Level 1 Guy: Chapter 339 – Milk from an angel

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Leaving Aaron and co, I reached the entrance of Calcium Dungeon.


Hasemi is being built around the dungeon.

It isn’t like Shikuro where there are several dungeons around it, Hasemi has only one dungeon, similar to what Indole is.


There’s only one dungeon, so it’s no surprise that the city is built around it.


“……I see, it’s that bad.” (Ryouta)


I can already understand the circumstance when I looked at the adventurers standing outside of the dungeon.


The adventurers who were pushing their Magic Carts looked extremely tired.


It isn’t like they’re physically tired.

But the face of someone who works and knows that there’s no future.


This makes me wonder.


“I really need to do something about this.” (Ryouta)

“What should bunny do?” (Eve)

“Hmm, for now let’s make an opening..” (Ryouta)


We might need to lend our strength.

So for now, let’s open a path for us to transport between our mansion and the dungeon.


“Opening?” (Eve)

“Basically we’ll enter the first floor, then go back to the mansion and use the Transportation Room. Well I mean it’s not like we have to do it now, we can stay here——” (Ryouta)

“Bunny will do it.” (Eve)


After she said that, she flew right into the dungeon.

Not even three seconds have passed and she has already ran out.


“Please wait.” (Eve)

“Eh? What do you mean——” (Ryouta)


She saluted and ran like the wind.


“She just ups and runs away. Eh?” (Ryouta)


What’s happening? Where’s she going?


“Uhmm…. What should I do now? Should I just wait for her then?” (Ryouta)


I’m not sure what’s happening, but I waited for a while on the spot.


Then, about 10 minutes later.


“Bunny has finished.” (Eve)

“Heh? Why did you come out from the dungeon?” (Ryouta)


When Eve returned, she came from within the dungeon.


“Eh? Was I blind? Since when did you enter the dungeon?” (Ryouta)

“I used the Transportation Room.” (Eve)

“……..EH?” (Ryouta)


For a second, my mind had no idea what’s happening.


She came from the transportation room…..EEEEEEEEEHHHH?!?!


“Did you just run back to the mansion?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah.” (Eve)

“Ain’t that too fast? How fast were you running to reach 100+ kilometres.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny will never allow anyone to disturb the fate of bunny and carrot!” (Eve)

“That’s a long sentence! Wait, that’s actually an incredible feat!” (Ryouta)

“Anyways, what do we do next?” (Eve)


Eve said with a serious face.


Our bunny-san never shakes from anything.

She’ll do whatever it takes for her carrots.


I sighed, thinking about the situation again.


“Since Eve has saved some time for me, let’s try clearing the first floor. Then we’ll figure it out from there.” (Ryouta)

“Got it.” (Eve)


She nodded, and we walked inside the dungeon.

Heh, even though it’s underground, the dungeon looks like a wilderness—-




The moment we entered, Eve rushed in in an unstoppable motion, releasing a chop that looked slow.

The chop hits the monster—– And milk splats out! And spills on the floor.


“That’s too fast! I can’t even see how many monsters are there!” (Ryouta)

“Is that bad?” (Eve)


Eve tilts her head to the side in a confusing look.

She’s really brimming with enthusiasm.


I thought of what to do with that.


“I’ll do it next. Since I need to defeat it once before I can use Repetition.” (Ryouta)

“K.” (Eve)


Eve who understood, leveled her hands behind her and followed me from behind.


While walking around the dungeon, I can finally inspect the surroundings of the dungeon.

I came to an understanding just before Eve started moving, but Calcium Dungeon which was supposed to be underground looked like the outdoors.

There’s blue sky, white clouds can be seen, and the ground is like a meadow.


“Feels like we can do a picnic here. Maybe I should tell Emily about this.” (Ryouta)

“……” (Eve)


Thinking about it, Eve had no reply.

Seems like she has no interest in it.


“…….Maybe Emily can make some carrot related dishes and bring it here.” (Ryouta)

“I’ll tell her right now!” (Eve)

“Wait wait wait. (LOL)” (Ryouta)


I immediately caught her shoulder as she was literally trying to jump away like a rabbit.

Because her reaction was within my expectation, it was easier to stop her.


“We’ll do that later.” (Ryouta)

“……….Okay.” (Eve)


We then walk around the place with Eve following behind, slightly depressed.


Then——Finally a monster appears.


It’s an angel.

Long hair, beautiful wings, and an irresistible armour.

This angel——- No maybe calling it a valkyrie is better?


That’s the monster.


Without a word, the valkyrie attacks.

She rushes forward, swinging a long sword.


“Don’t lift a hand Eve!” (Ryouta)


Dodging the sword flying towards me, Eve kept her distance, as if she’s not involved.


I took out my revolvers, loaded the normal bullets and fired.

She immediately sliced the bullet in half, and thinned the distance.


“Isn’t her spec really high!?” (Ryouta)


I fired another bullet, and she blocked it by using the tip of her long sword.

Although the long sword was hit by the continuous impact.


“I might be able to destroy the sword——or will it return to her.” (Ryouta)


The sword which was flipped off returned to the angel’s hand as if it’s a magnet.

I continued firing normal bullets, Flaming Bullets, Freezing Bullets and other sorts, testing the angel’s specs.


Though she’s quite strong, I noticed a similar pattern.


It’s like a pattern of an adventurer who has farmed in a dungeon for a day, and decided to use that.


When the valkyrie attacks, the same movement enters in the third loop, and there’s nothing more to see.

Loading the Growth Bullet into my revolvers, I drive them into the angel’s eyebrows.


The angel was defeated, and it dropped.


Splash, white milk spurts all over the floor.


“An angel’s milk.” (Ryouta)


Sounds like an item which would sell with that kind of name.

Was what I thought.

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