

On the last episode of, level up just by eating.

Our useless goddess has successfully eaten the pufferfish, and almost become Buddha. (Heals if being hit)

And now, we went to the temple to meet with Licia.


 Well then.


「By the way Licia. What plans do you have after this?」


「I’m going to stay here――I think.

 Leaving aside the church trying to chase after me, I find that my existence is necessary here.

 Me being chased out from the church might be due to the challenges that Velcrant-sama has given me――That is what I feel.」


「You’re quite positive about this.」

「Th-th-that is because Keima-sama has influenced me since we’ve met…………I-i-i-it’s nothing!」


 I have no idea why the mood has suddenly felt like someone’s in love.

 Laura pulls my shirt and drags me to the corner.


(Let me tell you this right now, but you always do whatever you want!

 Even though there’s someone who is seriously trying to kill, you can go to the desert without a thing in mind.

 You only help someone when they’re in a pinch, and because of that habit, we don’t get any gratitude from anyone!)


(When you blatantly point it out, it doesn’t feel that good……)

(Why are you suddenly being so humble?!

Even though you’re always so direct with me?!?!)


(To me, I only accompanied her because there was an assassination attempt.)

(Isn’t it strange then when an assassin is following us?!?!?!)

(Thinking about it calmly, you might be right.)

(Right?! Even if you don’t calmly think about!!!)


 It’s rare of Laura to retort.


(Anyways, that’s that.

 Keima must be more aware of your gentle and kindess!

 And share some of that to me!

 Strictly speaking, just be kind to me!

 Love me lots! Say that I’m cute and a national treasure!)


(Haven’t I always complimented you for being cute?)


 Saying that, I pinched her cheeks.


(Bhat’s not phat I meeen~~~~~~~)


 Such adorableness.

 In a way, fun time with Laura is over.

 I went to where Liesel is.


「Well then.」

「……What is it.」


「Frankly, I don’t trust you.

 When I’m around, you’ll protect her and what not,

 But once I’m gone, I have no idea what you’re going to do.」



「Also, I don’t have any faith on Licia.」




 Licia looks at me with a hurtful gaze, and Lolona shouts.

 It’s rare for Lolona to look at me with such eyes.


「It’s not what you’re thinking.

 『She’s going to be tricked by Liesel’s evil mischiefs…』was what I meant.」


「That……certainly is……」



「Ah no……I’m sorry.

  Honestly, Licia-dono will be tricked.

 I can picture a Mohawk guy rushes to you saying ‘There’s a sick person in the east!’ and you’ll likely follow, or ‘There’s an orphanage about to be collapse!’ And you blindly listen.」


「T……That might be the case if you’re talking about the past me, but I shall never be tricked again!

 I am different from my past self!

 Learning from this trip, this is my true self!

 I will never be easily tricked!」


「Oh by the way Licia. While coming here, I saw someone sick.」

「Is that so?!?!」


「If you leave this temple, and walk about 600 miles out of the desert sea, there’s a barn that lives a Gustan’s family.

 His body feels heavy, and he is in no condition to head to the temple.」


「I understand!

 Please bring us there immediately!」


 Licia was already packing to leave.

 And called from behind.


「Of course that was a lie.」


 Stompp! !

 Licia magnificently shouted.


「Keima-sammaaaa! ! !」



 Lolona’s facial expression worsens as Licia was just tricked by me that easily.

 I feel that the current confidence of Licia is even lower than『A strategy that succeeds 99% of the time in manga』.

 Meaning despair.

 She’s never going to trust me.


「You’re mistaken! You’re wrong!!

 That is, that is because Keima-sama was the one who said it……!」


「I understand your feelings, but based on that wonderful timing, you had no doubts at all.……」

「I’m worried……」



 Even Lolona and Femille agrees.

 Licia then hugs her head.


「Well, that proves my point. That’s why――」


 I said with a refreshing smile.


