Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 72 – Somehow or rather

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    Laura who is almost fully naked, told me to take her clothes.

 I looked at the basket.

 There are three brown baskets.


 There’s a basket with Lolona’s clothes, a basket with Femille’s clothes, and one with Laura’s clothes.

 Then, a few choice came to mind.

 What should I do……to the basket with Laura’s clothes in it.


 →Throw it.

  Burn it.

  Burn it then give it to her.


 Strangely, the option for『Carry』did not appear in my choice option.

 I chose the one in the middle.




 My hand starts moving on its own, and the fire that came out from my hand burns the basket nicely.


「Funnyaaaaaaーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー! ! !」


 Laura’s screams echoed throughout the oasis.


「Wa- wa- wai- what are you doing Keima ! !

 What the hell are you doing?! Why did you do that?!?!?!?!」


「I was thinking that I burn your clothes, then you’ll walk in the streets looking like that……? or something along those lines.」

「So because of that, you just『did it』to spike me?!」

「Don’t mind. If worse comes to worse――」



「I’ll walk with you naked.」


「That’s not even a safe option?!

 Rather, that’s just completely out?!?!?!」

「Well, of course it’s just a joke.」

「Y-You’re right……..

 Even if it’s Keima, he wouldn’t walk around naked……

 Even if he wants me to walk around naked……」


(Does Laura-dono assume that she’s going to walk around naked……)

(As expected……)


 Lolona and Femille have a mysterious impression.


「Rather, don’t you even know what your clothes are made of?」


「I’m sure your clothes are fire resistant.」


 I took the unscathed clothes from the still burning basket.


「When you ate the chicken’s flames at that time, you didn’t even have a single burn on yourself.」

「You……Now that you mention……!」

「Well, I won’t give it back either way.」


「Didn’t I ask you to wear these.」


 I handed a swimsuit to Laura.

 It’s a white bikini with frills.


「If you have a normal one, why didn’t you hand it to me from the start……」


 Laura reluctantly wears the swimsuit while grumbling.

 Just her style alone, she would look good in any swimsuit.


「Aite, let’s go.」


 I jumped into the oasis.

 Splash. And I was soaked to the waist. The water is cool and clear.

 I can see some sea cucumbers and fishes swimming around.






「What’s wrong?」

「Didn’t I say before, that I wouldn’t be entering the water……」

「As for me, I wish Keima would catch for me.」


「How about you, Femille?」

「As for me, the water……, I’m a bit……」

「You can’t swim?」

「In the first place, I’ve never even swim before……Pyon」

「Is that so.」


 I went on my own.

 The further I progress, the more the slope slants.

 I proceed with caution, and the water finally reaches around my shoulder.

 I noticed two things as I emerged, and went back to land.


「Welcome back Keima! Did you catch the pufferfish?!」

「Not yet……but I realised something important.」



「I can’t breathe under water.」


「Isn’t that obvious, you dolt?!」

「Water magic.」

「Ah ouch!」


 Laura shouts as I sprayed water on her eyes.

 Since she was proning and all, it was the perfect thing to――.


 Sit on top of her.


「Bukee! !」


 There goes a voice that a Goddess shouldn’t make.


「Is this the rumoured deadly goddess sofa……」

「Goddess sofa?!」

「A Goddess Sofa, is when you sit on a Goddess on all four, a purgatory trick!」

「That doesn’t even make sense!!!」


 Laura shouts desperately, but I start working.

 I ask Lolona to bring me a knife, a simple table and a cutting board, and put the sea cucumber on it that I got from the oasis.

 It has a dull and disgusting colour like mud.

 As I started cutting, Laura shouts.


「Get off me! ! !」

「Am I heavy?」

「Now that you say……, you’re not really heavy, and it doesn’t hurt,

 and Keima’s ass is hitting at that sweet spot,

 It kinda feels good for some reason……」


「Saying you feel good from being sat, you perv or something?」

「Says the person who is sitting on me!!」


 It’s reasonable.

 But if she feels good, I won’t get off.

 Or more like I’m deliberately trying not to make her feel pain.


「Fueeeen……, that spot……」


 Everytime I move a little, she feels good.

