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Author’s Note:

Sorry for the wait.

This time, Nack, the healer from Lukvis who appeared in chapter 2, visits Lingle Kingdom.

Edited: Shiro

Lingle Kingdom.

A city where commerce is thriving is being threatened by the Demon King’s army.

Also, it is the country where the rescue squad resides, which my teacher Usato-san lives.

Getting on a merchant’s carriage, it was my first time visiting this country, as I nervously got down from the carriage, and stopped at the front entrance.


“Thank you for sending me this far.”

“I don’t mind it. I too enjoyed myself after a long trip.”


I thanked the merchant for bringing me here from Lukvis, and I decided to step into the city of Lingle.


It didn’t take long to get here.

I handed out my leave of absence directly to Gladys, the director of the school, and quit school altogether. Then, wrote a letter to thank and remind my parents who tentatively raised me up till now, and finally called out to Mina to have a talk.

What was surprising was that Gladys approved my notice of withdrawal, as if knowing it was going to happen. Then, she apologized to me for not being able to do anything.

I was surprised by the sudden apology, but she is the director of the school who accepted me, knowing about the power struggles of the aristocrats as well. She was relieved that it has ended, but not everything has worked out, and she arranged for me to go with a merchant, destined for Lingle Kingdom.

It was indeed a happy story, as she was looking out for me.

And, the talk with Mina.

That is…. I think that it wasn’t meaningless to me. In the end, we fought….. But it’s not like we got along well to begin with, so there’s nothing to quarrel about.

Speaking of my only remorse, I wished to hang out with Kyo-san for a little while more.

Because they were the first people to talk to me when I came to this country. When I left Lukvis, they showed no embarrassment and cried their hearts out.




The scenery of a vibrant city spreads out in my field of view, and unlike countries with high percentages of children such as Lukvis, there were more adults here.

It’s a relaxing place, free from nobles and commoner scrutinies. When I felt the air of the city on my skin, I took a deep breath to suppress my feelings of uplifting.

….. No no, I’m not here to enjoy the scenery.

I take out the letter that I put in my bag and remember the reason why I came here.




The introduction letter given by Usato-san.

The first thing is to give this letter to the leader of the rescue squad. To do that, I must first know the location of the rescue squad.

I approached a nearby shop for the time being and talked to a younger guy who sells fruits, asking them whether they knew about the place.


“Uhm, excuse me.”

“Hmm? What is it, sir? It looks like you came from the outside….”

“I’m from Lukvis, a neighbouring country, sorry but can I ask for directions?”

“Ha ha ha, you don’t have to be afraid. And, where do you want to know?”


When I was being nervous, a generous reaction came back from the young man.

Being embarrassed by his words, I asked him where I wanted to go.


“Do you know where the rescue squad is?”

“The rescue squad? Are you not feeling well?”

“Ah no, that’s not it…..”

“Then, do you want to find someone to cure you? Isn’t it better to find a clinic than the rescue squad?”


Apparently, he has mistaken me for a traveller who came for healing magic.

In such a case, it is important to clearly assert your opinion…

Though I’m not very good at it, but let’s be brave this time. I’m different from before.


“Uhmm, I, want to join the rescue squad, thus I want to know its location. That’s why I want to know where it is instead of a clinic and…., wait what’s the matter?”


The moment I said it unexpectedly in a loud voice, the young man, who had a smile in front of me, froze, together with everyone who heard us.

Looking at the strange surroundings and going “Eh? Eh?”, I was confused. The young man grabs me by the shoulders. At the same time, the people around me gathered in a hurry.


“Sir, you should just give up.”

“You’re still young. There’s no point going for a hunt gunless….”

“If you’re looking for a place to work, I’ll hire you…..So please don’t go into despair.”

“Young boy, you’re a courageous person. That’s why you don’t have to go down to the depths of hell.”

“Eh, Eeeeeeh?!”


The young man I was talking to, a nearby old man who was sitting silently, the shopkeeper lady, the knight who was passing by, and the people around me stopped and talked to me at an extraordinary level.

Everyone, I know they are saying it out of pure kindness, but——- Usaton-san?! What kind of rescue squad are you recommending me?! This, it’s that, isn’t it?! It’s like asking a warrior to stop heading to their demise right?!


“I know that you admire the rescue squad. They are like heroes to us, helping the people who live in this kingdom. But, they live in a different world from us….. They would ask you to run while carrying a demon beast on your back, running up while screaming strange words, and finally Rose-sama, the leader of the rescue squad punching Usa-, I mean a bright child being punched to oblivion.”


These are some familiar actions which I’ve experienced before.

And did they just mention Usato-san just now? 

I guess that person carrying a demon beast is Usato running with Bluerin.


