Level 1 Guy: Chapter 336 – A series of surprises

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After the merchant fled, I turned and faced Sakuya.


“Well then, shall we head in for breakfast?” (Ryouta)

“Aah….. You have taken great care of me, I wouldn’t.” (Sakuya)

“It’s not like I mind, right Emily?” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu! I have already prepared breakfast nodesu. If you don’t have a proper breakfast, you won’t be able to get any strength throughout the whole day nodesu.” (Emily)


Emily placed her index finger against Sakuya’s nose and scolded her, with an “Okay?” confirmation.


“Uu……….” (Sakuya)


Looks like Sakuya has been defeated.

Emily only says what’s correct, and that has put a weight on her shoulder.


No, maybe not pressuring her.

It’s not because of the effects of Emily house, but herself.


Not many can stand out in front of a gentle, warm, and crisp air.


At least not in this household.


“I-I’m fine! I’ll see you.” (Sakuya)


Sakuya who was about to fall for the trap, endured the intent.


“I understand your feelings, but it doesn’t make sense to go now.” (Ryouta)

“Eh? What do you mean………?” (Sakuya)

“That is——” (Ryouta)


“Good morning.” 


Two women appeared from the back of the mansion.


One is a bright girl who looks like a succubus who wears gothic clothing.

The other is a calm, elastic, and beautiful woman with traditional japanese clothes.


Whether they have just got up, they probably came from their rooms.

Since the both of them do not need to sleep, they might’ve been up all night.


“Good morning Aurum, Nihonium.” (Ryouta)

“Niho-nium? And the other, Aurum…..” (Sakuya)


Sakuya went speechless as she heard me greet them.


“Yea, it’s Nihonium and Aurum.” (Ryouta)

“The real deal….. What do you mean?” (Sakuya)

“Well, guess I do need to explain from the start.” (Ryouta)


I explained everything to Sakuya.

About the unique monsters, and the mini sage, Mike’s power that allows monsters to go through floors and dungeons, so dungeon spirits are able to go outside of their dungeon.


“So, they’re both spirits.” (Ryouta)

“Fueeeeeeeeee!” (Sakuya) (Where did you come from Laura?)


Sakuya immediately raises her voice which was out of tune.


“They’re actually real?!” (Sakuya)


She was surprised that all honorifics flew off.


“Yeah. So there will be no monsters in the first place unless the spirit is inside the dungeon, so there’s no point going to the dungeon so early.” (Ryouta)

“I-I see now……” (Sakuya)


Sakuya who is still surprised understands.


“Oha~. What are you doing Au-au.” (Alice)


This time Alice came over.

Calling her by nickname, she started chatting with Aurum.


Meanwhile, Nihonium left silently for the dining room.


“By the way, that’s Phosphorus.” (Ryouta)

“Fueee?! That Phosphorus?” (Sakuya)

“Yeap.” (Ryouta)

“Fuwa….. The spirits are all so cute and beautiful…” (Sakuya)

“….Well, Phosphorus is the fireball on her shoulder.” (Ryouta)



She was once again surprised.

Guess she misunderstood that the spirit was Alice.

I guess it might be misleading.


“Eeeh?? But that girl introduced him as Mera-mera yesterday?” (Sakuya)

“Ah yeah, that’s how Alice calls her friends.” (Ryouta)

“W-W-W-What should I do now. Yesterday, I used the spirit to shine a light under my face, and pretended to be scary.” (Sakuya)

“So you did….” (Ryouta)


Rather, I didn’t know they were chatting up together.


“Well, don’t worry about that. He’s Phosphorus, he’s also Mera-mera, so there’s nothing wrong with it.” (Ryouta)

“B-But but…..It’s a spirit you know!?” (Sakuya)



With this reaction, wouldn’t she be overwhelmed if she saw Selenium, Arsenic, Tennessine, or Plumbum?



“Hm? Ah morning Elza.” (Ryouta)


Elza shouted at me where Sakuya was talking.


“Good morning. I had some consultation.” (Elza)

“A what?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, master went and buy all the experience that Ryouta-san has accumulated.” (Elza)

“Experience points?” (Sakuya)


Sakuya raised a question. Since she’s not a member of the family, naturally she doesn’t know either.


Basically what Elza was talking about is the EXP crystals.


“What’s with the sudden interest?” (Ryouta)

“Though nobody has actually gotten it yet, but if the Level down item comes out eventually, the next hot item would be the EXP crystals.” (Elza)

“I see, you’re right.” (Ryouta)

“So, master wants to buy it before it soars in price.” (Elza)

“I see now.” (Ryouta)


I nodded.


“Please wait for a moment.” (Ryouta)

“Is something the matter? (Elza)

“She needs it first.” (Ryouta)


I pointed to Sakuya with my thumb.


“After she’s done using it, I can sell them.” (Ryouta)

“Okay, I’ll tell Master that.” (Elza)

“Is that okay?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. Ena is really good at handling it.” (Elza)

“That’s good to hear.” (Ryouta)


After the talk, Elza also went to the dining room.


“Well, shall we head for breakfast as well?” (Ryouta)

“U-Uhm!” (Sakuya)

“Yeah?” (Ryouta)

“That……is…..” (Sakuya)


Sakuya grumbled.

She had a look of hesitation on her eyes.


“Thank you so much!!” (Sakuya)


Is what she said.


It took a while to explain her about the EXP crystals as well.

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