Level 1 Guy: Chapter 338 – Milk disturbance

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Slightly away from Shikuro, a place where no matter how far you go, you will only see an empty land.


Nothing at all, and it’s not even an exaggeration.

Literally speaking, not even a single plant is present.


When I first left the city and went to a different city, I was genuinely shocked by such a scene. 

But right now, I’m used to it, because of how drops work—-


“It’s natural that nothing’s around…..” (Ryouta)

“Low level, it’s different.” (Eve)


The one retorting back to me was none other than Eve.

A bunny ear, coupled with a sexy bunny suit, and also a family and a friend of mine.


As usual, she was speaking to me with a low tone because she’s not chewing on some carrots.

I tilted my head slightly, and asked.


“What do you mean it’s different?” (Ryouta)

“Sometimes, there are rogue monsters loitering about. Some idiot would throw their trash here, or sometimes they accidentally dropped something.” (Eve)

“I see now.” (Ryouta)


Listening to what she said, I once again looked at the deserted place.

The wilderness stretches out, even the horizon looks beautiful.


So it’s no surprise if there’s 1 or 2 rogue monsters appearing.


“By the way, they did you follow me here?” (Ryouta)


After returning back from my train of thoughts, I asked the bunny girl who walked beside me as naturally as ever.


“It’s time for bunny.” (Eve)

“Time for?” (Ryouta)

“It’s time for bunny to get a spirit name.” (Eve)

“Heh?” (Ryouta)


My eyes widened, surprised by her words.


As far as the story goes, it’s never Eve’s interest to do anything besides her carrots. I don’t think that her carrot life will improve if she gets a spirit name.


But right now, she’s eager to have one.

At first glance, it might just be her being low tension, but I can tell after knowing her for so long.


She was no ordinary bunny.


“You’ve been travelling to so many dungeons, so why now all of a sudden? What changed your mind?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, bunny has been wasting her time all this while. Thus, in order to cooperate with the low level, bunny needs to have a spirit name.” (Eve)

“Well……that might be true.” (Ryouta)


We have quite a few people in our family with a spirit’s name, so having her think about these is not weird.


“Thus, if bunny gets a spirit name on her own.” (Eve)

“Then?” (Ryouta)

“Bunny can improve the breed of the carrot with low level.” (Eve)

“Aaaah, I see now.” (Ryouta)


Inside Shikuro, there’s a new rule for all dungeons.

If you want to change the drop of a dungeon—–Or the word breed a new type of item, you need at least two adventurers with a spirit holder.


This was the result of constant negotiations.


“I see, so that’s why.” (Ryouta)

“Yes.” (Eve)

“Then again, there’s no reason to follow me right now though? Once I get into the dungeo, I’ll just return to the mansion. There’s also the promise with Plumbum, so wouldn’t it be better if you follow me after this?” (Ryouta)


Eve shook her head.


“This time, I will be joining all of it.” (Eve)

“That’s an incredible spirit you have.” (Ryouta)

“For the sake of carrots.” (Eve)

“Well, as always.” (Ryouta)


She has the spirit to do it, but if it’s her then it should be alright.

I silently walked into the wilderness.



There’s a town called Hasemi when walking through the wilderness.

It’s not a huge city, but you can see that there’s a number of adventurers.


There, an eldery man introduced himself near the entrance.


“My name is Aaron Flame, the dungeon association chief of Hasemi.” (Aaron)

“Name’s Satou Ryouta, nice to meet you.” (Ryouta)


I stretch my left hand and shook his hand.


Then, I saw Eve looking at me.


“What’s wrong?” (Ryouta)

“Should I have shook his hand as well?” (Eve)


That Eve, that Eve who thought that these mundane things are unnecessary for her, has asked.


Since she’s here, might as well introduce her as well.


“Her name’s Eve Carlsleader. My teammate.” (Ryouta)

“Oh my! Even the Vorpal Bunny’s here!” (Aaron)


Aaron was surprised, and it’s my first time hearing another name.

The only nickname I knew was the Killing Rabbit.


“Moreover, I feel like both your names are due to your violence.” (Ryouta)

“Bunny likes Carrots for Life the most.” (Eve)

“Yeah I know, and nobody calls you that.” (Ryouta)


Seems like she thought I was poking fun of her, a she chopped me.


I turned to Aaron again while rubbing my painful forehead.


“Please tell me the story in detail. Cell asked me to do something here, but he didn’t give me any details.” (Ryouta)

“Well then, shall we head to the association———” (Aaron)



A young man appeared before Aaron, who was going to walk and explain to me.


It was a well-dressed, youthful businessman.


“Randall…..” (Aaron)


Apparently his name’s Randall, but Aaron who called him has a complicated look.


I knew the reason right away.


“Is it true that you’re stopping the production of milk?” (Randall)

“Yes, it’s impossible.” (Aaron)

“Why?” (Randall)

“And you of all people ask Randall? Milk purchase prices are falling each year, and adventurers in thi city are no longer able to maintain their minimal life with that.” (Aaron)

“Then we can just switch to another drop. I heard that calcium milk is gaining popularity in other cities.” (Randall)

“You can also say, but when will that happen? You’ve been saying it all the time, but when will you do it?” (Aaron)

“Everyone just had to endure the pain together. Then afterwards—–” (Randall)

“Aah, I’m sorry.” (Ryouta)


Since Randall was strongly emphasising on Aaron, I decided to cut in between them.


“Who are you?” (Randall)

“I’ve heard the story, and I understand the gist of it.” (Ryouta)

“What did you say?” (Randall)

“You’re a seller right? That’s one of the basic positions in a city.” (Ryouta)

“What about it?” (Randall)


Randall looked at me with a suspicious look.

Not like I mind.


“I’m not saying to raise the price here, but the spirit of withstanding the pain together.” (Ryouta)

“That is—–” (Randall)

“It’s a matter of action for producers to cut off unprofitable products and turn them into other products.” (Ryouta)

“——Then!” (Aaron)


Aaron looked happy and saw me as a god of salvation.


“Aah, I got it. I’ll take the job.” (Ryouta)

“Thank you! Thank you so much Ryouta Satou-sama!” (Aaron)

“Wait, he’s that Ryouta Satou!?” (Randall)


Aaron was crying tears of happiness, and Randall was astonished.

Thus, I undertook the breeding in calcium dungeon.

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