“Uhm, is that about Usato-san?”

“I see, so you knew about it…. He…. Usato-sama is a particularly strange person. He’s a terrific person that even words couldn’t describe. Seriously, what an absurd young boy…..”


The young man showed a distant eye.

Really, what did he do? I was worried, but I feel like if I were to ask more, the common sense that’s barely left in me will be so fragile that I’ll collapse.


“Who introduced you to them? Who pranked such an innocent child as you to recommend the rescue squad….. I can forgive if you’re just being endlessly courageous, but if you’re making fun of the rescue squad….”


The rest were nodding in agreement with the young man who was angry.

So, the rescue squad is a great place after all.

But, don’t be misled.


“The one who introduced me is none other than Usato-san himself!! And, I am a healer as well, that’s why…….”


I was so stunned that I was lost for words. Because I was the one who gave up on being a healer myself.

Back in Lukvis, there were only cold gaze of disdain and disappointment.

If I were to take such a gaze here——thinking about it, I got scared of the reaction I was about to get from the people here, however, the response returned was something surprising to me.


“An introduction from Usato-sama?! Haa——–aaaah, I see I see, I’m sorry for the huge misunderstanding.”

“Eh….Ah, yes.”


I was surprised, but the reaction was completely different from Lukvis.

Instead of being despised, or being looked down at, rather, they were showing emotions close to joy.

Looking around, it seems that the people in this city who knew that I was introduced by Usato-san had relaxed their desperate expressions from before.

I didn’t believe in Usato-san’s words when he said that the perception of healers is not shunned upon in this kingdom.

However, when I saw the people in front of me, they say otherwise, as they seemed to accept healing magicians like me.


“Looking at Usato-sama, I suppose others won’t know about him. Even I was still trapped in common sense…”

“No, I just didn’t explain more…”


I think it’s okay to be stuck in common sense. Even if I haven’t come here, I can see how much the rescue squad, including Usato-san, are doing things out of the ordinary.

Looking around, bewildered by the young man’s words, the people in the city were all relieved, desperately looking forward and stroking their chests.


“We don’t have to worry if you’re introduced by Usato-sama.”

“It’s a-okay if Usato-sama approves.”

“It’s normal to think that. No….. eventually, people like him—–”


The misunderstandings were surprisingly solved.

Usato-san, how much did you really do in this country…. I feel like I’m winning their trust in another direction.


“So, you wanna join the rescue squad?”

“! …..Ye, Yes. That’s right.”


Suddenly, I was puzzled by the reactions around me when a voice talks to me.

When I turned, a woman who looked to be the same age as Usato-san curiously approached me.

She nodded at me who answered immediately, and turned to the young man in front of me.


“Sorry~. I’ll be sending this child to the rescue squad~”

“Hmm? Ooh!! If it isn’t Olga-san’s younger sister! He’ll be safe if you take him there. Sir, do your best!”


? Based on their reaction, is the woman next to him somehow related to the rescue squad?

As long as she guides me, it doesn’t matter who though.


“Let’s go!”



With that, I can finally go to the rescue squad.

I thought so, as the people who saw me off were waving to me.



“Hello! My name is Ururu, 18 years old!! What is your name?”


Soon after we started walking, she——Ururu-san started introducing herself.


“Eh, Na-Nack, Aga….No, my name is Nack. I’m 12 years old!!”


The name Agareth is a noble name, but I immediately restate.

Now that I’ve abandoned my noble name, I’m just Nack. Even though she was a little more vocal, she introduced herself, and with a smile, and walked as she gently stroked my head.


“Fumu fumu, Nack-kun huh. 12 years old—- That’s great~”



She’s completely treating me like a child.


“Ah, sorry. Kukuru-chan hasn’t allowed me to stroke her recently, so….”


“Aah it’s nothing, just talking to myself.”


Ururu-san waves her hand as to fool me.


“You said that you were introduced by Usato-kun right?”

“Yes… you heard about it as well?”

“Well, obviously. While strolling in the city, I heard someone saying ‘I want to join the rescue squad!’, of course, everyone would be interested.”


Did I really make such a loud voice?

I was a little embarrassed and my cheeks got hot.  Looking at me, Ururu-san smiled and continued talking to me.


“Isn’t Usato-kun an interesting child?”

“….Yes. He is an incredible person. Also, he is my benefactor.”

“Your benefactor? What did he do?”

“He trained me. Well, he chased, kicked, abused, and said a lot of mean things to me. But overall, I’m grateful.”

“W-Wait a minute, Onee-san doesn’t get how all of that is being grateful….”


Oh no, I’ve accidentally said the contents of my training, and Usato-san will be transmitted as a person who does terrible things.


