Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 75 – Eating some puffer fish sashimi~The Goddess’ Tears~

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After eating the liver of the puffer fish, I put my hands on some of the sashimi and bite.


“The display is like a white aurora, marvelous…..!”


 I ate a blowfish liver and put my hand on a blowfish bite.


“A figure like a white aurora. It’s wonderful …!”


Put it in my mouth.

There’s a pungy and crisp texture.


 Unlike when I ate the liver, the elasticity remains the same.

Even if you continue to chew, the texture doesn’t collapse. It will remain in your mouth forever.

In that sense, it is close to a sea cucumber.



(Delish …!)


Every time I take a bite, the umami starts to seep out.

The umami taste spreads through the saliva through the mouth.

Unlike the liver, there is no gaudiness, but the deep taste permeates with each bite.


“Eat some as well Femille.”

“Um, um …”

“As for me……”


Somehow. Femille and Lolona were holding back.

Laura speaks from her feelings.


“I knew it! It’s poisonous right!”

“There’s none okay.”

“I understand in theory that there’s none, but …”

“When I see Keima-dono fell down just now…”


 So that’s it.


“Both of you were so shocked that I fell down.”

“For Keima-dono who can quickly defeat a monster, where I neither need to lift a finger or a foot to help…..”

“It’s that Keima-sama who was calm after taking the poison gas from the trap …”


“He’s also blessed by a great goddess, a national warrior!”


“On the contrary, I feel like I’m going to be a rotten garbage waste of a human being…..”

“You’re going that far?!”


But I understood what they wanted to say.

If I were in their shoes, I would be scared.


“But if everyone doesn’t eat, will I eat it all by myself?”


I picked a pufferfish sashimi and put it in my mouth.


“Fueeen …”

“Haguu …”

“Haauu …”


The three looked at me with a face like it’s the end of the world.


“Didn’t y’all say you don’t’ want it?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“We didn’t specify that!”

“I didn’t say it!”


The three of them shouts with both hands squeezing together. Tears were rolling down from their cheeks.

They want to eat. They want to eat it really badly.

But they’re just scared to taste it. That’s just it.

I picked a pufferfish sashimi and lingered it on Lolona’s nose.


“Fuaaa …”


I lift it up higher.


“Fuaaaaaaaa …”


Then I ate it.


“Fuguau …!”


Lolona trembles with a flurry and looked like she was five seconds before she starts to cry.


“So just eat it normally.

It doesn’t poison me. ”


I fed Lolona and Femille the pufferfish.

Munch, munch munch. The two bites slowly.


“Kyun …! A rich fragrance with rich texture …!”

“Even if you continue to chew, the deep and delicious taste doesn’t stop …”


They showed a blissful look.


“Keima! Keima! Keimaaaaaa!”

“What happened? Laura.”

“Aah, aah, aah!”


“Didn’t you say that you don’t want it?”

“Please don’t be like that! Quick, give it to me, fast!”



“Huh ?!”

“I told you that you’ll get to eat the best part of the pufferfish.

The horn is not the most delicious place. ”

“Stop screwing me and give it to me! I don’t care about that promise anymore!”

“I’m sorry Laura. But I’m a very lawful person …”


Apparently, Laura believed that I was a person who kept her promise.

Without questioning my words, she thought that she couldn’t eat the pufferfish.



“Fuueeen …”


Her tears spill.

She spilled large droplet of tears from her pretty eyes.


“Wait a minute, you claim to be the goddess of great knowledge, yet you cry just because you can’t eat pufferfish!?!?!”

“If I didn’t cry here, where would you say I should cry!”

“Aren’t there more situations?!

Like looking at an unhappy person, and you feel the goddess’s lack of power, and cry or something! “


“I am feeling a lack of power as a goddess because I can’t eat the puffer fish now!”

“So weak!!!”

“Ah … Uhmm, Keima-sama.”

“What is it? Femille.”


“As far as I read in the book, the theory that the best thing about a pufferfish is not the liver, but the horn …”

“Is that so?”

“Wait a minute! I’ll check it out now!”


Laura puts her index finger on her temple.

 Laura, the goddess of knowledge, has access to a space called the fountain of knowledge.

 It seems she has a lot of knowledge.

 In short, a dictionary of sorts.


 The old version has only the old information, so it has a drawback, but if used properly, it can be used as it is.

However, because the user is Laura like the saying goes, give a pig a pearl. It’s like a bald barrette.


“Oh, oh …!

 It’s true! Here, it says in the Seminar’s Foodie Dictionary on page 139!”

“[Kimo is good. The horn is good. I’m lucky to eat both of them. I ate the liver and died!] “

The horn has no poison!!! “


What a funky foodie dictionary!

I can’t say much about others because I ’m eating too!!

But if that’s the case, I can feed them.


“I just want to bully Laura and it’s not like I want to make you cry …”

“That’s not much different though!”


Laura protests, but I decide not to listen.

 Take the horns of the horned pufferfish.


“Fueeeen. I like Keima. I love you ~~~~~”


 Laura had been fed before she had eaten.


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