Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 77 – The reason Keima-san fights.

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Author’s Note:

This is a previous synopsis

The useless goddess is satisfied with just 1 pufferfish, no matter how horrible she is being treated.



「Fueen..….. I’m really glad that I am Keima’s Goddess……」


 A desert path leading back home.

 Laura places her hands on her cheeks and expresses an ecstatic smile.


 Her soul is once again leaving her body.


「Ooi! !」


 I slapped her once more.


「Did I turn into Buddha again?!」


「Thank you Keima! If I’m in trouble again, I’ll be counting on you!」



「Why are you looking at me all strange? Doesn’t Keima love hitting me?」

「Don’t say it like I’m some sort of hentai! I don’t have that kind of taste!」



「I only feel bliss and joy when seeing you in such a miserable figure……」


「Isn’t that worse?!

 You’re one level higher than a hentai, a double hentai?!

 In short DH! Doubly Hentai !」


「I feel like it’s quite normal for others to have the urge to tease you.」



 Using both hands, I sandwiched Laura’s face.

 Laura, who only has her boobs and face as a strong point, just looking at her is unfortunate.

 I went to the boat that I was dragging and gave the young boy and Marine the pufferfish.


「It’s crazy……good.

 I’m happy that I get to follow you, Nii-chan……!」



 The both of them gave off a pleasant look and were moved.

 Various stuff has happened, and we head back.

 Lolona then said.


「What should we do now, Keima-dono?」

「I was thinking of going back home, and saying hi to Licia?」

「If that’s the case, should I suggest that we stop by at various stalls?」

「To buy some souvenirs?」

「A friend that is of the same age as me――I do not have that.

 Licia’s existence is someone who I’m forever thankful for.」


 Lolona gently smiles.


「I understand……!」


 Femille strongly agrees.

 These two, they sound like some sad and lonely girls.


 Lolona went to various stalls and started purchasing.

 A fresh and colourful looking cactus, a crunchy looking mochi mole.

 And also various grilled fish as well.


 Beside her, I too tested out some of the food.

 Of course, I ate the colourful cactus and the crunchy mochi mole, 

 and eaten the grilled fish, all the way to the bone.


 Terere, Te te te~

 Level up.


 This time, more weird skills appeared.


 Let’s keep this a secret for now.

 This can be used when the time comes.


 We reached the mansion.

 However, Licia was at the temple.

 Se we went there.


「The power given to me is blessed from thee.

 Dear God, merciful Velcrant.

 Immediate Healing! Demi-crant Heal!」


 The healing power has spread throughout the temple.

 Those who looked ill and or suffering injuries were instantly healed.


「She really looks like a Goddess.」

「Fuee? Ehehe, oh Keima, you don’t have to♪」

「Why are YOU being embarrassed?」


「Because I AM a Goddess?

 So when you’re praising the pure and adorable Licia-chan as『looking like a goddess』,

 aren’t you just praising me instead?!」


 I have made a blunder.

 While quite a stretch, she does make some sense.

 So I decided to withdraw my remarks.


「She really looks like a goddess, excluding Laura.」

「Did you just restate your words, and excluded me?!?!」


 While having such a conversation, it looks like Licia’s healing session has ended.

 The believers who received such miracle, all bowed their heads and left the temple.

 It looks good until you see Liesel collecting donations from them.

 Licia noticed us.


「Welcome back! Keima-sama, Lolona-sama, Femille-sama and Laura-sama!」

「I’m baaack~」


 Laura greets her strangely and hugs her.


「Li…..Licia-dono. T-T-T-T-These are souvenirs……」


 Lolona, who seems to have no friends of her age, nervously gives the souvenir to Licia, as if it was her first love.

 Licia took out the desert mole mochi and the sashimi pufferfish.

 Then, she eats it.

 She too showed an elegant and splendid gesture.


「This is delicious……!」


 A smile floats on her face.

 If I can protect this smile, I think this expedition was a success.


Author’s Note:

It’s time to move on to a new chapter, but I’m thinking on what to do.

Again, I’m thinking about stories, but I thought it would be better to write about stories from more than one person.


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