Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 74 – Let’s eat some pufferfish!

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Looking at the thinly sliced pufferfish plated neatly, Laura said.


「Fueeeto, fork, fork. Or should I used a spoon? Or maybe chopsticks?」

「Before that, here’s your part.」


 I offered her a medium-sized dish, different from the one normal slice.

 It was a pink sashimi, with sakura flowers decorated around.


「This is……?」

「Didn’t I promise?

 That I’ll leave you the best part of the pufferfish.」

「Fueeeeen……, Keimaaaaa…………」


 She seems deeply moved. Looking as though she’s about to tear up.


「However……Let’s share it with everyone else ! !」


「If there’s only one for me, then I’ll eat it by myself right!?

 But then, no one else would be able to eat it!

 So I should share it with everyone? !」


「I don’t mind eating, but at least don’t give it to Femille and Lolona.」



「Cause it’s poisonous.」


「Fueeeeee? !」

「Well, since the liver of a pufferfish is extremely poisonous.

 I did say it’s the most delicious part, but since there’s poison inside, normally people won’t eat it.」

「What is this treatment! Do you want me half-dead?!」

「Well, that might happen.」


 Saying that, I took the sashimi liver back.

 Then, I said with a refreshing smile.


「Here, eat it.」

「You told me that it’s poisonous, and now you’re asking me to eat it?!

 Isn’t your sadistic parameter soaring through the sky? ! ? ! ? ! ?」


「My S right now is the S from satsugai. So there’s no problem.」




 For some reason, I can hear some sound effects from Laura.

 Her cheeks are bright red.

 But she immediately shakes her head frantically.


「Why are you telling me to eat it with such a cool and eloquent face!」

「But, didn’t you say you’re a (self-proclaimed) goddess ? So it’s all good.」

「I don’t want to hear you saying it conveniently !!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

「That being said, I’ve made a promise……」

「I doooooooooooon’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaa! ! !」


 The useless goddess is screaming something un-goddess-like at the top of her lungs.

 Finally satisfied with teasing her, I give a big hug.



「What an……S」

「Really an……S」


 Lolona and Femille were pulled towards me.

 Can’t be helped.


「If that’s the case, I’ll eat it then.」


「Since I have poison resistance and detoxification, so I probably won’t die.」



「If there’s a 1 in a million chance something happens to me, could you please take care of Femille and Lolona for me……?」

「Then, can’t you just not eat it?! So stop making such a tragic face!!」


「Sometimes, a man has to confront even if he knows he’s reckless……!」

「Not right now though?!」

「If not now, then when?」

「Please don’t be so philosophical before eating! ! !」


「By the way look at that. There’s a bird and a desert cat playing at the palm tree.」

「What are you saying, that’s so cuuuteee!!」


 Laura sharply turns behind.


「Where where where?! Where’s that little bird and desert cat-chyaan?!?!」


 Successfully deceiving this useless goddess, she was full of gaps.

 I picked the sashimi liver up.


「There’s no cat though…………Aaahhhhーーーーーーーーーーーー! ! ! 」


 Laura screams at me, but it was too late, the food’s already in my mouth.

 The unique elasticity of flesh that resounds melts as I chew.

 When it rolls and swims around my tongue, the umami spreads over my mouth.

 My saliva could not stop pouring out from my mouth.

 I swallowed it thoroughly, and released a happy and lingering sound.




 After staring at nothing for about 4 seconds.


 The poison lingers.


 My tongue became numb. My feet as well. It feels like I couldn’t stand.

 I kneeled.

 And fell straight down.


 My breath was faint. It feels like I’m dying.

 These thoughts really put me in a panic mode.


「Fueeeeen ! Keimaa! Keimaaaa! !」


「Keima-samaaaa! ! !」


 Laura and co scrambles around, not knowing what to do.

 The poison ain’t like the rest I’ve got before.

 It’s not like a poison that reduces your stamina, but like a special paralysis poison.


 The effects of my poison and detox resistance is only doing half the job resisting.

 And the other half, it’s eating up the poison by itself.


 It’s this world’s tetrodotoxin…..!

 On earth, taking just .002 grams of that shit can kill a man, and this is this other world’s version……!



 Terere, tetete~.


 Level     1756→1761(↑5)

 HP      23042/23050(↑40)

 MP      22540/22540(↑35)

 Strength      23385(↑45)

 Vitality      25190(↑30)

 Speed      22165(↑35)

 Magic Power      21960(↑30)


 Acquired Skills

 Paralysis Poison LV6

 Paralysis Poison Resistance LV6←←←←←←←←


「There’s no problem if I level up yooーーーーーーーーーーー! ! !」


 I have fully recovered.

 HAHAHA! This is the best I’ve been! !

 Feels like I can fly! !


 I escaped from one of the biggest pinches in history, and said refreshingly.


「Don’t y’all worry. I’m already fine (sparkle) !」

「Are you sure the ‘fine’ is really fine?! You’re not even human at this point! ! !」

「It’ll be difficult if you put it that way……」


 I continued picking the liver and ate it.

 This taste is really hitting my heart (literally).


「I don’t mind giving up my humanity for such a taste……!」

「And you’re eating it normally! ! !」

「As expected of Keima-dono……」



 Lolona and Femille were praising me and grew even closer to me.

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Belkar · 2nd April 2020 at 9:05 AM

Thank you!

Mio · 3rd April 2020 at 5:46 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

I thought Laura wouldn’t be affected by the poison since she’s (technically) a goddess?

    Xias · 5th April 2020 at 12:00 AM

    Laura is “immortal” because she is a “goddess” but not “invulnerable”:

DigimasterHiro · 8th April 2020 at 10:11 PM

As a Goddess, she wouldn’t die, but her current body would. And since she only really has Keima as a believer, it would likely take an incredibly long time to gather enough power to create a new body for herself.

Beyn · 29th August 2020 at 1:26 PM

I honestly thought that he’d give the skill to the girls and get more and pass them along till they all have the paralysis resistance.

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