“Arere~, it seems to me that Usato-kun’s training policy is similar to that of someone’s….” As she mutters to herself.

Wah, I have to change the subject….


“W-What is Ururu-san’s relationship with Usato-san?”


It’s different from how the other citizens called him.


“My relationship? Hmm, a dependable sister of sort? Maybe that’s too much….. I’m a friend of his.”

“Is that so….”
“But it’s been less than half a year since I got to know him. Really, he grew so quickly that even I couldn’t fathom. I guess when the Demon King’s army attacked, he had to quickly become strong.”


The Demon army, an army controlled by the Demon King trying to invade Lingle Kingdom. In a battle before, Usato-san ran along the battlefield with his master, the rescue squad’s leader, and healed many injuries.

After only three days of training, Usato-san and his squad members fought in a place where they were present for no more than three minutes.

Meanwhile, I’m about to enter such a place.


“Ururu-san, objectively speaking, would I be worthy of a person to join the rescue squad?”


Worrying about it, I asked Ururu-san a miserable question.

Ururu-san who was walking next to me answered with an awkward smile after groaning and pondering.


“Hmm? I don’t know.”

“….I-Is that so…”


Should I rejoice that I wasn’t told I couldn’t join?


“But, if Usato-kun recommended you, it’ll be because he decided you had the potential.”


“Because he knows the rigour of his training more than anyone else. He has the same healing magic as the leader, and he has the strength to survive such harsh training. Him sending you here means he has judged that you had the heart to withstand the training from his leader.”


I can withstand the training…..My heart.


“I don’t know much about Nack-kun. However, if Usato-kun had advised you to join the rescue squad, then I think it’s okay. Though you have to decide for yourself whether it’s the right decision.”


Yes, it’s none other than Usato-san who pushed me.

He wrote the letter of introduction for me, and I’ve been worrying about it for a long time. I can’t return anymore since I’m already here.


“It’s good to be worried now…. Because this is the only time you can afford to be worried.”


“Well then, we’re almost there Nack-kun!”


Did she just casually shrug some scary things off just now?

Basically, she’s telling me to be prepared for what’s about to come?! I followed Ururu-san who is walking while humming.

As we went along the road, the cityscape overflowing with buildings gradually decreased, in return lush trees grow. In front of it was a road leading into the woods, and agate made of trees that separated the city from this place.

A short letter is carved on the gate made of tree.




——Was written.

Ururu-san happily nodded as I muttered, walked in front of the gate and widened her arms as if to welcome me as I pass.


“Welcome to the rescue squad, Nack-kun. I really wanted to show you around, but this is where I stop! I’m looking forward to seeing you as a friend of the rescue squad next time~!”

“…..Befriend? Wait don’t tell me!?”

“Well, I’ll see you later~!”


Before I could respond, Ururu-san went back to the city. I was stunned by her sudden disappearance, but I remembered the previous conversation and laughed unexpectedly.


“Ha, ha ha ha, I guess there are many people with a strong personality as the rescue squad.”


Even at first glance, Usato-san seems to be normal, but when it comes to training, his behaviour was radical, as if he was a different person altogether.

—–Wait a minute. Didn’t Ururu-san said, “I’ll see you later~?” Did she say that to me? Rather, it’s like I’ll be the one looking for her later—–





Looking at the city, suddenly someone approached me from behind with a collar. As if I was like a cat being frightened, I looked behind me and peeked at who was shouting.



“Kid, are you lost?”

“That’s bad yeah…..A child like you shouldn’t be comin’ to a place like this.”


There were two men with terrible-looking faces.

Both of them have an extraordinarily good physique, and their atmosphere and appearances were not decent.

While the man who has his collar being grabbed, he intends to smile, he warps his mouth no further and speaks out, but he does not have much power.




A person with a scary face is talking to me!?

I’m so scared right now?!

I’m as scared as when Usato-san got angry at me?!


“Mil, your face is fucking scaring him.”

“What is there to be fearful!? Then, your fuckin’ face ain’t so different from me!!”

“I’m good cause I’m aware of it, idiot.”


And he’s aware of it?!

I remembered the letter that I held in my hand whilst my shoulders were shaking, I decided to show it to the strong people in front of me.

Like Ururu-san said, if this is the rescue squad, then these people are the members. Also, their atmosphere does give off a bit like Usato-san…


“Ah, uhmm… Th- th- th- th- th- this.”

“Huuh? A letter? Did you purposely bring it here?….!”


After receiving the letter, the man’s face distorted into a terrible look.

Though he showed a suspicious face, after seeing the name written in the letter, his eyes opened wide.


“What’s wrong Alex.”

“It’s from Usato. Addressed to the leader.”

