Chiyu Mahou: Side Story: After the Wicked Dragon has disappeared

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Author’s Note:

This will be a two-parter chapter, explaining the events that happened during chapter 79—-


TLN Note: After looking at the manga for the first time in a while, I was shocked that it has caught up to almost the start of the Neah arc. Thus, here I am diligently working on more chapters whilst juggling with work.

Side Note: April Fools everyone! You thought I wouldn’t post another chapter for a month? HA HA HA!


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After hearing that the Wicked Dragon has awakened much later.


Ciel and the Demon King who was chatting with no emotion whatsoever noticed the Demon King’s anomalous clogging. Showing an expression that can be both startling and embarrassing, wow, so even he can make such a face. This is quite rude to think about as his temporary maid.


“Is there something wrong?”

“The Wicked Dragon is dead.”


“Bad words of choice. It is weird of me to say to someone that has once died, to be dead. It might be more accurate to say that it has finally returned to what it was meant to be.”

“And what would that be?”

“He went back into the magic. Just like what a monster should.”


Apparently, the dragon has now disappeared.


The Demon King was saying that it would eventually decay, but why was he so surprised about it, as he kept his lips down and snuck a few laughs, sitting on his chair deeply, thinking about Ciel’s question.


“It didn’t die of a natural death. There should’ve been some extra magic to ramp up for at least a month or so. But to return as a magical element, due to his body decaying? No, it won’t just die by rotting for a few hundred years. —— Or perhaps, one possible answer is that someone has defeated it.”

“…….Didn’t the hero defeat the dragon? I heard that he has tremendous power, as far as the story portrays.”


Lingle Kingdom’s Hero, the two humans who caused great damage to the Demon King’s army.

If you’ve heard of their feats, it should be possible for one of them to defeat the weak Wicked Dragon. I thought so and closed my eyes while slowly shaking my head.


“The heroes. Yes, it is relatively close to where the Wicked Dragon has resurrected, but it’s different. Those with the qualities of a hero will emit a certain characteristic and waves of magic.”



Wait a minute, Ciel thought as she felt uncomfortable with the Demon King’s remarks.


The moment the Demon King has awakened, he has been in the castle the entire time. If so, why does he know the waves and magic of the two heroes?


“Hm, it’s nothing that great. It’s a little tiring, but if you concentrate, it’s easy to locate magic over a long distance.”

“…..That’s bullshit. Then, would it not be easy for the Demon King to find the whereabouts of the heroes…..?”

“Certainly not, long-range magic detection is like finding a single star out of a starry night sky. It’s much difficult to find if it’s buried in many places. Moreover, I’m only detecting it by force, and the heroes have just learned their magic recently when we invaded the Lingle Kingdom.”


What’s more, it is incredibly tiresome. The Demon King mutters that it is useless because of how impractical it is.


From Ciel’s point of view, you can only marvel at the power of the Demon King, who can perform magic detection.


“But, there is an exception….. That is when a magic with a strong personality, like say the Wicked Dragon emits. The magic of a dragon is relatively easy to detect because of its strong presence.”


Is that why you could grasp the number of surviving dragons.

Certainly, a dragon living for a long time must have a pure and terrible presence of magic, rather than a human with mixed blood.


“Back to the story. It is a fact that the Wicked Dragon was defeated by someone——–And by a human.”

“A human, you say…”

“There were five magic reactions around the Wicked Dragon. A half necromancer and vampire demon, a beast with clairvoyance, a human with flame magic——-And a human with healing magic.”

“What’s with that team that’s been scrambled up randomly…..”


There’s only one who could use fire magic.

The half-demon, and the beast with clairvoyance, then a healing magic-user. This would give anyone a headache if they heard that these are the ones concentrated around the Wicked Dragon.


“……Did these circus clowns defeat the Wicked Dragon? Like, laugh till you die…..Or something?”

“Your jokes are interesting. Just listening to you has made my stomach all twisted. I’m looking forward to our next chat.”


Showing a NOT in the least happy emotion even if she was told that, as no expression was wasted.

Returning such a serious gaze, Ciel’s cheeks are reddened as she agonizes in shame.


“It doesn’t matter how they’ve defeated the dragon anymore. What’s interesting is the people of the race who defeated the dragon. At least before I was sealed, humans were themselves the top of the race. Such a stupid creature claiming to be one, and they’re still the same, that is what I thought…… But apparently, some people are as weird as he was.”


The Demon King mutters as he puts his hand on his forehead, slowly rises and looks up.

There is only a black ceiling in front of his gaze, but he may have been seeing something else.


“But, this is only the beginning.”


At that moment, Ciel witnessed a face coloured by the struggles of the Demon King.

A magnificent smile that makes you feel innocent, but gives you the impression of power to get your spines cold.


“The roar of the Wicked Dragon will spread across the continent, and that will cause a variety of major changes. A terrible curse of contraindication. The dragon who lives in this world and his blood relatives, and our demons. Things are about to get interesting from here on out, Ciel, it’s war, the struggle that was repeated a long time ago shall begin again in this era.”


Ciel can’t answer anything to the Demon King’s words but silently listens.

The voice of the Demon King, who smiled quietly without giving her an eye, made a brimming light in the dark hall.

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