「I’ll cast a curse on Liesel.」


「Why are you saying that as if you’re enjoying this?!?!」


 Laura shouts.

 In this past few minutes, our lovely goddess has gained some common sense.


「Are you okay with that Liesel?!

 Keima has said something so outrageous!!」


「Considering my position and criminal records, I find that that is rather natural……。

 If it was me, I would’ve done the same.」


 Liesel was serious even though it was outrageous as if accepting his faith.


「You have guts.」


 I put my hand on Liesel’s head.

 I transferred the skill『Skill transfer』to him.


 And what I’m about to give is a skill which I’ve recently got.


 Liesel’s body shines.

 I close my eyes, and Liesel awaits.


 The light dims.

 And I open my eyes.


 Liesel’s height shrunk by about 10 cm, and his body seemed much delicate.

 His shoulders narrowed, his eyelashes became longer, and his lips are plump.

 Well basically――


I’ve turned him into a girl.


「Eh……? Huh……?」


 Liesel stared at his(her) own two hands.

 He(she) looks at her now long and narrow fingers.


 He(she) then looks down to his(her) chest.

 It was a modest breast which he(she) didn’t have before.

   Liesel reaches for his(her) crotch, for one final confirmation.


 Rub rub.

 Rubs, rubs.


「My, my……, the thing between my legs……!」


 I refreshingly said.


「If it’s about your『d*ck』, I’ve made it go poof!!!」




 Liesel was half frantically crying, whilst grabbing my shoulders.


「If you understand my feelings, then please stay like that forever?」



 Liesel’s movement stops.

 Liesel falls to the ground, crouches down whilst holding onto her crotch.



 Even, even if I changed, at least leave that there……」


「Wait a second Keima!

 No matter who you are isn’t that too far?!

 Even a demon or a devil wouldn’t go that far!」


「So you’re saying I’m worst than a demon and a devil――is it?」

「Why are you only hearing that?!」


「But then if I don’t do this, wouldn’t he, sorry wouldn’t she do things like『If something happens to Licia, I’ll shorten her hole’s lifespan by putting my [Beep] in her.』, or something along those lines?」


「Can you not say such disgusting things even if were true?!」

「Moreover……Are you alright with that Keima-dono……?」

「I feel like that punishment is much harsher on Keima-sama then it is for Liesel-sama……Pyon」

「If Liesel’s like that now, I can just dress her up in girls clothing.

 He’ll look pretty good.」




Liesel holds her crotch while stepping back.


「Are you the Demon King? Huh Keima, is your future dream to be a Demon King?!



 I slapped the teary-eyed Liesel by the shoulder.


「That’s about it.

 Even after I leave this place, I’ll drop by occasionally to have some fun.

 If something were to happen to Licia when I return, you’ll forever be like that.

 If you truly want to return back to being a guy, work hard, okay?」




 Liesel continues to cry.

 For some reason, looking at Liesel crying is kinda cute.

 Makes me wanna do some perverted shit.


 But that’s really gonna come to bite me.

 I stood up and talked to Laura and co.


「Well, shall we?」


「「Yes! !」」


 The three nodded.


「My important……, my important……」


 Liesel alone was crying with a ( p_q) face.

 The way she was sitting, looks kinda cute as well.

 By the way, the skill that I gave this time.


 Sequential Hermaphrodite LV3


 ◆Skill explanation・Sequential Hermaphrodite

 A growing male body suddenly changes into a female.


 On earth, there are fishes such as clownfish or shellfish, or even plants which exhibit this trait.

Living creatures such as anemonefish, whether male at an early age, become female when they grow up.

『Isn’t it better for bigger individuals to produce eggs, right? Then, it would be more convenient for a large individual to become a female, isn’t it? 』That’s why.


Due to this property, clownfish and some shellfish are male when they are young, but become female when they grow up.

The skill that I learned by roasting the fish that I had kept secret was basically this.


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