 I wonder if because her breasts are huge, her shoulders get stiff easily.


(Maybe I should give her a massage sometime.)


 I continue working while having these thoughts.

 I cut off the hard part of the sea cucumber, which is the head and butt, and lay it on the back of the knife.

 It might look distasteful at first, but you can make some delicious white meat with it.

 First, I need to remove the internal organs and wash it carefully with clean water.


 Chop, chop, chop.

 I sliced the meat into fine slices.

 It’s hard to describe, but if I were to say, it looks like cured surimi.

 I pick one and eat it.


 Chewy, stretchy.

 What a strange taste.

 Or more like, there’s no taste at all.

 It’s like chewing on a gum which the taste has been sucked away.


 However, this sensation is kinda fun.

 It has quite the unique elasticity that pushes the teeth back each time you bite.


(I shall season it for the next one.)


 I swallowed while thinking.

 Tere, tetete~

 I leveled up.


 Level     1755→1756(↑1)

 HP      23010/23010(↑8)

 MP      22514/22514(↑7)

 Strength      23335(↑5)

 Vitality      25153(↑3)

 Speed      22133(↑3)

 Magic Power      21934(↑4)


 The rise in status was trivial, but the problem was the skill.

 The result――


「Got it.」


 Breath underwater Level MAX 9999/9999


 ◆Explanation of skill・Breath underwater

 You can breathe underwater.


 If I have this skill, then I should be fine in the waterー


 But because of what I ate, I learned a bad skill as well.

 It’s this.


 Grow from within Level 3 80/500


 ◆Explanation of skill・Grow from within

 When an enemy comes close, the insides――basically the internal organs will release copious amounts of home-grown sea cucumber when threatened.

 If a person uses this, they will die.


 The effect and image are both explicit.

 I know that I’m a master of countless shit skills, but this is by far the worst one.

 It’s true that sea cucumbers are creatures that spit out their internal organs when being threatened by an enemy.

 So this is literally a skill of what they do……

 And this text, “if a person uses it, they will die”, I don’t understand it whatsoever.

 Anyways, permanently seal skill confirm.


 After eating 2 of them, I got off of Laura.

 I grab Laura’s feet who looks like she’s about to fall asleep.




 Laura who looks puzzled, was flung into the oasis.


(Bbbfffff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~○×△$■っ ! ! ! !)


 Sounds like she’s suffocating.

 In a panic, she pinches her nose and covers her mouth with her hands.

 I then pinch her cheeks.




(You can breathe normally right.)



 Laura moves her mouth like a fish, and drinks some water.

 Normally she would be in pain, but right now she looks completely fine.

 Though we can’t speak well, but it is somehow transmitted.


(You’re right……)

(Seriously. You useless rotten garbage of a Goddess.)

(You don’t have to go that far!)


 Instead of sighing, I spit out some water.


(Moreover, why did you throw me into the water!)



 I grab her head, and did a swift 90 degree turn.

 I showed her the superb view of the oasis.

 Red, blue, green, and yellow colourful tropical fishes, cushion-sized cherry shells.

 Scenery of red hermit crabs carrying an emerald green cronch.


(So pretty……)


(Did you purposely do that just to show this to me?)

(That’s what I was planning.)


 Laura’s face suddenly turned bright red.


(Moou, Moou, oh you Keima, Oh you Keimaaa~

 It’s kind of like you’re in love with me~~~~~~~~)


 I put my right hand and pinch this rotten and useless goddess.

 While twisting her cheeks, her eyes were still sparkling.


(Fuehehe. That’s right.

 Just look at me, I’m as perfect as an invincible warrior.

 It’s hard not to like me riiiiight~~~~~~~♥♥♥)


 Showing such an adorable face, I can’t help but feel my face burning as well.

 Knowing that my face turned red, I became embarrassed.


(Th-……That’s not okay!)

(Theen, what do you mean~~~)

(I just wanted to show you this scenery……

 That’s all.)


(Fuehehehe, I’m sure you did. Fueheheheー♥)


 Laura started grinning.

 I felt like sighing, but I can’t.

 I can’t deny her words with my face being red.

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