Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 73 – Pufferfish obtained and cooking arc

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 We continue to swim in a line.


(Fueeen, amazing……. It’s so pretty……)


 I didn’t say what I said before.

 But in reality, the scenery is beautiful.

 The light of the sun shining into the dark but crystal clear lake, illuminates the bottom of the lake with marine blue.

 Pink corals stick to white rock surface, and small golden fishes swim around it.

 This is truly a fantastic sight.


 No matter how beautiful this place is, it’s still nature’s space.

 Huge fish eating small fishes, purple starfish stick to big-cherry coloured shellfish.


 And the herd of pufferfish, are right beneath this lake.

 Its round and large body is big enough to swallow you whole.

 Most of them floats gently, but some dig to the bottom of the lake with their spikes, searching for shells or crabs and eats them up.


 The pufferfish on earth has some tough teeth.

 They have the toughness to plow through shellfish and crabs.

 Seems like it’s the same with the pufferfish in this world.


 I approach the group of pufferfish.

 They too noticed me.

 Our eyes meet.

 The next moment.


 They started charging towards me ! ! !


 Worse, it’s actually fast ! !


 I act immediately by holding the puffer fish’s horn and hit the head with a chop.

 And it died.

 There are two main types of muscles.

 Endurance muscle, and instant power muscles.

 The slow muscles are red, and the instant muscles are white.


 Even fishes follow that same principle.

 Fishes like Tuna have red meat because they always swim around, and fishes with white meat usually don’t move and only reacts quickly once an enemy or prey comes within their vicinity.


 The pufferfish is of the latter type.

 Though it has such a relaxing face, inside they are such ruthless creatures.

 With just that approach, I knew that its charge was quick.

 I think the pufferfish is stronger than Lolona.


 Well, it’s fine if I kill them.

 I placed the dead pufferfish on my shoulder, and swam back to the ground.

 Then, reaching to the shore where I am able to walk inside the water.

 The moment my head pops out from the water, I can see Lolona engaging in a battle stance.


『Gaa! !』


 She shouts and intersects with a Pteranodon that is gliding towards her, cutting its legs. 

 She turns around while fresh blood is dripping from the Pteranodon’s legs, holds her sword and aims at it.

 The moment the Pteranodon glides to her——

 Flash ball.

 I instinctively guarded my eyes and said:『Uoo, that’s bright!』


「Agyaa! My eyes!! My eyes are burning! !」


 But Laura was unfortunate as she ate that, and she was holding her eyes in pain.


『Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ! !』


 The Pteranodon falls down blinded.


「Haaaah ! !」


 The swimsuit Lolona kicks the ground and rides the dinosaur.

 Then, she stings the neck with her sword.

 Looking at a figure of a girl with a good build wearing a swimsuit and fighting, that’s pretty good if I do say so myself.




 Femille peaks out from behind the shadow of a tree.


「Is it dead……pyon?」


「Lolona-sama……You’re amazing……」

「Don’t fret, Keima-dono is even more amazing.」

「You are right about that……」


 I have no idea why they’re having such a conversation, but they notice that I am standing there.


「You’re back, Keima-dono.」


「Looking at the fish on your shoulder……means you’ve succeeded.」

「And it seems like both of you had some trouble.」

「It wasn’t something to be nervous about.」

「Saying that, when I am hiding behind a tree……」

「Femille isn’t a magic swordswoman. It’s different from a sword user like me.」


 Lolona follows with a natural answer.

 What a hot looking guy type answer.

 Even her breasts are big.

 Her butt is just the right peach size.

 I stroke her butt since it’s there in sight.


「Kyaa !」


 Lolona shrieks, but I shrug it off.


「Ah my bad. Since Lolona’s ass is so cute, I just had to.」

「Again, I don’t mind you touching them……but to touch them so suddenly……」


 Grabbing her own butt, Lolona speaks with a tinge of shyness.

 But she gave the okay for me to touch, what an adorable girl.

 Patting her head a few times, I place the pufferfish on top of the table.


「Looking at it like this, it sure is an admirable pufferfish.」

「Y-Y-Y-You’re gonna give me the best part of the *slurp* of the meat right?!?!」

「There’s likely for everyone……」



 Laura’s eyes glowed with enthusaism.

 Femille mutters something enthusiastically.

 The serious Lolona looks around cautiously for any monsters.


 I start preparing.

 Instead of a knife, I use a sword.


 Chop, chop, chop.

 With an incredibly quick speed, I sliced the fins, the dorsal and the skin.

 But because I was cutting so quickly, the fin flies into the air and into the box.


「The fin went into the box.」

「That’s fine on it’s own, Lolona.」



「I heard that if you put the fin of a pufferfish into alcohol, it’ll make it taste better.

 I’m planning to give the caretakers in the inn as souvenirs.」

「You’re so knowledgeable……, Keima-dono……♥」


 Lolona starts sticking close to me.

 My skinship with her was stopped abruptly, but I don’t think Lolona has lost much.


 Anyways I still have a pufferfish to prepare.

 The skin is as white as pearl, which can be eaten just like that.

 My drools start running.


「Don’t they have poison in them?」


 Depending on the type, the skin, intestines or the ovaries are dangerous.

 I shake my sword, and slash away the white abdomen.

 Then, I dragged out the intestines.

 I lick it, and my tongue feels a little tingly.


「This is……tetrodotoxin……!」


 It’s a poison said to be a thousand times more poisonous than cyanide.

 I don’t know whether it’s the same with this world, but the basic toxicity seems to work the same with our world.

 When ingested, the entire body, including the respiratory organs, starts becoming numb, and you start being unable to breath, and die as a result.


「What do you think you’re doing!

 Suddenly licking to confirm! !」

「There’s no problems if I do it.」

「But it isn’t okay ! !」

「Many humans pass away because of that……」



 I continue with my judgement.

 The intestines and ovaries were placed inside a special box, and the meat was transported nicely.

 I clean it thoroughly.

 It’s dangerous if any poison were to stick to the meat, so it’s better to be safe.


「You’re carefully washing it……」

「Since it’s a poisonous fish.」

「But you still lick that……,

 Which means it’s going to be a delicious fish……!」


 The useless goddess is showing a face full of hope.

 I wash the meat as well.

 The flesh which is full of elasticity was nice to wash.


 And, completed.

 I stab on the meat.

 On a plate which looks like a beautiful magic circle, I arranged the meat like a rose petal.


「Fueee……, amazing……, looks so pretty……!

 It’s like the sadistic and evil Keima has created an art that is born from masochism……!」


 Another day of Laura saying some unpleasant things.


「It’s a waste to eat it.……」

「It’s so beautiful……」


 Though Laura demonstrates her weird vocabulary, Lolona and Femille normally praise it.

 Alright, let’s eat!

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