“Ooh, so that little shit’s doing fine. Well, since you’re here to send a letter, you’re off the hook.”


The hand is removed from the collar that has been grabbed, and he is lowered to the ground.

The man called Alex squats down at me, who has landed on the ground.


“I saw Ururu send you here….. So you wanna join our squad?”


“Aite. Take this and go directly to the leader.”


Alex, who returned the letter to me, asked me to follow him and waited for me without saying a word.

The other man, called Mill, urges me by poking my back slightly.

The road leading to the back of the forest is Usato-san’s master, the leader of the rescue squad.

I was tightening my mind and swallowed my saliva.



“It has a dormitory feel to it…”


The place guided by Alex-san and Mill-san looked like a refugee dormitory.

The two of them said, “Wait here, we’ll call the leader.”, and walked away from the dormitory and away from the road where I came, so I alone waited in front of the dormitory entrance.


“It looks a bit like Kyo-san’s place.”


Looking at the slightly old building, it looks similar to the dormitory where Kyo-san lived in Lukuvis.

Even though it hasn’t been long, I was immersed in a nostalgic feeling, as someone approaches from the direction where Alex-san and Mill-san walked.

Did they return? As I turned, I saw not a big man, but a long-haired woman approaching here while dragging something.




I froze.

This is similar to how Usato-san really trained me.

I was watching the woman despite the vague chills, but when I saw she came out of the trees to a place where the sun hits, I startled.


“E, Eeeeeh?!”


A beautiful green hair, with the same white uniform as Usato-san——And, a white hair and brownish skin girl was being held by the collar with her right arm.

The woman was dragging a girl who seems to be a demon who looks to be unconscious.

Her bangs that hide her right sharp eyes seemingly shooting right at you. What surprised me the most was that, as Usato-san said, she had a carnivorous atmosphere.

T-This person….. No doubt. She somehow resembles Usato-san, that I can definitely say so.


“Ou, so you’re the candidate?”


It’s the leader of the rescue squad, Rose….san.

The boss and master of Usato-san, the person who is organizing the rescue squad that I will be entering from here on out.

She calls me and throws the girl who she’s dragging with one hand on the grass nearby.


“Guee, e, where am I? I, can’t remember…..”


The girl who seems to have risen holds her head as if she noticed she was dropped.


“Go rest.”

“!? Y-Yes!! I shall do my best to rest myself!!”


The moment the word ‘rest’ pops out, the face of the young girl immediately brightens, as she sits down on the grass.

I wonder what it means to do your best in resting….? No no, that’s not the time to be thinking about it.

For now, let me give the letter that I was holding to the woman in front of me.


“M-My name is Nack!! I, I am a healing magician…. I was sent here by Usato-san!”



However, she did not respond to the letter I showed.

Did I make a mistake? When I try to raise my face, I was hit by a tremendous shock on my forehead and was blown away.




When I landed while holding down on my forehead, I saw Rose-san with her fingers open and smiling happily.

Is that a flick….? Are you kidding me, but it was so powerful that I thought my head would blow away!


“Hmm, interesting. Your foundation seems to be ready. Did Usato train you into that state? If that’s the case, what’s inside of this is your introduction letter?”


Her smile was terrifying, as she was holding a letter with the hand that was free——-the letter that was taken from my hand.

Then, the girl resting nearby (?) stood up and crammed into Rose-san.


“W-What happened to Usato?! Did he come back?!”

“Shut up, go back.”



She flicked the girl’s forehead, and it exploded.

Obviously, she got a blow that was more powerful than what I had, and she blew back behind and slipped into the ground.

At this moment, I came to understand that careless remarks=unreasonable.

The leader who ignored the girl who flew away, approached me, as I couldn’t move because of fear, and looked at me the same way as Alex-san looked at me.


“Just a warning, I’m not as kind as him. If you cry or shout, or beg for your life, or fall down, I won’t use any words of mercy. I won’t forgive you for thinking it’s easy or compromising the squad. So, if you don’t mind all those——you’re gonna be a member of the rescue squad, starting today.”


Those aren’t lies or exaggerations.

As she says, she shows no mercy. Seeing her eyes, I was reluctant to understand it.

…..But, what about it.

I knew all about it after being trained by Usato-san.

I’m ready now.


“Thank you for taking care of me!!”


It’s here on out.

Not as a noble, not as a student who was oppressed in Lukvis, but as Nack, a member of the rescue squad.

From now on—–I can finally start my own life.


Author’s Note:

Seems like he’s going to see hell after this.


This time, I’m showing the characters of Lingle Kingdom from Nack’s POV.

If possible, I would like to put Nack’s story as a filler for each chapter.


Chapter 4 starts next.

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