Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 76 – A merciful Keima-san giving the useless goddess the pufferfish to eat

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On the last episode of drago……Level Up Just by eating,

Our self-proclaimed goddess, Laura cried because she couldn’t eat pufferfish.


I plucked the spikes off of the pufferfish, and stared at it.

It’s your average spikes.

It doesn’t make me want to eat it.


「Are there any ways to cook this?」

「Based on the books I’ve read, first, you prepare a large container.」



 Using sand magic to bring in some sand, I mixed it with some water to create an earthenware.


「Next, soak the stomach of the pufferfish with water.」

「Fumu fumu.」


 I did as told.

 Then waited patiently.


「If you do it that way, it seems that the outer shell of the spikes melts with the ingredients of the stomach, so that you can eat it as is.」



 As if proving what she’d said, the outer shell of the spikes began to crack and shatter.

 Brightness appears.




 It’s as brilliant as gold.

 I take out the spikes.


 Placing it on a cutting board, I carefully chop it.

 Similar to the outside, you can see the gold shining meat.

 It shines like a gold dust.


 This is……Yeap. Dangerous.

 It looks so delicious that my vocabulary just died.


「Fueeen……. It looks so good……

 I’m glad that God Keima is here……!」


 I picked one and ate.

 Munch……, Munch……, Munch.

 Just like the heart I ate a minute ago, the umami was as good as it was.

 But this umami――It doesn’t end there.


 No matter how much I chew, the blissful time continues.

 The meat remains intact, and the taste remains.


「Keima. Keimaaa.」


 Laura opened her mouth with an “Aah~” sound.

 As if it was the last hope for me, she would cry if I don’t give her.

 Even for me, I don’t want to be messing around here.


 I put the spiked meat in the mouth of Laura.

 Chew……Chew. Chew.

 Laura chews gently.




 Her delight leaks out.


「Though it looks firm to the touch, the taste of the meat is soft……

 No matter how much I chew, the delicious taste remains delicious……!」

「I know right……!」

「I’m so glad the God of Keima is here……!」


 Laura puts her hands together and prays.

 She shuts her eyes, and tears slowly flowed out.


 The self-proclaimed intellectual goddess cries over a delicious pufferfish.

 Still the same as before, but this time I’ll forgive her.

 Cause this taste is wonderful.


「I’m soooooo glad the God of Keima is here with me……!!」


 Laura, who always talks about stupid metaphors, could only say things to praise me right now.

 With this alone, you can tell the power of pufferfish.


「I am now……, so satisfied that I’m going to be a Buddha……」


 And Laura’s soul came out of her body.


 Light enters from heaven, and the rotten goddess has been called.


「Uooooi! ! !」


 I involuntarily slapped her.


「Oh Hebrew!」


 A voice came out of Laura’s mouth, of which a goddess should not.

 But she seems to have returned to sanity.

 The missing soul has returned to its former state.


「Eh, etto, what……」

「Your soul was leaving your body?!」



 For a moment it feels like my soul is missing?!

 Keima! Thank you for hitting me!」





 I wonder if Laura has truly reached Nirvana.

 Femille and Lolona looked like they didn’t want to eat it.


「Don’t mind. If it’s so good that you’ll become Buddha, you won’t actually die.」

「If it becomes dangerous, Keima will pull you back!」


「So I guess we can be a little more, relief……」

「It looks very delicious……」


 The both ate with a (><) face.





 They gradually raised their faces, which were soaked in happiness.

 Just like Laura, they shed tears of happiness.


「It’s delicious……!」

「If you say why I wasn born, it’s these two things: To be able to meet with Keima-dono, and to come across this taste……!」


 That was a great acclaim.

 Then, we continued to taste such wonderful things.


 Terere, te te te~

 I leveled.

 I didn’t bother checking my stats.

 In terms of stats, I felt like it has『subtly increased, but there were some weird skills I’ve gotten.


 Tetrodotoxin Health Law.


 The hell is that?!

 I opened the explanation page.


 ◆Skill explanation・Tetrodotoxin Health Law

 The toxins of pufferfish in your body――The immunity to disease increases in proportion to the amount of tetrodotoxin in your body.


 What a skill.

 When you’re talking about pufferfish, it’s a poisonous fish.

 But the poison is collected by food.

 They eat poisonous shellfish and starfish, and accumulate poison in their body.

 So, a pufferfish raised on non-toxic food can be non-toxic.


 However, they are prone to illnesses.

 So, the cultured pufferfishes try to supplement tetrodotoxin even if it bites other pufferfishes.

 Toxicities for humans are necessary for pufferfish to maintain their health.


 I didn’t expect a human to be able to learn it……

It wasn’t without any thoughts, but I didn’t mind it so much cause the pufferfish was delicious.

 I ate more.

 Terere, te~ te~ te~

 I leveled up.

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    「Oh Hebrew!」

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

「Oh Hebrew!」

What’s this, a new sweat word?

I don’t Jew about you, but I get the feeling Laura didn’t realize she’s a devout follower of herself.

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